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Chapter 61: Eradicate the Marshal’s Mansion?
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Chapter 61: Eradicate the Marshal’s Mansion?

The noise of arguing voices outside the storefront grew louder and Li Cheng could no longer ignore it-- he finally stood up, saying “Xiaolong, Senior Fei Hou, please sit for a moment while I go out and handle the matter.”

Huang Xiaolong shook his head, “We’ll go out together.” Since someone came to make trouble in front of the Li Family’s silk shop, he was too embarrassed to sit and do nothing.

Hearing that Huang Xiaolong wanted to go out together with him, Li Cheng’s heart swam with joy. Thus, the seven people stepped out of the inner main hall towards the shop’s entrance.

When they came to the shop’s front, they saw more than a dozen people wearing green-colored clothes smashing and throwing things belonging to the shop onto the floor.

This group of people was cursing angry words while destroying the shop’s items.

“Is this what they call silk? All these are smelly cloth taken from garbage dumps, such terrible, foul smell! You dare to use this kind of smelly cloth to make our clothes, your mother, you must be tired of living!”

“Smash everything, no need to hold back!”

Some of the store workers that tried to stop these hooligans were treated with unruly punches and kicks. There were already six to seven workers groaning in pain on the floor, it seemed their injuries were not light.

“Stop! Stop your actions!” Confronted with this situation, Li Cheng yelled anxiously and had an ugly expression on his face.

The men in green clothing pretended they didn’t hear him; but instead, it seemed as if they even exerted much more effort in their wanton destruction.

Li Cheng became furious, walked forward and was about to attack when suddenly, one of the green-clothed men flew towards Li Cheng with his arms spread out. His finger curled into claws aiming at Li Cheng-- his atmosphere was quite strong, a late Seventh Order.

With the man coming at him out of nowhere, Li Cheng was shocked. As he raised his hand up to defend himself, a silhouette acted faster than him and used a palm to slap away the green-clothed attacker, who flew away screaming, landing on the shop floor with a bang. His body curled into a lump and from the look of it, he wouldn’t survive.

The one who deflected the attack was one of the Marshal’s Mansion Ninth Order guards.

The abrupt change in situation caused the other green-clothed men to pause their acts of destruction and look over in the guard’s direction.

A middle-aged man, who seemed to be the leader of the group, glanced at his companion that was on the floor curling in pain, his face became solemn. Then, his attention turned towards Huang Xiaolong’s group.

“Who are you all? This is our Green Hawk Gang’s matter, you had better mind your own business and not stick your noses into other people’s problem!” The middle-aged man ‘kindly’ advised them in a sullen voice.

The group of men in green gathered behind the burly middle-aged man after they had stopped smashing things around the silk store.

“Green Hawk Gang!” Li Cheng’s face lost its color.

Green Hawk Gang? Huang Xiaolong’s eyes showed confusion and cluelessness. And at this point, a Marshal’s Mansion guard stepped forward and said, “Young Master, this Green Hawk Gang in one of three biggest gangs in the Royal City. The gang leader, Jiang Wei is a Tenth Order warrior, and has good connections with some of the city’s nobles.”

One of three biggest gangs in the Royal City? Huang Xiaolong nodded his head, in simple terms these so-called gangs were similar to those mafia syndicates on Earth. However, since this Green Hawk Gang was said to be one of three biggest gangs, their forces didn’t seem to be weak.

Huang Xiaolong looked at Li Cheng; in his opinion, the Green Hawk Gang shouldn’t have any grudges with the Li Family. So, there was only one possibility: the other side got orders from someone.

“That’s right, we are from the Green Hawk Gang, one of the three biggest gangs in the Royal City!” The middle-aged man declared arrogantly. His eyes moved from one face to the other and stopped on Huang Xiaolong’s, glaring at him with a trace of viciousness, “Within the Royal City, not many people dare to injure our people!”

Huang Xiaolong remained aloof, “Speak, who instructed you to make trouble here?”

When the middle-aged man heard this question, his face was gloomy, “Punk, which family are you from? Your words and actions could bring annihilation to your entire family!”

This sentence wasn’t just a false threat to frighten people; the families that went against the Green Hawk Gang in the Royal City didn’t have happy endings.

