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Medical Master
Chapter 18
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For all the time, he had taken the words of those bodyguards with a pinch of salt. But now, he completely bought it.

Well, he had no other choice. Have you ever seen anyone who could spot your shoulder joint dislocation at first glance and cure it with a pat?

“Brother, how did you achieve that?”

Asked Tang Heng involuntarily, who was looking at Fang Qiu expectantly.

Fang Qiu did not reply. He just pated Tang Heng on his shoulder and took off with a smile.

Gazing at Fang Qiu’s back, a rush of awe suddenly washed over Tang Heng.

He felt like he had utterly wasted the past eighteen years. Apart from the wealth of his father, he had nothing to show.

“But look at Fang Qiu. He is powerful and mysterious.”

“That’s the way one shall live!”

He suddenly found that lifestyle desirable.

If Tang Heng’s father knew the current thought of his son, he would definitely want to thank Fang Qiu a thousand times. He had employed all sorts of method to educate his son in the hope that his son could be something. But it turned out that all his efforts were not as good as Fang Qiu’s one gentle pat.

It was true that a watched flower never bloomed, but an untended willow grew!

When Fang Qiu returned to his dormitory from the canteen, he harshly criticized the selfish acts of the three roommates. Nevertheless, the three replied quite enviously, “We assumed you were having lunch with the beauty, are we right?”

Apparently, they had seen that Fang Qiu ditched them and headed for a crowd of girls.

“Am I the kind of person who put gals before pals?”

Said Fang Qiu seriously.

The three nodded simultaneously.

“And the kind of person who eats good food alone and put gals before pals!”

Fang Qiu felt quite helpless that he was perceived like that.

There was nothing left to say. He climbed directly onto his bed, sitting crosslegged to take a midday rest.

The afternoon session of military training was rather easy—doing rehearsal for the military parade, one class after another.

Fang Qiu and another girl in his class were chosen by their drill master to be leaders of their square formation. They were responsible to shout the commands and lead Class Three to stride past the rostrum.

Generally, leaders needed to be those who were both good-looking and good-natured. What was more, they should be able to make a standard pose of a soldier, standing upright and full of vibe.

That was because leaders always drew the attention of most people at the scene.

That required leaders to look smart! And they shall be able to do standard poses!

If a leader made a wrong move or their poses were not up to scratch, it would be quite embarrassing.

Fang Qiu’s performance at the military training was really eye-catching. In his drill master’s words, it was even difficult to find a soldier in his troop who could do such standard poses.

Thus, the honor of being a leader was conferred on Fang Qiu, who was the best at the military training.

Class Three was arranged to do the parade very soon after the beginning of the ceremony. After doing the parade twice, their rehearsal ended quite early. Then, they started free training.

When everyone finished the rehearsal, a girl who was the representative of all students doing the military training went onto the rostrum to rehearse her speech.

The moment the girl stepped onto the rostrum, all the boys began to shout and whistle.

As Fang Qiu heard the noise, he looked in that direction and saw the gorgeous figure standing on the rostrum.

She was Jiang Miaoyu.

No wonder there was such a commotion.

“Drill Master, let’s take a break!”

Said several boys in Class Three, egging their drill master on.

Since the drill master was well aware that the performance of Class Three was good enough to win the title of “Best Company”, he felt no need to overtrain them. Thus, he yelled, “Dismiss!”


Almost all the boys galloped towards the rostrum.

That upset loads of girls.

Fang Qiu was also tugged to the front of the rostrum by his three funny roommates, ready to enjoy the speech of the campus belle at short range.

Holding a script, Jiang Miaoyu stood on the rostrum. She closed her eyes to organize her emotions, and then, opened them, started to speak in a clear and upbeat voice, “Distinguished officials, drill masters, teachers, and dear students: Good morning, everyone!”


Sounds of praise echoed among those who were off the rostrum.

Jiang Miaoyu was not disrupted by those sounds and continued her speech. “I’m honored to represent this year’s freshmen of the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine to stand here and make this speech.”

