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Medical Master
Chapter 13
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Under the gaze of everyone.

Fang Qiu also smiled and did not refuse. He directly stretched out a hand and said, “Give to me!”

“It is you who want it!”

Jiang Miaoyu delivered the letter with a smile and said happily, “My task is done.”

Then she took the water from the other hand of Fang Qiu and said, “Thank you for the water.”

But when she just took the water, she felt the water was a little cold on the hand. She could not help frowning and said, “Drinking ice water is harmful to the body in summer when people’s bodies were cold inside. So there is a saying that carrots in winter and gingers in summer. Drinking cold water is making people colder and colder. So, you also don’t drink this water.”

But Fang Qiu smiled mysteriously and said, “Give me the water.”

Jiang Miaoyu puzzledly handed the water to Fang Qiu again.

“Could it be he is angry at her for few caring words.”

Fang Qiu took the water, clenching one hand and slightly closing his eyes. His whole body was instantly full of internal Qi, rushing toward his palm.

Internal Qi gathered more and more in his palm, making his palm hotter and hotter.

It directly heated the mineral water!

At the same time, the cold air of the ice water was directly absorbed to his hand.

Ten seconds later, Fang Qiu handed the mineral water back to Jiang Miaoyu again and said, “Done.”


Jiang Miaoyu looked at Fang Qiu with a confused face.

When she took the mineral water, her whole body slightly shook. Her delicate and beautiful face was full of surprised expressions.

“It ‘s not cold.”

“And a little warm.”

She obviously remembered it was cold, but now it was not cold at all.

“You… ”

Jiang Miaoyu looked at Fang Qiu, shocked.

At this time, the whistle blew. The break time ended and the military training continued.

Fang Qiu winked at Jiang Miaoyu mysteriously.

It was the gathering time, so Jiang Miaoyu could only bury the doubts in her heart. Saying words of “thank you”, she held the water and was going to go back to her square formation where her class was.

But at the moment when she turned around.

A white letter slipped into her pocket.

Fang Qiu walked to his class as if nothing had happened.

The military training continued.

When others were bearing the baking of the scorching sun, Fang Qiu drove the cold air out of his hands secretly, forming a small-sized air conditioner.

The temperature around suddenly dropped a lot.

The broiling air suddenly dispersed.

The student standing beside Fang Qiu involuntarily became puzzled. “Where did the cool breeze come?”

They secretly observed for a long time, but didn’t find out exactly where the cool breeze came.

Since it was here, just enjoyed it!

An hour later, there was another break.

The three people in Fang Qiu’s dormitory did not give him any chance to escape and surrounded him directly.

Sun Hao jokingly urged him with expectations, “Where is the letter? Where is the school beauty Jiang’s letter? Open it quickly and have a look?”

Zhu Benzheng and Zhou Xiaotian also looked extremely expectant.

Fang Qiu looked at the three people speechlessly and said, “I can’t open the letter even it’s here. Refusing the girl after opening the letter is hurting her self-esteem.”

“Then you accept her. It’s not a big deal.”

Zhou Xiaotian said, taking it for granted.

“He is afraid that it is an ugly girl. But you don’t have to be afraid. The girl who can let the school beauty personally send a letter must be a big beauty!”

Despite Zhu Benzheng who didn’t often talk, once he spoke, his words were not kind indeed!

Fang Qiu shook his head and said, “If it is a beauty, I can’t open it. We still have an opportunity to be friends if the letter isn’t opened. If it is opened, we must become enemies.”

“Be friends? Hey hey.”

Sun Hao said with an evil smile on his face, “He is going to plot slowly.”

“But after this, it is proved that the youngest is quite attractive. I have a great expectation of the quality of the girls in the dorm who are likely to socialize with us afterward!”

Fang Qiu glanced at Sun Hao speechlessly.

“This can be connected to the fellowship. Does he secrete too much hormone?”

But he did not tell them that he had sent the letter back because he could not explain how he did it.

Since he couldn’t say it, he just let them think he did accept it.

After the break, another hour’s military training went on. Then today’s military training came to an end completely.

As soon as it was over, everyone rushed to the canteen. It was not because the food in the canteen was so delicious, but because they had to finish eating quickly and take a position.

There would be a battle at night!

How could they miss such a good play once in a blue moon!

So far, they had not heard any instructions from the university of stopping or criticizing the incident.

In this case, the battle could not be missed.

“The youngest, will you go to see the match tonight?”

During the dinner, Zhu Benzheng asked Fang Qiu.

“Will you go?”

Fang Qiu asked back.

Three of them nodded their heads simultaneously.

Zhou Xiaotian said, “How can we miss this kind of thing, especially Chen Cong in our class. We should cheer him on!”

Hearing three of them would go, Fang Qiu changed his mind and said, “I will not go. I will find a classroom to read books.”

Three of them gave Fang Qiu a thumbs-up.

“Still want to study at this time. Such a straight-A student!”

They didn’t know that the reason why Fang Qiu asked was to know their track tonight, in case it would be noticed when he was away suddenly for a while.

He was ready to accept the challenge tonight!

But he had to disguise himself. He didn’t want anyone to know who he was.

As for the disguise, he was somewhat worried.

If he wore his clothes, the three guys in his dormitory would all recognize for certain. If he didn’t wear his own clothes, he would have no clothes. He also couldn’t buy right now in case any classmate went to a clothing store and saw the same style of clothes. If this classmate asked who bought the same clothes in the battle day and found out it was him, it would be bad.