After the middle-aged man said those threatening words, the four guards from the Marshal’s Mansion behind Huang Xiaolong exchanged knowing glances and broke out in loud laughter.

Entire family’s annihilation?

One such as the Green Hawk Gang wants to annihilate the Marshal Mansion?

Even Huang Xiaolong couldn’t resist shaking his head with a faint smile.

Seeing themselves being laughed at by the four guards from the Marshal’s Mansion (but he didn’t realize their identities), the members of the gang grew gloomier.

At this point, Huang Xiaolong turned to the four guards and said, “You guys, arrest them and find out who ordered them to make trouble here.”

“Yes, Young Master!”

Hearing this, the middle-aged man’s face looked ugly and was about to retreat, but it was already too late. The four guards from the Marshal’s Mansion flashed from their original position and blocked their escape path-- at the same time, they rained attacks on the group of green-clothed ‘hawks’.

Pitiful screams sounded in the silk store.

This group of Green Hawk Gang members were mostly of the Fifth and Sixth Order strength; the middle-aged man was slightly stronger than the rest, but even he was still only a peak late-Seventh Order. How was he an opponent against the Marshal Mansion guards? In less than the time it would take to drink a cup of tea, the four guards had dealt with them, leaving them lying down on the floor.

One of the Marshal’s Mansion guards, a Tenth Order Warrior named Wang Ning, stared at the middle-aged leader and a cold voice sounded, “Our Young Master asked, who gave the order for you to make trouble here?!”

The middle-aged man cried ‘pei’ and spat out some frothy blood, not answering the question.

Seeing this, Wang Ning sneered. His hands shaped into claws and grabbed the man’s hands and gave both of them a twist, breaking the hands without mercy.

An agonizing scream came from the middle-aged man.

“If you would prefer not to have both of your legs suffer the same fate, you had better answer the question honestly.” Wang Ning’s cold voice sounded.

“I, I’ll talk!” His face already turned deadly pale, his voice shook as he said, “More than ten days ago, a person came looking for our Green Hawk Gang’s leader, and ordered him to do so, told us to come here and make trouble!”

“Ordered?” A light flickered in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes. To be able to order the Green Hawk Gang’s leader around, this person’s identity definitely wasn’t simple.

Who could this person be? Why target the Li Family?

Even the burly middle-aged man didn’t know that person’s identity, thus questioning him further solved nothing.

Huang Xiaolong looked at Li Cheng, and Li Cheng shook his head. He couldn’t seem to figure out who his family had a grudge with that would be so bad.

“Could it be them?” Suddenly, Li Cheng’s face paled and said to Huang Xiaolong, “Xiaolong, do you remember the day of my father’s eightieth birthday?” As he said this, grief and resentment appeared on his face.

Eightieth birthday? Huang Xiaolong thought of the Old Patriarch Li, Li Mu’s birthday banquet two years ago. The two mysterious people with poisonous snake martial spirits?

At that time, the other side sent Li Lu’s elder brother, Li Feng’s corpse, as a birthday gift.

Huang Xiaolong’s head turned towards the Tenth Order guard, Wang Ning, asking him “Where is the Green Hawk Gang’s headquarters located?” Whether or not this was ordered by those two mysterious people, things would be clearer if they asked the Green Hawk Gang’s leader, Jiang Wei.

Since the Huang Clan Manor and the Li Family were old friends and this happened in front of him, he couldn’t pretend not to see.

“Replying Young Master, the Green Hawk Gang’s headquarters is in the south corner of the city, not far from here.” Wang Ning quickly replied.

“Xiaolong, I’m going together with you!” At this time, Li Cheng recovered and stood up. The Li family has been searching for those murderers’ whereabouts. Every time he thought of the way his son died, Li Cheng felt he would drown with grief.

Seeing Li Cheng’s simmering anger, Huang Xiaolong nodded in agreement. He looked at Fei Hou and Wang Ning saying, “Bring him along, we’re paying the Green Hawk Gang’s leader a visit.” A finger pointed at the burly middle-aged man on the floor.

“Yes, Young Master!” Wang Ning and the rest acknowledged respectfully

Thus, Huang Xiaolong, Li Cheng, and the others walked out of the silk store and headed towards the south side of the city, towards the Green Hawk Gang’s headquarters.


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