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Medical Master
Chapter 2
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“Yes, I can.”

Fang Qiu replied curtly.

At this, the middle-aged man smiled and said, “Kid, you’re talking big.”

Fang Qiu also gave a smile but did not express any opinion.

The middle-aged man shook his head, swiped the library card, recorded the identifications of the books and handed them back to Fang Qiu.

Fang Qiu stuffed the books into the schoolbag and came to the library gate. He drew out an umbrella, opened it, and walked right into the drizzling rain with his schoolbag on his back.

As far as he could see, there were many students walking in the rain while gingerly avoiding puddles of water in the distance.

At this scene, Fang Qiu gave a tiny smile, and then, he directly stepped into a puddle of water.

An amazing thing occurred!

As if being controlled by an invisible power, the water in the puddle spread out from the spot he landed his feet and immediately formed a little water-free pit under his feet. But the water about did not flow back to the pit and wet his shoes at all!

In this fashion, he headed to his dormitory one step after another, with not a single concern for the puddles of water in front of him.

He did not adopt the normal walking method—dodging all the puddles of water in fear of drenching his shoes—until he met other people.

Twenty minutes later, Fang Qiu arrived at the gate of his dormitory. Just at this moment, a car whirled past him.

It squarely ran across a puddle of water next to him.

The water splashed in all directions!

Fang Qiu’s eyes suddenly gleamed, all of his internal air instantly activated.

Splashes of mud and water all bounced off when approaching Fang Qiu, as though he was standing inside a protective cover.

He was not stained with any mud or water at all!

However, the students around him were not so lucky. They all got sprayed by mud and water, and their fine outfits were thoroughly smeared, making them look like they had fallen into a trench or something.

Moreover, the faces of a few girls were squirted with mud and water. Looking at the mess all over themselves, they could not help but start to weep.

“F*ck, where are that driver’s manners!”

“He can’t drive so fast on campus! Doesn’t he fear that he might run someone over?”

“I can tell at first glance that he is an overnight millionaire! A man with no manners!”

In an instant, the students being sprayed in his surrounding began to yell angry words in the direction of that Benz.

Fang Qiu squinted his eyes and looked in the direction of that car, his pupils icy cold.

The car pulled up at the dormitory ahead. Two sturdy men wearing sunglasses got off the car and pulled open the backdoor respectfully while holding an umbrella.

A middle-aged man and a haughty-looking young man who seemed to be a student but was dressed in hip-hop style stepped out of the car.

The two sturdy men hastily handed the umbrellas over, leaving themselves standing in the rain.

Fang Qiu slowly walked up to them, and then stood quietly on the side.

He was waiting, waiting for those men riding the car to apologize to the students.

If they did, he would act as if nothing had happened.

But if they did not apologize…

He would not let go of it!

The young man who just got off first cast a look at the students covered in mud and water behind him and curled his lips dismissively. Next, he looked up to examine the somewhat old and shabby dormitory building and furrowed, and then looked over his shoulders to stare at the middle-aged man.

“Dad, you’re not really going to let me live in this building, are you? In such a shabby place?”

The middle-aged man was obviously a bit taken aback at the scene of this old dormitory, but he still answered in a firm tone, “Of course.”

“You’re here for studying, not enjoying life! You’re living here!”

After hearing his father’s stern tone, the young man said dejectedly, “Well then, let’s go.” “Help me give a thorough cleaning to my dorm. I want to live alone!”

After saying this, he immediately started to walk to the dormitory.

“Hold on!”

All of a sudden, a cold voice sounded.

The father and son turned around and saw that a handsome young man carrying a backpack and holding a black umbrella was stepping towards them with his chilly eyes focused on them.

The two sturdy men instantly came forward and shielded the father and son behind vigilantly, goggling at Fang Qiu grimly.

“What’s the matter?”

The young man threw an arrogant look at Fang Qiu.

The students in the surroundings were also gazing at Fang Qiu in amazement, wondering why he had called out to stop these men riding the Benz who were evidently rich and powerful.

“I reckon you owe them an apology, don’t you?”

Fang Qiu pointed a finger at those students standing not far away who were looking like drowned rats.

