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Medical Master
Chapter 1269 - Chapter 1269 Funny Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine
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Chapter 1269 Funny Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine

“Beep, beep, beep…”

Fang Qiu’s phone suddenly rang in his trouser pocket when he was on his way to another city.

He took it out and had a look.

It was Li Ji.


Fang Qiu answered the phone right away.

“Everything here is ready.”

Li Ji’s voice came, “After careful investigation, we have confirmed that a strange black substance has indeed infected our people. Moreover, we have put all the people who have been in contact with them in quarantine. Now we are looking for a solution.”


Fang Qiu nodded understandingly and said: “Since you can confirm the existence of the black substance, things will be much simpler: you only need to isolate the people infected with the substance.”

“That’s right.”

With a nod, Li Ji said, “Everything is getting better, but there is one thing that is particularly troublesome.”


Fang Qiu asked.

“Here is the thing.”

Li Ji paused and said, “When you entered the ancient ruin, the new variant of the Ebala virus became rampant throughout Africo. Strangely, the outbreak of the variant virus frequently happened in poor places. People who live deeper in the grassland are usually poorer and are more prone to death because of this virus.”


Fang Qiu was astonished.

“Back then, I didn’t dare to contact you because of the fight for the relic. But now, the relic battle is over, and the situation of the infected black substance is temporarily under control. So the higher-ups asked me to contact you. They hope you can take the opportunity to find out what’s happening with the variant Ebala virus.”

He immediately said,


Fang Qiu nodded and asked, “Do they have any suspects?”


Li Ji replied directly, “The higher-ups felt that the widespread outbreak of the variant Ebala virus in Africo seemed to be in line with Nirvana’s purpose. That was why they wanted your help and asked you to check if there was any connection between the two.”

“No problem.”

Fang Qiu nodded.

In fact, Fang Qiu had also suspected that Nirvana had something to do with this matter.


They ended their call.

Fang Qiu immediately checked the news on the Internet with his mobile phone.

“Serious Outbreak of Variant Ebala, Africo Countries Suffered Heavy Casualties!”

“An Overwhelming Wave of the Ebala Variant, Several Villages Deep in Africo Grassland Wiped Out!”

He saw a succession of shocking headlines on the Internet, all of which made Fang Qiu feel that things were as serious as Li Ji said!

Even more…

He also found a lot of posts about him online.

Especially on Weibo.

#A New Variant of Ebala Virus #

It had become the No.1 most discussed topic on Weibo.

The No.2 most discussed topic was #Can Fang Qiu Fight the Ebala Virus#?

Fang Qiu clicked on the first topic to check.

He found that…

It was full of crazy discussions among netizens, apart from the introduction of the Ebala virus and the contrastive analyses of the Ebala virus and its new variant.

Of course…

In the eyes of those netizens…

The appearance of the Ebala virus pushed Africo people, who were in an abyss of misery, into more profound distress.

Especially, pictures that demonstrated how much they suffered incredibly aroused considerable public sympathy among those netizens.

Just because they were overwhelmed by their feelings of pity, many netizens immediately thought of Fang Qiu.

After all…

In the past two years, Fang Qiu was omnipotent in the hearts of netizens.

Fang Qiu had cured all kinds of complicated and incurable diseases.

For example, he found an effective treatment for malaria, which was a contagious disease like the Ebala virus, didn’t he?


When the first person brought up this idea…

The other netizens also spoke out one after another, hoping that Fang Qiu could help fight against the Ebala virus.

But Fang Qiu didn’t say anything.

As a result, Fang Qiu’s name became a hot topic alongside the Ebala virus.

After Fang Qiu scanned the posts of the first topic…

He clicked on the second topic about himself to see what was happening.


He found that in addition to a lot of sympathetic people, many appealed to him to help and even began mocking him.

“Huaxia Chinese Medicine is very powerful. Since Fang Qiu found a way to cure malaria, he could also find a way to deal with the Ebala virus. The situation in Africo is a tragedy. Fang Qiu, go and have a look.”

“Yes, I have never seen such a horrible disease. Because of it, all the people in several villages have died. I heard that the death rate there is still increasing. Fang Qiu, go and have a look!”

There were a great many calls like this.

Fang Qiu nodded as he saw the mass sympathy.

It was good to be sympathetic.

Though with sympathy, they were not agitated enough to handle this themselves, which was great.

At least…

They knew they should find Fang Qiu, someone capable enough to solve the problem.

At least they didn’t do things blindly!


In addition to these rational people, many people started ridiculing Fang Qiu.

“Isn’t Fang Qiu proficient in Chinese Medicine? But as soon as he encounters such a big incident, he is nowhere to be found. Doesn’t he dare to make a sound?”

“That’s right. I remember some people bragging about the invincible Chinese Medicine. Now stand out and tell me how potent Chinese Medicine can be. If it’s that effective, why not use it to deal with the Ebala virus!”

“Fang Qiu, didn’t you always say that Chinese Medicine is superb? Then, stand up and say something. No one will laugh at you if you can’t do anything about the virus, haha.”