“The ten-day long military training is about to end. Looking back at every moment in those days, we know that our drill masters, who seemed to be harsh and selfless on the training grounds but were quite friendly in normal life, and our teachers, who accompanied us during the training and relinquished their resting time to be on duty, as well as our school officials, who always manage the university stringently and constantly strive for perfection, are all working hard for our growth…”

Although what Jiang Miaoyu said were all high-sounding words, the audience was still intoxicated.

They were intoxicated only by looking at her…

What was more, the audience sitting in front of the rostrum constantly made responses as Jiang Miaoyu made her speech. When she paused, applause would immediately break out, which was quite appropriate.

After the speech, the palms of the audience all turned red due to the applauding.

Fang Qiu merely looked at all that under the rostrum, not being so frenetic as those around him.

“The youngest, what do say if we develop a fellowship with campus belle Jiang’s dormitory?”

Asked Sun Hao, who elbowed Fang Qiu eagerly.

“Not so nice.”

Fang Qiu objected it straightforwardly.

“Come on! With the connection between you and the campus belle, if we don’t use that connection, we’re wasting a good resource, aren’t we? As I’ve perceived, the girls in the campus belle’s dormitory are all very pretty.”

Sun Hao giggled.

“How do you know the other girls in her dormitory are pretty?”

Fang Qiu became sincerely curious now.

Sun Hao darted him a defiant look before saying, “At the gala the day before yesterday, the campus belle came with her roommates. The four girls around her all looked gorgeous.”

Staring at the shameless Sun Hao, Fang Qiu reckoned that if he had put the efforts that he used on studying women on academic study, he would certainly become an awesome Chinese Medicine scholar.

As the two were bickering whether they should develop a fellowship with the campus belle Jiang’s dormitory, Jiang Miaoyu’s speech drew to an end.

“Military training taught us soldiers’ toughness and collectivism spirit, which says ‘We would rather shed blood and sweat than tears; we would rather lose skin or flesh than your team’. Also, it taught us the peerless proud and the sense of honorable calling as being a soldier…”

“Last, please allow me to represent all the students doing the military training to extend our highest respect and the most sincere gratitude towards all the officials, drill masters, and teachers!”

“Thanks, everyone!”

Jiang Miaoyu gave a deep bow at the audience.

Another round of applause sounded.

Accompanied by the applause, Jiang Miaoyu stepped down the rostrum with a smile. Precisely at this point, an accident occurred.

She missed one step!

Everyone let out a shriek.

“Watch out!”

Although the stairs were not high from the ground, it would hurt very much if she fell down.

Just as Jiang Miaoyu was about to tumble down from the stairs, Fang Qiu dashed forward like a flash.

Before others could see what had happened, Fang Qiu already arrived at the side of the stairs and caught Jiang Miaoyu.

That prevented her from falling.


Everyone heaved a long sigh of relief.

It was quite lucky.

As to how Fang Qiu made there in time, they had no time to investigate.

But at this time, some people with sharp eyes spotted the painful look of Jiang Miaoyu.

“What’s wrong?”

Asked Fang Qiu anxiously, who was still supporting Jiang Miaoyu.

“I’ve sprained my ankle.”

Said Jiang Miaoyu in agony.

“Sit down first!”

Fang Qiu hurriedly helped Jiang Miaoyu to sit down on the step.

“Which foot?”

Biting her lips and furrowing her eyebrows in pain, Jiang Miaoyu pointed to her right foot.

Without another word, Fang Qiu directly rolled up the bottom of her right trouser leg and saw a large scarlet bruise around her right ankle.

Fang Qiu pressed a finger gently onto the bruise, and then asked in a soft voice, “Does it hurt?”

Jiang Miaoyu bit her lips even harder. Staring at her foot, she nodded, her eyes brimming with tears.

Scowling, Fang Qiu said, “Now I’ll first take your shoes off. Please bear with the pain for a sec.”

Jiang Miaoyu nodded slightly, as helpless as an injured deer.

Fang Qiu reached out for Jiang Miaoyu’s shoelaces. His movements were quite soft and gentle.


“Our goddess got hurt!”

The crowd in the surroundings instantly burst into a heated discussion.

What was the meaning of campus belle Jiang getting injured?

It meant that it was high time for them to demonstrate their chivalry and rescue the beauty.

They hastened to provide solutions.

