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Medical Master
Chapter 41
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Zhu Benzheng, Sun Hao, and Zhou Xiaotian were also taken aback at Fang Qiu’s overbearing remarks. Nor had they expected that Fang Qiu could bring all sordid things Li Qingshi did to them onto the table.

And he looked like he would fight him to death!

But with such being the case, they could not flinch now. They must back their buddy up!

Not to mention that Li Qingshi was not only targeting Fang Qiu but also their Dormitory 501.

“Right. Whatever you have, just bring it on. Don’t try to hide them. Now that you dared to do those things, you should have the guts to admit! No matter what your move is, we, Dormitory 501, will take it!”

Growled Zhu Benzheng, who directly took a step forward to stand out of the crowd and pointed at Li Qingshi.

Sun Hao and Zhou Xiaotian shot Zhu Benzheng a petrified look.

Despite the fact that Zhu Benzheng was the oldest in their dormitory, he was usually quiet and would not make a speech easily. But this time, he was the first one to step forward of his own accord.

And he even pointed straightly at Li Qingshi.

What a loyal buddy!

The rest of them naturally would not want to be left behind.

“Yep. Throw out whatever move you have; we, Dormitory 501, will take them all!”

Sun Hao also came forward and pointed a finger at Li Qingshi.

Zhou Xiaotian did not say anything, but he also advanced and pointed a finger at Li Qingshi.

Now, the three were standing in a line pointing at Li Qingshi.

Watching the three with a livid expression, Li Qingshi seemed so sullen that his face could be wringing wet.

It never occurred to him that Fang Qiu could expose those things in public, and his three roommates could point their fingers at him in front of all the people.


Flames of fury instantly filled his chest due to the insult.

The three stalked up to Fang Qiu in unison, pointing at Li Qingshi all the way they went.

The four stood together.

“Perhaps you guys are still wondering what transgressions Fang Qiu just accused. So, I’d better give you the long and short of the story!”

Zhu Benzheng spoke out loud, “On this Thursday, a lot of trash was thrown into our dormitory without reason. And the surveillance camera mysteriously did not record anything during that period of time. Then, the student union simply issued a notice of criticism to us. Overwhelmed by irritation, Fang Qiu tore up the notice. But next, someone from the disciplinary committee of the student union caught us just as we rushed downstairs!”

“As if closely linked, bad things occurred one after another!”

“So, who is so powerful to command the whole student union to take on just a dormitory? And who has such authority to erase the records of the dormitory surveillance camera?”

“There is more!”

“This Tuesday, the three of us all heard Fang Qiu and Jiang Miaoyu perform the song Start-of-Term Gift for the first time, which was absolutely stunning. However, the very next day, Fang Qiu’s share in the show was replaced inexplicably. And the one who replaced Fang Qiu is exactly this one!”

“I just can’t understand why someone should use such dirty means to take on our dormitory. Well, now that you want to go against us, do it blatantly. If any of us from Dormitory 501 takes a damn step back, he is the son of a b*tch!”

“But whoever resorts to more crooked means is a d*mn scoundrel!”

“Li Qingshi, do you agree or not?”

Zhu Benzheng was truly ready to risk everything today.

His words directly astounded all the people in the surroundings.

“Those remarks are really domineering!”

“Never thought apart from the domineering Fang Qiu, there is another domineering guy in Dormitory 501.”

Fang Qiu was staring at Zhu Benzheng beamingly, sort of moved by his words.

“This is my man!”

The whole thing actually was incurred by Fang Qiu alone, so he reckoned he should be the one to fix it.

However, to his surprise, his three roommates all stepped forward and faced the problem with him.

They also made it clear in the presence of so many people that they, Dormitory 501, had waged a war against Li Qingshi!

They even waged a war against the whole student union of the School of Chinese Medicine!

Zhu Benzheng also filled everyone in with the cause and effect of this incident.

Why had Fang Qiu openly confronted Li Qingshi?

Why had all the guys from Dormitory 501 stepped forward?

It was because someone intended to frame them!

And the person also snatched up Fang Qiu’s opportunity to perform at the Start-of-Term Ceremony!

Now that this person had done such outrageous deeds, he left them no choice but to step forward!

But who had so much power to do these deeds?

