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Chapter 71: Call Out Your Martial Spirit
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Chapter 71: Call Out Your Martial Spirit

A dazzling light burst out from Lu Kai’s body as a gigantic shadow emerged above him.

A huge beast that looked like a part eagle, a part phoenix and a part dragon at the same time materialized before everyone’s eyes. A strong, oppressive aura swept out like a hurricane from where Lu Kai was located in the corner of the stage.

“Sky Peng!”

“Prince Lu Kai’s martial spirit is actually the Sky Peng! Our Luo Tong Kingdom’s first King had a martial spirit that was also a Sky Peng!”

The surrounding crowd clamored aloud, greatly shocked when they saw what Lu Kai’s martial spirit was.

Including Huang Xiaolong.

The Sky Peng was one of the strongest martial spirits amongst the top grade ten martial spirits known.

Legend has it, the Sky Peng was from the far off bloodline of the Ancient Sky Dragon. Not only that, Huang Xiaolong noticed Lu Kai’s Sky Peng martial spirit differed from the normal Sky Peng’s features.

In legends, the Sky Peng was stated to have two wings, whereas Lu Kai’s Sky Peng martial spirit had four wings! And when the four wings spread out, countless dots of golden lights glowed underneath them. A Sky Peng martial spirit doesn't usually look like this.

A variation!

This thought flashed across Huang Xiaolong’s mind.

It seems Lu Kai’s martial spirit was a variation Sky Peng. The Sky Peng was already a top grade ten martial spirits, and now with its variation properties, it can be classified as a grade eleven superb martial spirit!

This was unexpected to Huang Xiaolong that Lu Kai’s martial spirit was a variation of the Sky Peng martial spirit.

After calling out his martial spirit, the atmosphere around Lu Kai changed instantly. Sounds of whistling wind could be heard coming from the air around Lu Kai. That’s right, the sound when air moved at rapid speed, and the crowd saw azure-colored winds moving around his body.

Nature's wind was something colorless and invisible to the naked eye, but now it can be seen, highlighted in azure.

Azure-colored wind!

Huang Xiaolong’s expression tightened a little, turning solemn; he knew Lu Kai’s attack would come at him like an angry thunderstorm.

“Huang Xiaolong, if you can take this attack from me, then you have the qualification to compete with me for the first place. If you can’t handle even this much, then you are not qualified to fight me for it!” At this time, Lu Kai’s indifferent voice rang out on the stage. Then, his silhouette flashed and disappeared from the spot.

So fast!

This was the first thing that crossed Huang Xiaolong and the crowd’s mind.

Too fast! Lu Kai’s speed had reached a certain threshold, leaving only a residue of an azure shadow when he disappeared from the stage. Everything seemed to fall within expectations until Lu Kai’s punch that was about to hit Huang Xiaolong, hit onto an afterimage of him instead-- his body had blurred away, leaving several afterimages on the stage. And Lu Kai’s fist passed through this afterimage that he took as Huang Xiaolong.

“En?” As his confident punch hit onto an empty space, Lu Kai couldn’t help but feel surprised.

He himself was a Seventh Order warrior. Moreover, he had summoned his martial spirit; although he did not soul transform, his speed was faster than any average Seventh Order warriors’ speed. But, Huang Xiaolong actually escaped from his attack!

“Prince Lu Kai’s attack actually missed!”

“What skill did Huang Xiaolong use just now? Could it be his martial spirit’s ability?”

Even the experts on the honored guest platform, King Lu Zhe, Marshal Haotian, Principal Sun Zhang, and Vice-Principal Xiong Chu were shocked at what transpired on stage. The speed at which Huang Xiaolong dodged Lu Kai’s attack was no slower than Lu Kai’s speed.

Yes, just now, Huang Xiaolong used his martial spirit’s ability – Phantom Shadow!

When Huang Xiaolong advanced to the Fourth Order, his martial spirits had undergone their first evolution. The Phantom Shadow ability allowed his speed to increase by a third of his fastest speed. And with his current strength of peak mid-Sixth Order, this ability had gone up a notch to two-thirds more.

