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Chapter 75: Pagoda
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Chapter 75: Pagoda

In the blink of an eye, the twin dragons had drilled more than ten meters into the ground. More and more hot air spewed out from underground, and because Huang Xiaolong and the twin dragons were in truth one entity, what they see, he could also see just the same.

More than a dozen meters below, the earth underneath was a burning red in color, akin to magma.

The twin dragons continued to drill down deeper, seventy meters, eighty meters, ninety meters, one hundred meters deep!

When it was over a hundred meters down, the surrounding soil was a deep red, as if cooked by the fire. The temperature nearly reached a thousand degrees Fahrenheit; at such a temperature, even a Xiantian expert would turn into ashes.

But, Huang Xiaolong’s twin dragon martial spirits were unaffected!

Nearing two hundred meters deep, suddenly, the twin dragons came upon an open space. There was a surging sea of fire and below it was bubbling magma; the small fire dragons ballooned in size, becoming several meters thick fire dragons!

Extreme pure fire qi rolled and surged like angry waves in the sea of fire.

From the magma below, qi gathered, turning into a huge flame dragon vein.

Is this the natural dragon vein below the Dragon Flame Valley?

And suspended above the bubbling magma was a pagoda!

Golden lights flickered out from the pagoda while there were several more than one meter thick fire dragons circled around it. Moreover, Huang Xiaolong noticed that the pagoda was constantly emitting fire dragon qi!

Huang Xiaolong was stunned; could all the fire qi in this Dragon Flame Valley originate out from this pagoda? Could the formation of the natural magma vein below also have been created by the pagoda?

What is this pagoda?

At this time, the twin dragons above the sea of fire roared with excitement and one black and one blue dragon swam towards the pagoda, encircling it.

The twin dragons spun endlessly around the pagoda and the pagoda shone brightly and shook with vigor.

The fire dragons around the pagoda shot towards the blue and black dragon as if they had wisdom, wanting to swallow Huang Xiaolong’s twin dragon martial spirits. However, just when these fire dragons got close to them, the black and blue dragon stretched their jaws and devoured all the fire dragons cleanly.

The twin dragons didn’t stop after devouring the fire dragons that attacked them; they continued onto other fire dragons and one after another, fire dragons of various sizes went into the black and blue dragon’s stomach.

These thick fire qi dragons took more ten years to reach this size and their purity was ten times higher than what Huang Xiaolong could absorb through the five-pointed star array formation in the stone chamber, maybe even higher than that.

A short while later, the fire dragons above the sea of fire were swallowed into the black and blue dragon’s stomach till none were left.

And after devouring these fire qi dragons, Huang Xiaolong’s twin dragon martial spirits nearly doubled in size; the scales on both of their bodies became even more compact, shinier and their stout claws grew sturdier.

On the surface, the black and blue dragons looked like they were layered with a fiery red glow, rippling along the scales of their body, and the dragons’ natural oppressive aura multiplied.

When all the fire qi dragons were gone, the black and blue dragons once again circled the pagoda.

But, around the pagoda was an invisible barrier of fire qi, blocking the black and blue dragons a few meters away, unable to get closer to it.

Even so, every time the black and blue dragon spun around it, the fire qi barrier would become a little thinner. One hour later, the fire qi barrier disappeared completely.

Then, the black and blue dragon wrapped the pagoda with their bodies and headed back towards the stone chamber Huang Xiaolong was in.

In just moments, both the black and the blue dragon reached the stone chamber.

The pagoda floated above Huang Xiaolong’s head. Instantly, strong pure flames broke out from the pagoda, rushing into Huang Xiaolong’s body.

Huang Xiaolong’s body shook abruptly as if he fell into a pool of magma; his organs felt like they were being boiled in scorching lava, causing anguishing pain. This type of pain from extreme temperatures almost made Huang Xiaolong lose his consciousness, scaring him so much that he quickly ran the Asura’s Tactics to refine these violent fire dragon qi so he can absorb them.

One stream of fire qi after another caused Huang Xiaolong’s face to distort due to the excruciating pain.

He kept refining the fire qi that entered his body, but the pagoda kept spewing out an endless stream of fire qi that it even made Huang Xiaolong hallucinate that he was being roasted inside out.

As Huang Xiaolong continued to refine the fire qi inside his body, on the surface of his skin were traces of black impurities mixed with blood that oozed out from his pores. Years ago, when Huang Xiaolong ate the Yang Fruit, it cleansed his marrows and at that time, black impurities also came out from his body. Now, however, the amount was significantly higher and it was mixed with blood; soon, these blood mixed impurities turned into a layer of hard scab as if imprisoning him inside.

From afar, Huang Xiaolong looked like someone who fell into a pool of blood.

After a little more than an hour, relying on the continuous usage of the Asura Tactics, Huang Xiaolong could feel the pain gradually subside, and after another two hours, the pure fire qi spewing out from the pagoda gave Huang Xiaolong a warm, comfortable feeling instead of the unbearable pain it had in the beginning.

Every time the pagoda spewed out fire qi, Huang Xiaolong detected the changes inside his body, that his internal organs were becoming stronger.

During the entire time, the black and blue dragons were wrapped around the pagoda, swallowing the fire qi that came out from it.

While Huang Xiaolong’s twin dragon martial spirits ‘abducted’ the pagoda into the stone chamber he was in, the rest of the students who were cultivating in the other stone chambers such as Lu Kai and Chen Cheng, felt the fire qi from the array formation had weakened slightly. Although, they felt weird, none of them thought too much of it.

Three days passed quickly.

The surface of Huang Xiaolong’s skin hardened with layers of blood mixed with impurities and it slowly glowed a fiery red color; then, it melted piece by piece and fell to the floor. At this time, more impurities were pushed out from his body once again, creating a new layer on the surface of his skin.

Another three days came and went, these layers of impurities melted, fell, and emerged once again, repeating itself.

Like this, after three rounds, there were no longer any impurities mixed with blood coming out from Huang Xiaolong’s pores; the surface of his skin looked as white as snow with a glow to his entire body.

Inside-out, Huang Xiaolong’s body had undergone tremendous changes.

Not only his skin and body, but even his temperament and aura was not the same.

When the time limit of fifteen days came, Huang Xiaolong had advanced to peak late-Sixth Order from peak mid-Sixth Order-- less than half a step and he could break through to the Seventh Order Warrior!

After the fifteenth day, Huang Xiaolong recalled his twin dragon martial spirits back into his body and that pagoda actually followed into his body as well!

Inside his body, the pagoda continued to spew out fire qi, tempering his body nonstop. This discovery made Huang Xiaolong very happy; in this case, doesn’t that mean the fire qi will continue to strengthen his physique every second of the day?

In the long run, to what extent would his physical strength and defense improve? Not only that, his meridians and battle qi can be enhanced infinitely-- what extent can they reach?

Huang Xiaolong took a deep breath to calm himself down.

Suppressing the excitement in his heart, he walked out from the stone chamber seconds later. The other three people also came out from their respective stone chambers where Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu were already waiting for them.

Seeing the four students come out, Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu’s gaze could not help but fall on Huang Xiaolong’s body; and the finding made their eyes widened in shock.


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