The answer was almost certain—Li Qingshi, the president of the student union of the School of Chinese Medicine!

All the people flickered their eyes toward Li Qingshi suspiciously.

Before, Li Qingshi had maintained a grand and perfect image in front of everyone. But now, in the eyes of the crowd, he was a pretty despicable guy.

“Your dormitory got criticized because of its unsanitary state, and you blame the student union’s sanitary inspection for it?”

“You got replaced because of your incompetence, but you blame the one who replaced you for it? You guys are truly shameless!”

Li Qingshi scanned the four of Dormitory 501 one by one with frosty eyes.

The rage inside him was getting more and more blazing!

He was humiliated in public, by a bunch of freshmen!


How mortifying it was!

“Everyone of you can say those things if you want to frame somebody!”

“Give me some evidence. Or do you find it interesting to make a false charge here? Well, a straight foot is never afraid of a crooked shoe. I, Li Qingshi, have the courage to take the blame for what I have done! If I haven’t done anything wrong, I have no fear of other babbling, because justice will prevail!”

Li Qingshi’s words immediately won the hearts of many of the audience who were still wavering.

“His face looks sincere. It doesn’t seem to be faked.”

“Which side is telling the truth and which side is not?”

Zhu Benzheng, Sun Hao, and Zhou Xiaotian were about to burst with rage.

“F*ck! After doing so many heinous deeds, you dare to put the blame on your victims!”

“Yeah. Justice will prevail. We are ordinary students, whereas, you are the president of the student union. So, why do we choose to make such an accusation? It’s just because justice will prevail!”

As Sun Hao finished those words out loud, he turned around to look at the crowd and said, “We, a bunch of powerless freshmen, are desperately confronting the president of the student union of our own school. Everybody, please think, if we have not truly endured countless insults, will we dare to go all out like this?”

At those remarks, the crowd instantly were lost in thought.


“The four normal freshmen have the guts to set themselves against the president of their own student union, with no fear of the president making things difficult for them later. There must be something that made them hold loads of grudges against the president.”

“Otherwise, in this harmonious society, who would bother to offend him in public?”

“Not to mention that he is a pretty powerful guy.”

On account of their sympathy toward the weak, everyone started to believe in the words of the four students from Dormitory 501.

At this, Li Qingshi was enraged as well as anxious.

He inwardly regretted not bringing any members of the student union with him today. If he did, he would not have been cornered like this, with no one to back him up.

He decided he shall not continue the bickering and directly proceed to the real contest. He wanted to thoroughly defeat Fang Qiu with his overwhelming talent.

“Then, you’ll see who the winner is.”

“And you’ll know even though I framed you, you deserve it!”

“You’ll know I taking away your opportunity is because of your inferior ability!”

“I think you are pretty clear about what the truth is, and so am I. Thus, we don’t need more squabble!”

“And save your words. Fang Qiu, aren’t you going to compete with me? Well, today, I will let you learn that there is always another person smarter than you!”

Said Li Qingshi coldly to Fang Qiu.

“As you wish!”

Fang Qiu replied in a chilling voice.

Hearing this, the crowd immediately broke into excited roars.

“After droning on for so long, there is finally something to see.”

“Anyway, without evidence to verify their words, they can stick to whatever truth they claim.”

“However, a real contest is different. They’ll have to meet head-on to see which one is more remarkable!”

The audience had no interest in watching them arguing. “If I have time for that, I’d rather watch them fight each other!”

“No matter it is physical combat or talent competition.”

“If they detest each other, just go ahead and have a trial of strength!”

In any case, bystanders were always eager to see more drama. Now, all the people around them were looking forward to their upcoming talent competition.

And they were hoping the conflict between the two could escalate as drastically as possible.

At the Acupuncture Association.

Jiang Miaoyu was watching all this with huge anxiety. She never thought Fang Qiu and Li Qingshi could hold such deep grudges against each other.

What was more, she felt that it was she who incurred all the trouble, which made her rather terrified.

But so far, she was unable to stop the development of this conflict. All she could do was watch them with deep concerns.

“You can play musical instruments, and so can I. I play the Chinese flute. And you, hand flute?”

Asked Li Qingshi icily.

“Just do your show first. Don’t bother to worry for me,” Fang Qiu answered.