“No bragging and no smearing. Fang Qiu is the only Chinese Medicine doctor I’ve ever seen who is full of sympathy, but his overflowing sympathy lies within reach of his abilities. Once he encounters something beyond his reach, he will be easily disheartened. See… He doesn’t dare to show up when such a big incident happens in Africo.”

Similar sarcastic remarks could be seen everywhere.


Fang Qiu’s fans had been arguing with them.

“Why? I’m fed up with your moral blackmail!”

“I believe that if this virus had appeared in Huaxia, Fang Qiu would have resolved it long ago. But it is in Africo. If Fang Qiu is willing to help, he has lofty medical ethics. But if he chooses not to intervene, no one can force him to do so. This is not something he must do, and no one can push him to do that!”

“Yes, does Fang Qiu need to prove his strength?”

“The biggest joke I’ve ever heard is those remarks questioning Fang Qiu’s strength in Chinese Medicine!”

Everyone was engaged in endless debates.

Seeing these arguments, Fang Qiu could only give a wry smile.

Although he never showed up there, all the people were talking about him!

He couldn’t help sighing with emotion.

Fang Qiu continued to observe.


He noticed that a domestic Chinese Medicine company stood up and took the initiative to donate Chinese Medicine granules to Africo.

Fang Qiu learned more about it.

It turned out to be a traditional Chinese Medicine company named Renze Pharmaceutical Company.

The company directly posted a Weibo.

“Recently, a new type of Ebala virus broke out in Africo, which is highly contagious and lethal. The medical experts in our Chinese Medicine department have discussed the methods of preventing and curing Ebala hemorrhagic fever using Chinese Medicine. According to the pestilential disease theory of Chinese Medicine, the pathogenic situation of the Ebala hemorrhagic fever, and the clinical characteristics reported in the pieces of literature, the expert team listed it as a pestilence in Chinese Medicine. By widely consolidating experts’ suggestions and referring to the Chinese Medicine experiences of diagnosing and treating diseases with fever and bleeding as the main symptoms, the expert team first recommends using Zihuang Tablets to deal with the Ebala virus. Zihuang Tablet is a first-class protected Chinese patent drug. The main symptoms caused by the Ebala virus are high fever and bleeding. The major functions of the Zihuang Tablets are to clear away heat and toxic materials, cool the blood, remove blood stasis, and reduce swelling and pain. Besides, Zihuang Tablets work well on all kinds of fevers of unknown causes. Therefore, when we saw Africo people suffering great pain from the virus, our company decided to donate Zihuang Tablets, a Chinese patent drug, to Africo. We hope that the plague patients in Africo can be cured as soon as possible and those Africo people can recover from their suffering in the shortest time possible!”

On the surface…

This Weibo post adopted a positive outlook, which was particularly admirable.

In fact…

That was also the people’s first impression of it.

As soon as this post was released on Weibo, it received the support and encouragement of many netizens.

But after that…

When a chief editor of Chinese Medicine saw this message, he directly reposted it and teased, “In one word, funny!”

This time…

It immediately attracted the attention of netizens.

Everyone took a look.

They soon discovered many questionable points in the post.

“Zihuang Tablets? If it really works, patients and others will flock over to buy it. Did you have to take the initiative to donate it?”

“Is the company making use of this chance to advertise its products?”

“If a tablet can defeat the Ebala virus, how could this virus spread so prevalently in that area?”

“That’s right. All eyes worldwide are on this virus. Can you kill it with this Chinese patent medicine?”

“They are trying to imitate the Renyi Group!”

“Even its name is similar to Renyi Group! Renze Company? This is damn amusing.”

“Since you have already donated your medicine, how about telling us where you sent your tablets to? Let’s skip your advertisement and focus on the curative effect, okay?”

“Doctors always have benevolent hearts and save lives with their skills. It’s way out of line to advertise your products in the name of traditional Chinese medicine!”

“To put it bluntly, I have never heard of Renze Company. Even the Renyi Group does not dare to stand out and make such a huge promise. A counterfeit company is taking advantage of this hot topic and donating medicine to publicize its products. How dare you? You overestimate yourself!”


While those netizens let out various snubs…

The prescription of the Zihuang Tablets from the Renze Pharmaceutical Company was exposed.

“Honeysuckle, cape jasmine, coptis, Kuh-Seng, unprocessed rehmannia root, wrinkled giant hyssop, and plaster stone.”

This prescription.

Fang Qiu shook his head when he saw this.


With a low sigh, Fang Qiu logged out of Weibo, switched to the map on his mobile phone, and searched carefully for the surrounding maps and the locations of various tribes and villages.

It was a new type of virus.

Naturally, it was different from those in the past.


Fang Qiu decided to visit a tribe or village to see what damage the virus could cause.

Before long…

Fang Qiu found a small tribe that was not far away from him.

Many people in this tribe had already been infected with the Ebala virus, which had been in the news about Africo.

As soon as Fang Qiu located the tribe, he rushed over at full speed.

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