“Buy one online later.”

“What about now?”

After dinner, three of them went to the playground. Fang Qiu sat in the bed alone in the dorm and had no idea how to do.

Finally, Fang Qiu decided to wear the military training uniforms!

Just wear the military training uniforms.

Anyway, each freshman had a set of military training uniforms. Even if people saw him, they could only know that he was a freshman, but didn’t know who he was. Besides, the military training uniforms included a hat which could cover up his hair.

And then he would put on a mask that he bought but never worn. So nobody would know. This would be perfect.

It was settled!

At seven o’clock in the evening, the playground was full of sounds of voices and commotion.

Chen Cong stood quietly on the same stage as last night with his arms holding and his eyes closing, waiting for his opponent.

The time of his performance last night was twenty past seven.

Now there were still twenty minutes left.

“Fang Qiu, I hope you can come.”

Liu Feifei with the students of Class Three stood offstage and handed out one light stick to each person to cheer for Chen Cong.

Liu Feifei looked left and right and did not find Fang Qiu. She pulled over Sun Hao and asked, “Where is Fang Qiu? Why hasn’t he come?”

“He went reading. Hey hey, senior sister, aren’t you very excited since there is such a person in the class who is so fond of learning?”

Sun Hao giggled and said.

Liu Feifei directly patted naughty Sun Hao on the shoulder and said with anger, “Cheer hard later!”

“OK, hey hey.” Sun hao nodded his head at once.

As for Fang Qiu not coming, Liu Feifei was noncommittal.

About the incident today, she bore a lot of pressure herself. How could a student deliver a letter of challenge in public as soon as the term began? But for the acquiesce of the dean who had watched the whole evening party last night, maybe she would have been dragged to be taught a lesson now.

However, Chen Cong, as her own class’s student, did something so cool. She still had to cheer for him and did it strongly!

As it got darker and darker, the audience offstage became more and more, and the voices of discussion became louder and louder.

“Not sure the expert that Chen Cong mentioned last night will come or not. If no one comes, we are just waiting here in vain.”

“Hey hey, hope someone will come so that we will have a good play to watch.”

“Are the people from those several martial arts clubs going to sign up to come on stage?”

“The martial arts clubs were composed of a group of martial arts amateur, most of who just started training after going to the university. Chen Cong was obviously a martial arts adept. Who dare to go?”

“He is a talent in the freshmen. Perhaps today he will distinguish himself!”

When everyone was discussing it, Li Qingshi and the people from the Students’ Union of the School of Chinese Medicine also came. As the President of the Student’s Union of the School, he had no excuse if he didn’t come.

However he looked very pale, not because of this matter, but because someone told him that Jiang Miaoyu went to Fang Qiu in the afternoon to give him a love letter!

A love letter!

These two words stuck in his heart like a thorn.

Even if he knew Jiang Miaoyu sent this love letter for someone else, but he still could not accept it!

He felt like he was bewitched. Any boy who was around Jiang Miaoyu was his enemy and now Fang Qiu was his biggest enemy!

But he laid aside this Fang Qiu stuff first. Now he would put main attention on the fight, trying to avoid an accident.

Liu Feifei noticed Li Qingshi and the students from the Student’s Union. They nodded to each other and all began to secretly keep their eyes on the surrounding to avoid any accident!

Ten after seven.

Still, no one appeared, but the people of Martial Arts Association came, which immediately caused a stir.

But soon the news came that the people of Martial Arts Association were not going to come on stage today. They were just here for watching, which aroused dissatisfaction by the audience.

“Come on, since you are here. What are you afraid of?”

“How do you have the nerve to say you are Kung Fu practitioners?”

This group of pleasure-seekers did not care the matter was serious or not and directly kicked up a fuss.

“Come on stage!”

“Come on stage!”

“Come on stage!”

The whole audience shouted in chorus.

The people in the Martial Arts Association looked very grave as they heard the booing around them.

Coming on stage was not appropriate, but not coming on stage today would make them lose face a lot.

“President, let me come on stage.”

A black strong student said to the president of the Martial Arts Association.

Ren Longyang, the President of the Martial Arts Association, muttered to himself for a moment and said, “Be careful. Don’t get hurt.”

He knew this member- Wang Kang. He practiced martial arts for several years when he was a child and also learned Sanda. Ordinary people could not really defeat him, but he really did not have much confidence to fight with Chen Cong because he was also at the party yesterday.

The superior difficult movements that Chen Cong showed had beyond their imagination.

Getting the President’s permission, Wang Kang can’t wait to go to the stage immediately.

Seeing someone on stage, the audience immediately cheered.


Chen Cong slowly opened his eyes at this time and saw a man he did not know. He looked at him up and down and said coldly, “Your footsteps are so light. You are not my opponent. Get out.”

As he said, the whole audience became suddenly quiet.

“Oh, my gosh! It hasn’t started. How do you know that others could not beat you?”

“Are you too awesome or too confident?”

Wang Kang was obviously irritated by the disparaging words. He had never been afraid of anyone in a fight from small to large.

“Just fight! Let me see how awesome you are today!”

“In this case, come on.”

Chen Cong also did not talk nonsense. He put down the arms and stood there straight with a style of a martial arts expert.


Wang Kang clenched his fist and leaned to one side. He put his clenched fists in front of himself and his feet began to move.

“Sanda? Please!”

Chen Cong clenched his fist and held out his right hand directly.

The audience off stage became excited at once. They had been waiting for a long time and finally the contest started.

“Who will win on earth?”

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