“I reckon you owe them an apology, don’t you?”

This simple sentence made those muddy students instantly feel a warm current flowing straight into their hearts.

All they did was complain in their undertone, but none of them was bold enough to shake off their fear for the powerful and voice their indignation in the presence of those people.

But now, someone had stepped forward and uttered what they wanted to say!

The students around who were just watching the fuss out of curiosity were shocked at Fang Qiu’s words as well.

Many of them gave Fang Qiu a thumbs-up in their mind.

But many still believed that Fang Qiu was kicking against the pricks.

At this time, Liu Feifei, the teacher in charge of Fang Qiu’s class, a pretty senior, who had just finished her meal in the canteen with her roommates and walked past the boy’s dormitory, happened to have witnessed the scene when the students got sprayed with mud and water. She was fuming about it.

Seeing that Fang Qiu, a student from her own class, had come forward, she immediately came to a halt to watch.

She looked as if she was ready to rush over and back up Fang Qiu at any second.


The young man shot a look at the students dripping mud and turned directly to the two bodyguards and said, “Go upstairs.”

The middle-aged man had also noticed those students, but he only scowled a little. Considering his identity, he did not show any gesture.

But before the father and son could take one more step, Fang Qiu suddenly appeared before them.

It gave them quite a turn. A second ago, Fang Qiu was still beside them. How could he just turn up in front of them?

Suddenly, the two sturdy men looked as though they were confronted by a formidable enemy, because nor did they see when the kid went over to their front just under their nose.

“Could he be a martial master?”

But in light of his physique, it must be a dim possibility.

“Having others covered in mud and water but not feeling sorry at all? That’s a bit outrageous!”

Fang Qiu fixed his cold eyes on the father and son.

His Qi power rose up but instantly concealed itself.

Then it lurked under his skin and was ready to shoot out.

Although he did not intend to expose his cultivation, it did not mean that he could turn a blind eye to the strong bullying the weak.

What was he learning martial arts for?

It was just for praising virtue and punishing vice!

The father and son did not detect the thin trace of Qi power Fang Qiu had just released at all, but the two sturdy men altered their expressions in a second.

This Qi power…

The two paid no attention to the umbrella-holding task now. They simply ditched the umbrellas and went to stand in front of the father and son, clenching their fists and straining their muscles, their eyes focusing unblinkingly upon Fang Qiu.

It appeared that they might risk their lives to fight at any time.

The father and son looked at the two bodyguards in bewilderment. The two were excellent masters of martial art who they specially retained with fat salaries. They had never seen them put their guard up like this.

“Today, why did they act like this in front of a student?”

Students around them also looked perplexed.

They thought, “these bodyguards are trying too hard at their job, aren’t they?”

Fang Qiu casually glimpsed the two sturdy men and asked, “You want to block my way?”

Instantly, all the eyes fell on the two sturdy men.

“Dare not!”

The two replied hastily.

The two simple words let all the onlookers drop their jaws.

“Dare…dare not?”

“Shit, what does the ‘Dare not’ mean?”

The students around suddenly felt a surge of unlimited respect for Fang Qiu who was just standing in front of them.

“This student is so unbelievable! His uprightness overpowered the two bulk men and forced them to give in!”

But look at the father and son, though the young man had not grasped what had happened, the middle-aged man’s eyes already turned unfathomable. He was contemplating some vague assumptions in his head, so his looks towards Fang Qiu were somewhat astonished and suspicious.

“Then, why did you act like this?”

Fang Qiu asked.

The Qi power in his body was getting denser as if it would burst out at any second.

Even though it was raining and the weather was cool, beads of sweat were about to trickle down the two sturdy men’s foreheads.

“We are to blame for today’s incident. I was the driver. I’ll apologize to them.”

One of the two sturdy men said in a hurry. Then, he turned around to face those students, cupped his hands in tribute and said, “I’m sorry, everyone. I was driving too fast to see the puddles of water. I’m deeply sorry for this!”

Those innocent students immediately answered with “Nothing” and “It’s OK”.

At this scenario, the two sturdy men who had been pardoned cast another look at Fang Qiu as if applying for his approval.

