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Lord of All Realms
Chapter 85: Fighting over a Disciple!
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“Personally coming to admit Nie Tian to the Spiritual Treasure sect? Isn’t the Nie clan the Cloudsoaring sect’s subordinate clan?”

“What a lucky kid…”

“Normally, Pan Bai wouldn’t personally take someone back to the Spiritual Treasure sect. Those whom he had his eyes on all displayed remarkable talent in the Spiritual Treasure sect, and none of them turned out to be mediocre.”

“Years ago, he came and took An Shiyi from the An clan to the Spiritual Treasure sect. Now look at her. She is already an influential figure in the sect.”

“This man is famous for his eye for talent. Those who managed to get his attention all turned out to be important figures.”

“What does he see in Nie Tian?”


After realizing why Pan Bai had come here, the onlookers immediately fell into an uproar.

Meanwhile, everyone from the Nie clan was flabbergasted, and couldn’t wrap their minds around what Nie Tian had done in the Green Illusion dimension to make Pan Bai set his eyes on him.

“Spiritual Treasure sect! Spiritual Treasure sect!” Nie Qian slightly trembled as her eyes glittered with bright lights. Years of endurance had finally paid off.

Nie Donghai breathed deeply, struggling to calm himself. Finally pacified, he nervously looked towards Pan Bai as he carefully asked, “Mr. Pan, is what An Rong said true?”

Nie Tian regained his composure after a moment of bewilderment. He looked at Pan Bai, unable to make heads or tails of the situation.

At this time, it rushed back to him that when he parted with Pan Tao days ago, Pan Tao had told him that he would bring someone to see him in Black Cloud City.

Now he knew who Pan Tao had been talking about.

Under everyone’s gaze, Pan Bai smiled and said, “In the entire Spiritual Treasure sect, I’m the most famous for being a good judge of talent. All these years, those disciples that I’ve brought back to the Spiritual Treasure sect have all proved their abilities not long after they were admitted.

“Not only am I a good judge of talent, but so is my son.”

As he spoke, he looked towards Pan Tao, who confidently stuck out his chest upon hearing his father’s words.

“I trust my son’s eye for people, and I trust my judgement.” He looked profoundly towards Nie Tian, and with a serious face, he finally brought out what everyone was waiting to hear, “That’s right. I’ve come to Black Cloud City for Nie Tian. I hereby officially invite Nie Tian to continue his cultivation in the Spiritual Treasure sect as a disciple!”

“He’s serious!” Nie Yaozu was taken aback.

Upon hearing Pan Bai’s words, the other Nie clan members all looked towards Nie Tian with extremely strange gazes in their eyes.

Nie Beichuan, on the other hand, didn’t say a word. With a dour face, he seemed to be bothered by something.

Even as the crowd clamored, a commoner of Black Cloud City moved close to An Rong’s side and loudly said, “Master An, you were here late and missed a good show. Let me tell you what happened…”

He then went on to relay how Nie Tian had interrupted Nie Beichuan and the others as they attempted to force Nie Donghai and Nie Qian to go to the Cloudsoaring sect to beg for forgiveness.

An Rong laughed loudly. “Nie Beichuan, you sure are resourceful! The moment you assumed your position, the mine collapsed. You don’t examine what you’ve done wrong. Instead, you force your eldest brother to take the blame. How competent are you!?”

“Shut the hell up, An Rong!” Nie Beichuan roared, enraged.

An Rong didn’t seem to be the least bit concerned. “What? You can do it, but can’t hear people talk about it? As I see it then, you don’t need to remain in such a land of trouble.”

Nie Donghai didn’t respond, yet his face turned dark and grim.

However, Pan Bai frowned and said, “Mr. Nie, you and Nie Tian’s aunt can also go to the Spiritual Treasure sect. I’ll make arrangements for the both of you.”

“What?! Even Nie Donghai and Nie Qian will be accepted by the Spiritual Treasure sect as well? No way…”

“I can’t believe they think so highly of Nie Tian!”

“They’re willing to accept Nie Tian and two others as tagalongs? What could possibly be going on?”

Everyone was shocked by Pan Bai’s words.

Nie Donghai, Nie Qian, and Nie Tian suddenly became enlivened, and at the same time, cast incredulous gazes towards Pan Bai.

Pan Bai gently nodded his head.

The previously depressed Nie Donghai was clearly moved by Pan Bai’s offer. His eyes flickered, as indecision appeared on his face.

The Spiritual Treasure sect’s offer was so irresistible that he was actually considering completely breaking away from the Nie clan and taking Nie Tian and Nie Qian to the Spiritual Treasure sect.

Brimming with excitement, Nie Qian called out, “Father!!”

Since she had already secretly made up her mind, she anxiously urged Nie Donghai to accept the offer, in case Pan Bai went back on his word.

To them, Pan Bai’s offer was practically a pie falling from the heavens. It seemed too good to be real.