“I’ll go to the university hospital to call in a doctor!”

Said a student, who scuttled away after saying those words.

“I’ll buy some icy water!”

Another student held his hand up. He also broke into a run when he finished his words.

“I’ll go to the university hospital to fetch a stretcher!”

“I’ll go to find an official!”

The crowd was in hysteria. Many went away to look for something that might come in handy.

At this point, Li Qingshi, who came to inspect the military training as the president of student union, walked towards them from afar. As a result, he saw a fluster of people gathering there, while others were bustling towards the gate of the sports ground.

“Is something wrong?”

Li Qingshi quickly pulled a student over and asked, “Excuse me, what happened over there?”

“Jiang Miaoyu sprained her ankle! I’m going to buy some icy water. Don’t stand in my way!”

The student simply shook off Li Qingshi’s hand, and then, hurtled towards the supermarket that was located outside the sports ground.


Li Qingshi’s expression altered dramatically. His heart hammered.

“Miaoyu is hurt!”

He scooted hastily in the direction of the rostrum.

When he forcefully wedged his way to the front, Fang Qiu just took off Jiang Miaoyu’s right shoe gingerly.

“Miaoyu, how are you holding up? Does it hurt?”

Li Qingshi strode over to Jiang Miaoyu, bent down and asked so with a deeply concerned look.

“Sprained my ankle. Hurts a bit.”

Under the pain, Jiang Miaoyu’s furrowed brows still could not flatten.

“Wait for a sec, I’ll find some help!”

As Li Qingshi was going out to make a phone call, he saw Fang Qiu who was at the side of the stairs, which made his brows instantly furrowed.

“What’s he doing here?”

“Next, I’ll take off your sock. It might hurt a bit. Please brace yourself.”

Fang Qiu looked up at Jiang Miaoyu and said so.

Jiang Miaoyu nodded.

At this scene, Li Qingshi felt rather jealous. His brows furrowed even harder.

“Why are you everywhere?”

“You were there at the gala when the power failed!”

“You are also at the scene when Miaoyu sprained her ankle!”

“Are you a ghost? Haunting the university?”

Seeing Fang Qiu reach for Jiang Miaoyu’s foot, Li Qingshi instantly felt his goddess was about to be tarnished. It was something he could not bear!

“This student, stay put! If you move her foot and make the injury worse, what shall we do? Don’t do it even though you just want to help!”

As if he were an esteemed official, Li Qingshi ordered, “Don’t move, all of you! Wait here. I’ll find some help!”

Then, he hurried to make the phone call.

“We can’t move?”

Everyone knew Li Qingshi was a celebrity on campus. As the president of student union of the School of Chinese Medicine, he was already some kind of official in the eyes of those freshmen.

They always felt the weight of officials’ words.

No one else dared to move.

They looked Fang Qiu’s way, assuming he would stop taking action.

But they found that as if he had not heard the order of Li Qingshi, he continued to take off Jiang Miaoyu’s sock. His movements were extremely soft, as though he was trying his best to not affect the injured area.


Finally, when the sock was off, Fang Qiu exhaled gently.

Jiang Miaoyu looked at Fang Qiu with her gleaming eyes.

“His movements were quite gentle, which almost caused no pain for me.”

“Seems that he is a very gentle and careful person.”

That was the third impression Fang Qiu had left Jiang Miaoyu.

Before it, she only knew he was a person with various talents but no sense for romance. But now, “gentle” and “careful” were added.

“For the treatment, I need to take off your left shoe and the sock as well.”

Said Fang Qiu as he stared at Jiang Miaoyu.

“You can do the treatment?”

Jiang Miaoyu googled at Fang Qiu in amazement. Then, when it suddenly occurred to her that he had cured her arm at the library, she froze for a moment.

Fang Qiu also thought what Jiang Miaoyu was thinking. Their eyes bore into each other’s and they smiled.

The smile baffled the surrounding students.

“There is something going on between them!”

Muttered Sun Hao, who was also among the crowd.

Fang Qiu stuck out a hand and quickly pulled off Jiang Miaoyu’s left shoe and sock. Then, he said solemnly, “Next, please pardon me for doing this.”

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