Not to mention that Huang Xiaolong’s strength was stronger than the average peak late-Sixth Order warrior. Without a doubt, his speed was also faster than average the average same level warriors. Thus, with a two-thirds increase in speed, his speed could very well match Lu Kai.

Seeing this his own attack missed, Lu Kai recovered quickly after a short moment of shock and did not rush to attack the second time, “Not bad, you’re a little bit stronger than I imagined. Since you could avoid my first attack, means you have the right to compete for the first place with me.” Up till here, he paused, “But, merely a qualification. So, be prepare to receive my coming attacks, let’s see how many times you can hide!”

Lu Kai’s silhouette flickered and disappeared and an azure light flashed passed in the air; appearing in front of Huang Xiaolong many times faster than before. A fist punched out piercing through space, producing an azure-colored wind blade!

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes squinted as he watched the piercing fist get closer. And this time, he had no time to dodge, thus, the only way was to receive the attack. Battle qi inside his body roared, a Luohan Fist flew out to meet with Lu Kai’s fist as the netherworld battle qi rushed out like a flood.


Huang Xiaolong’s fist collided with Lu Kai’s and both were thrown backward from the force of the impact at the same time. Lu Kai retreated three steps back, and Huang Xiaolong, a total of five steps.

“Huh?” When Lu Kai saw Huang Xiaolong actually take his attack head on, yet was uninjured he was surprised.

The surrounding people who were watching the battle in all four directions were also astounded.

A Seventh Order warrior’s battle qi was a fold higher than a peak late-Sixth Order, yet this Huang Xiaolong could actually resist a frontal attack from Lu Kai!

Although Huang Xiaolong retreated an extra two steps back compared to Lu Kai, showing that he was slightly weaker, nevertheless, this was enough to shock the crowd.

Off the stage, the First Year student that was defeated by Huang Xiaolong earlier -Chen Qiang, was feeling disgruntled over the loss to Huang Xiaolong. Now, seeing that Huang Xiaolong actually could take a direct attack from Lu Kai, his dissatisfaction vanished. He knew, if it was him on the stage, he wouldn’t be able to take that punch!

“This Huang Xiaolong’s physique is unexpectedly strong, and his battle qi grade is so high!” On the main platform, King Lu Zhe commented.

Every person sitting on the main platform was an expert. Their eyesight could determine Huang Xiaolong’s physical body was much stronger than the average peak late-Sixth Order warrior. Furthermore, his battle qi grade was quite high; if not, Huang Xiaolong wouldn’t be able to receive the strong punch from Lu Kai and remain unhurt.

“Judging from the situation, to win over Huang Xiaolong, Kai’er can only soul transform.” King Lu Zhe subsequently added.

“What Your Majesty says is correct.” At this time, a Duke that was seated below the main platform quickly agreed. The Duke stood up, smiling as he continued, “After the Prince soul transforms, it doesn’t matter how strong that Huang Xiaolong is, it’s impossible for him to win against the Prince!”

The other Dukes immediately showed their support by agreeing.

Marshal Haotian listened but didn’t speak-- his eyes were focused on the two figures on the battle stage.

At this time, up on the stage, Lu Kai had turned into a ray of constant flickering azure light, appearing in random places on the stage. His flurry of attacks raged like an angry thunderstorm over Huang Xiaolong, but what made everyone watching stupefied was, no matter intense and violent Lu Kai attacked, Huang Xiaolong could successfully take on or dodge each time.

Huang Xiaolong looked like he had no power to fight back, but that calm and easygoing attitude made hearts go round with suspicion.

After madly attacking over ten times, Lu Kai suddenly stopped. He frowned; by this time, he realized that if he kept attacking this way, it would be almost impossible to defeat Huang Xiaolong in half an hour’s time.

“Huang Xiaolong, call out your martial spirit.” Lu Kai said, observing Huang Xiaolong, “In the next attack, I’m going to soul transform. You won’t be able to deflect or receive my attack at that point!” Like anyone else, Lu Kai was curious about Huang Xiaolong’s martial spirit. What kind of martial spirit was it? Could it be like the rumors going around in the Academy, a grade eleven superb martial spirit?


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