Over the years, she and her father had constantly been targeted within the Nie clan, which made their life extremely tough.

The moment she learned that Pan Bai was here to accept them to the Spiritual Treasure sect, she inwardly agreed a thousand times over to break away from the Nie clan, the home of her heartache.

It was also at this time that Li Fan’s voice echoed out from afar. “Mr. Pan, the Nie clan is the Cloudsoaring sect’s subordinate clan. It’s not exactly appropriate for you to so openly take from us, is it?”

“Li Fan from the Cloudsoaring sect!”

“How come he’s also here? They’re about to put on a good show!”

“It’s a little crowded in Black Cloud City today, isn’t it?”

Accompanied by the clamor of the crowd, Li Fan, disciple of the Cloudsoaring sect’s sectmaster Jiang Zhisu, led Jiang Lingzhu as they walked closer.

The moment Li Fan and Jiang Lingzhu appeared, Nie Beichuan and numerous members of the Nie clan, who originally felt inferior, seemed to suddenly gain confidence, as they looked over towards Li Fan one after the other.

“Mr. Li, you have to administer justice!”

“Those from the Spiritual Treasure sect are trashing our clan!”

“Nie Donghai and his daughter caused the mine to collapse, and now they actually want to break away from the clan. This is simply unforgivable!”

Helplessness filling their eyes, they stared at Li Fan as they made critical comments, wishing for him to overshadow Pan Bai.

“Pan Tao!” Jiang Lingzhu cried out, pointing at him angrily. “You bastard! I knew you’d come to the Black Cloud City to stir things up! I already told you in the Green Illusion dimension that Nie Tian is going to join the Cloudsoaring sect. Don’t you even think of trying to win him over!”

With a shrug, Pan Tao said, “Doesn’t your sect have a rule that only those who reach the ninth level of Qi Refining will be eligible to become a disciple? Nie Tian doesn’t meet the requirement, therefore you guys won’t admit him to your sect anyways. Is it a problem that we’re willing to admit him while you aren’t?”

“Who said that we’re not willing to accept him?” Jiang Lingzhu placed her hands on her hips, assuming a domineering posture. “I talked to my father as soon as I came back from the Green Illusion dimension, and he immediately gave permission. The reason Uncle Li and I are here is to bring Nie Tian back and officially admit him as a disciple of the Cloudsoaring sect!”

“What?” someone blurted shrilly. “Did I hear that right? The Cloudsoaring sect wants Nie Tian too? How lucky could that kid be for the Spiritual Treasure sect and the Cloudsoaring sect to scramble for him?”

“Doesn’t the Cloudsoaring sect have harsh rules towards their subordinate clans? Only those who can enter the ninth level of Qi Refining by the age of 15 should be eligible to become an official disciple?”

“Don’t tell me that the Cloudsoaring sect is breaking the rules for Nie Tian!”

“What the hell is going on?”

After realizing that Li Fan’s purpose was the same as Pan Bai’s, every single one of the onlookers were flabbergasted.

The moment Nie Donghai and Nie Qian heard Jiang Lingzhu’s words, and realized that the sectmaster was willing to break the rules for Nie Tian, they were at a complete loss of words.

“Mr. Li, you… are you really here for Nie Tian?” Apparently, Nie Beichuan was somewhat flustered.

With a brief nod, Li Fan said seriously, “It’s my master’s wish.”

“But for decades, the Cloudsoaring sect has only admitted youngsters with a cultivation base at the ninth level of Qi Refining. And the rule applies to all the subordinate clans, not just the Nie clan.” Nie Beichuan seemed panicked. “That has been the rule for decades, a rule set by you! How can you break it just like that?”

Indifference appeared on Li Fan’s face. “We make the rules, so we can break the rules. As long as my master says the word, then all rules are breakable.”

After pausing for a moment, he seemed to have recalled something and chuckled, saying, “Well… the rule isn’t completely abolished. It’ll still apply to Nie clan children who wish to be admitted by the Cloudsoaring sect in the future.”

“So Nie Tian…” Nie Beichuan asked, confused.

“He is and will be the only exception!” Li Fan said solemnly.

Nie Beichuan froze.

“Oh, by the way, what happened in the mine was only an accident. It was nobody’s fault.” Brow furrowed, Li Fan continued, “If you failed to unveil the true reason, then you should have made an honest report, and let us investigate it, instead of forcing your elder brother and niece to take the blame.

Nie Beichuan’s face suddenly turned lifeless.

“Ever since you assumed the position of clanmaster, things has been very messy, and my master has become quite displeased.” Li Fan looked towards the Nie clan elders, and said with a grim expression, “You people pick a new clanmaster!”

With these words, he intentionally took a glance at Nie Donghai.

“I, I, I….” Nie Beichuan stammered. He wanted to say something, yet couldn’t utter a complete sentence.

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