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Chapter 77: Heavenly Treasure
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Chapter 77: Heavenly Treasure

Huang Xiaolong’s eyebrows creased lightly; he didn’t expect that he would have a Senior Brother.

Chen Tianqi? Huang Xiaolong understood what Yu Ming meant. In the current situation, the Asura’s Gate was divided into two factions; one side led by Chen Tianqi who wants to take over the sect and be the Sovereign, while the other is led by the Left and Right Deputy, Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu. Most of the Elders agreed and sided with Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu – only the person possessing the Asura Ring can replace the Old Sovereign, just like Yu Ming and his disciples, Haotian and Fei Hou.

The was no question of Yu Ming and this faction’s loyalty. Otherwise, when Yu Ming, Haotian, and Fei Hou found out he possessed the Asura Ring, they would have snatched it from him without a second thought.

If Chen Tianqi’s faction was made aware of his existence and the fact that the Asura Ring was in his hands, even if he was far away in the Snow Wind Continent, in this small ‘sesame seed’ Luo Tong Kingdom, he would fall into a dangerous position!

At this time, Yu Ming’s voice sounded again, “If Main Chief Chen Tianqi knew about Sovereign and the Asura Ring, he would definitely send people to kill Sovereign. Chances are, he might even come over himself.”

Huang Xiaolong’s voice sounded somber as he asked, “This Chen Tianqi, how strong is his strength?”

Yu Ming shook his head, saying “Subordinate is not very clear about this. In the last decade, no one has seen Main Chief Chen Tianqi reveal his true strength; however, during the time when the Old Sovereign left, Main Chief Chen Tianqi’s strength has already reached Fifth Order Saint Realm.”

“Fifth Order Saint!” Huang Xiaolong’s heart missed a beat hearing that; it meant that more than a decade ago, this Chen Tianqi was already a Fifth Order Saint Realm Warrior!

At this moment, Huang Xiaolong truly felt his strength was still too weak. Although compared to peers his age, his talent and progress can be considered as heaven-defying, against those Xiantian and Saint realm warriors, his measly strength was insignificant. Relying on Chen Tianqi’s Fifth Order Saint strength, to extinguish himself, Chen Tianqi could do it without even moving his pinky.

Again, Yu Ming continued to speak, interrupting Huang Xiaolong’s thoughts, “Main Chief Chen Tianqi’s talent is very high, possessing a top grade thirteen martial spirit, a Twelve Wings Angel. Moreover, his angel martial spirit has the strongest battle power, the War Angel!”

A top grade thirteen martial spirit, the Twelve Wings Angel!

Possessing the strongest battle power, the War Angel!

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes narrowed in a pensive manner.

But, this was not surprising to Huang Xiaolong because only those possessing top superb martial spirits could withstand the netherworld Hell’s slaughter intent and practice the Asura Tactics thereby becoming Ren Wo Kuang’s disciple.

If this was the case, then apart from Huang Xiaolong and Ren Wo Kuang, in this world there is another person that practiced the Asura Tactics - Chen Tianqi.

Of course, judging from what Yu Ming said, although Chen Tianqi practiced Asura Tactics like him, he did not have the Blades of Asura. Thus, Huang Xiaolong was sure Chen Tianqi has no cultivation knowledge of the Asura Sword Skills and the Asura Demon Claw; furthermore, according to what was written on the illustrations, only the Asura’s Gate Sovereign could practice them. Clearly, Chen Tianqi did not learn any of them.

Between this piece of heaven and earth, there was only Huang Xiaolong and Ren Wo Kuang who practiced the Asura Sword Skill and the Asura Demon Claw.

“Master, in fact, Sovereign’s talent is no worse than Main Chief Chen Tianqi!’’ At this time, Fei Hou hastened to say to Yu Ming.

Prior, without Huang Xiaolong’s permission, Fei Hou and Marshal Haotian dared not reveal anything about his martial spirit to their Master Yu Ming while he was cultivating in the Dragon Flame Valley. So, until this moment, Yu Ming didn’t know about Huang Xiaolong’s superb twin martial spirits.

Hearing Fei Hou speak, Yu Ming quickly turned to Huang Xiaolong, an expression of disbelief on his face: “Could it be Sovereign also has a top grade thirteen martial spirit?”

Main Chief Chen Tianqi was the person with the highest talent in the Asura’s Gate and in the entire Star Cloud Continent; his talent was considered as one of the premier talents. Not to mention, a top grade thirteen martial spirit! Even grade thirteen martial spirits are rare gems in the whole Martial Spirit World. So, Yu Ming can’t be blamed for his reaction of disbelief when it was implied that Huang Xiaolong, like Chen Tianqi, possessed a top grade thirteen martial spirit.

At this point, Marshal Haotian and Fei Hou shifted their sights towards Huang Xiaolong.

Yu Ming’s eyes had not moved away from Huang Xiaolong since hearing Fei Hou’s words.