Li Qingshi snorted. He simply grabbed a Chinese flute from the musical instrument exhibition of the Chinese Folk Arts Association and paced to the middle of the sports ground.

“Please enjoy a solo of Chinese flute—Oceans’ Roar!”

Announced Li Qingshi to the audience, before adjusting the height of the microphone.

Fang Qiu, Zhu Benzheng, Sun Hao, and Zhou Xiaotian already came to the side of the stage, standing in a line.

Their postures were all the same.

All of them were crossing their arms in front of the chest and squinting at Li Qingshi.

As if they were saying “That’s all he got”.

Li Qingshi glimpsed at the four, glared at Fang Qiu in particular, and then, let out a sneer.

He already thought through how he would use the resources at hand to deal with the four of Dormitory 501 when this morning was over.

“I won’t let any of them off the hook!”

But on second thought, Li Qingshi instantly concentrated on relaxing his mind.

“I can’t let it affect my mood now. This round is of crucial importance. I already lost one, so this time I must win!”

As to Fang Qiu’s hand flute, he had no fear for it at all.

“Musical instruments are instruments, while hands are hands. Hands can never replace musical instruments, no matter in light of sound or intonation.”

“At its debut, the audience might be fascinated out of its novelty.”

“But if today he plays it again, they will find it just so so!”

Actually, Li Qingshi was hoping that Fang Qiu could keep on playing his hand flute.

After getting into the right mood, Li Qingshi nodded at the staff.

The staff raised a hand and gave him an “OK” gesture, and then played the music.

The melody of Oceans’ Roar could not be more familiar to everyone. As the music came out, a series of famous scenes from the film swiftly popped out in their minds.

At an appropriate moment, Li Qingshi’s Chinese flute also joined in.

Pieces of familiar melodies fluttered into their ears. Many closed their eyes and started to hum the song along with the music.

Fang Qiu stared coldly at Li Qingshi, who was busy playing.

“I have to say that Li Qingshi has made an excellent choice for picking this song.”

“If he had selected any other song, even if it’s one of the ten most famous songs for the Chinese flute, no one would be able to appreciate it or find it familiar. Then, his play would be in vain.”

“However, Oceans’ Roar is another case. All the people are too familiar with it, and solely this will increase immense popularity for his show.”

“And this extra popularity is enough to be the last straw!”

“Will this last straw crumble me?”

Fang Qiu’s lips curved upwards to form a smile.

The tune was heroic and glorious, while the Chinese flute sounded ancient and melodious.

Listening to it on a summer day, the crowd did not feel the heat anymore. Instead, they felt cool and carefree.

Everyone had their own gratitude and hatred.

Everyone had their own indignation and helplessness.

Even though they had listened to this song more than a thousand times, it still struck their heartstrings!

Before, they only listened to the song on their computers. Now, they heard a live version.

The live version contained an extra hint of distinctiveness, which barged straight to their hearts through the ears.

As they listened.

They appeared to have seen themselves in a boat on a river, their white robes fluttering in the wind. And they were enjoying tea and alcohol. Once in a while, they would sing the song Oceans’ Roar to vent their pent up sorrow and resignation.

In spite of their resignation, they could still sing as they like.

Even though they had their sorrow, they could still laugh it off.

This was the unfaltering heroic spirit belonging to men, the uncompromising courage belonging to women!

“Fantastic song! How beautiful!”

As Li Qingshi’s playing continued, applause gradually sounded from all directions.

And it became louder and louder.

Finally, rapturous applause swept across the entire sports ground.

There was no cheers but applause.

Because cheers would disturb the splendid Chinese flute song.

But if they did not applaud, they could not find other ways to express their thrill.

Although the applause drowned the sound of Li Qingshi’s playing a bit, this enthusiastic applause clearly demonstrated their recognition of Li Qingshi’s performance.

After the song was over, Li Qingshi gave a deep bow to all the audience.

His eyes were brimming with excitement.

At the sight of the looks around him, he knew he just made it.

A Chinese flute song was different from normal songs that could win the hearts of the audience with both music and lyrics.

All that a Chinese flute song had was melody. It was good enough for this kind of song to gain such popularity!

He doubted very much that Fang Qiu could do the same.

“Fang Qiu, now is your turn!”

Li Qingshi straightened up and said so directly to Fang Qiu.

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