Fang Qiu only said four words: “The clothes got dirty.”

Without another word, the other sturdy men directly took out a stack of money and hurried over to humbly hand out 500 yuan to each student.

Some students were too timid to take the money, but the sturdy man stuffed it in their hands.

Seeing the scene, all the onlookers went dumbstruck.


A minute ago they were still acting like bullies, but how come they started to hand out money?

“Feifei, this student of yours is really something!”

Apparently, Liu Feifei’s roommate recognized Fang Qiu and she said so to Liu Feifei.

It never occurred to Liu Feifei that this simple righteous action of Fang Qiu could go so smoothly, either. At her roommate’s words, she immediately raised up her chin and said proudly, “Don’t forget who his teacher is!”

Her roommates were left speechless. “You and that guy have only known each other for a couple of days!”

“Will this do?”

Finishing distributing the money, the sturdy man came running back to Fang Qiu and asked while wiping his sweat.

Seeing the satisfied looks of those students with mud and water stained all over them, Fang Qiu nodded and stepped aside.

The two sturdy men rapidly flanked the father and son who still looked confused and hurried them to go upstairs.

The moment they went up, a shower of enthusiastic applause broke out downstairs.

All the people on the scene were applauding for Fang Qiu!

Their eyes looking at Fang Qiu were filled with admiration.

Fang Qiu smiled and took a bow. Then, he took off along with the cordial farewell applause.

But as he walked to the distance, his mobile phone rang and a text came in.

It was from his pretty senior Liu Feifei.

“You kid is awesome. You really boosted the morale of our students today. You’re truly a student of mine!”

“Your student?”

Fang Qiu texted back, feeling uncertain whether to cry or to laugh, “It all attributes to your great teaching!”

Soon, Liu Feifei’s reply arrived.

“It’s nothing! The shows have been settled. You and Chen Cong will perform on behave of our class. He is going to do a martial arts demonstration, and yours is to play the song Celadon Porcelain with hand flute. Break a leg tomorrow night! I have high hopes for you!”

Fang Qiu replied, “I have high hopes for me, too!”


Later, his pretty senior texted back with her retortion: “What a smug!”

On the other side.

When the father and son found the right dormitory, before they were seated, the middle-aged man could not wait but ask the two sturdy men, “What happened just now?”

The two sturdy men looked at each other, heaved a sigh, and answered with their hearts still fluttering with fear, “The student confronted us a moment ago is an expert.”

“An expert? That student?”

The young man beside them asked in disbelief.

“That guy basically of my same age is an expert?”


The two sturdy men answered with great certainty.

“You two can’t beat him?”

The middle-aged man asked with a gloomy look.

He was well aware of the strength of these two bodyguards—either of them could handle five or six ordinary bodyguards alone.

The two sturdy men exchanged a look again, and then, shook their heads simultaneously in dismal, “It’s not a matter of whether we’re able to beat him or not, it’s a matter of how many moves we’re able to take from him!”


The middle-aged man was thunderstruck. He never thought he would hear such an answer.

“Or perhaps we can struggle to hang on with our fighting techniques, but finally we will lose. We’ve never met such a powerful guy.”

The two sturdy men turned to look at the young man who still couldn’t believe their words and said, “Young Master, you must be careful around that guy. Never get into conflicts against him! There is a crowd of unknown but powerful men in this world, and that student is probably one of them!”

Hearing this, the middle-aged man turned a bit worried and asked, “If he is so fierce, could Xiaoheng be in any danger?”

“Maybe not. That student doesn’t look like those with a nasty character. And from what happened today, he is a man of principle. Thus, as long as you stay low key and don’t do anything to offend him, you should be fine.” One of the bodyguards answered.

“That’s good! That’s good!” The middle-aged man looked over his shoulders to watch his son, and he said severely, “Did you hear that? You must never provoke that student. If you befriend him, that will be best. But remember, always stay out of trouble! Just stay here and study, keeping a low profile as possible as you can!”

The young man lowered his head and muttered his agreement.

He originally thought he was going to swagger around here. However, he got a harsh blow on the first day of school. How depressing it was!

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