In the next moment, Huang Xiaolong called out his twin dragon martial spirits, not planning to deceive Yu Ming.

Instantly, a radiant light burst out from Huang Xiaolong’s body and a huge black dragon was seen floating above him.

“Primordial Divine Black Dragon!” Both of Yu Ming’s eyes protruded with surprise.

Top grade twelve martial spirit!

Such a talent, although incomparable to Main Chief Chen Tianqi, but it was still shocking. And it was enough to stand at the helm and become their Asura’s Gate Sovereign.

Exactly at this moment, a dazzling blue light broke out behind Huang Xiaolong. Under Yu Ming’s dumbfounded eyes, a blue dragon materialized in the hall, floating quietly in midair next to the black dragon.

The black and blue dragons entwined together, and the echoes of the dragons’ roar vibrated in all four directions.

The dumbfounded Yu Ming stared blankly at the two dragons, his mind was a piece of white.

“Twin, superb twin martial spirits!”

Moreover, both were Primordial Divine Dragon martial spirits!

Blue dragon ah!

So many years in the Martial Spirit World, yet Yu Ming had never heard of anyone possessing a blue dragon martial spirit!

Blanking out for some time, Yu Ming’s tongue was twisted into a knot, similar to how his disciples, Fei Hou and Marshal Haotian reacted when they first found out. In an abrupt action, Yu Ming stood up from his seat and knelt down on a single knee.

“Sovereign invincible throughout!” Yu Ming lauded, trembling with excitement.

Huang Xiaolong quickly held Yu Ming up, but he remained kneeling for a long time before he was willing to get up. Even so, he didn’t seem to have calmed down; and the way he looked at Huang Xiaolong was completely different from before.

After Yu Ming had stood up, Huang Xiaolong had thought for a moment before saying, “I have something to show you all.” In front of Yu Ming, Fei Hou, and Marshal Haotian, another bright light shone behind Huang Xiaolong, revealing a shiny golden pagoda. The very same pagoda Huang Xiaolong had ‘found’ in the Dragon Flame Valley.

As an Elder of the Asura’s Gate, Yu Ming has a wide amount of knowledge and experience and he probably could recognize this pagoda. Huang Xiaolong wanted to let Yu Ming identify what kind of treasure the pagoda was.

With the degree of loyalty shown by the trio of master disciples, Huang Xiaolong wasn’t afraid they would leak out news about it.

Fei Hou, Marshal Haotian, and Yu Ming looked at the golden pagoda behind Huang Xiaolong, and each of them was filled with puzzlement. However, Yu Ming suddenly shook as if he was electrified; this was just as dramatic as when he saw Huang Xiaolong’s black dragon; with quivering lips, he pointed a finger at the golden pagoda floating behind Huang Xiaolong, his eyes almost popping out as he stammered: “This, this, is this the Linglong Treasure Pagoda!”

Linglong Treasure Pagoda!

Both Fei Hou, and Marshal Haotian looked over to the excited Master Yu Ming, and the two became even more confused. Obviously, both of them had never heard of this Linglong Treasure Pagoda.

Huang Xiaolong’s attention was also on Yu Ming.

“The Linglong Treasure Pagoda! It is really the Linglong Treasure Pagoda!” At this moment, it looked like nothing existed other than the golden pagoda in front of Yu Ming, his eyes burning with emotion, and the rhythm of his breathing quickened.

Seeing Yu Ming’s dramatic reaction, Huang Xiaolong felt speechless.

However, judging by his reaction, this so-called Linglong Treasure Pagoda is a very rare and valuable item?

After what seemed like half a day’s time, Yu Ming finally calmed down; looking at Huang Xiaolong, his eyes contained the slightest traces of envy. Even when Huang Xiaolong called out his twin dragon superb martial spirits, there wasn’t envy in his eyes.

Inhaling a deep breath, Yu Ming said to Huang Xiaolong: “Between Heaven and Earth, there exist objects referred to as Heavenly Treasures. Every time a Heavenly Treasure appears, it will set off bloody trails behind it; numerous powers compete for it and numerous people die for it.” Yu Ming paused for a second here before continuing, eyes sparkling as he stared at the pagoda behind Huang Xiaolong, “Between Heaven and Earth, there are a total of thirty-two Heavenly Treasures. And Sovereign’s pagoda, if I’m not mistaken, should be the number nine Linglong Treasure Pagoda.”

Heavenly Treasure, the number nine Linglong Treasure Pagoda!

Yu Ming added, “Every Heavenly Treasure has different magical effects, especially towards a person’s cultivation-- it provides an unimaginable benefit. Sovereign should be aware of this since Sovereign managed to rein in this Linglong Treasure Pagoda. Also, as Sovereign becomes stronger in the future, the benefits of this Linglong Treasure Pagoda will only increase!”


Changing early grade to low grade for battle skills, Dans and weapons grade.


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