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Medical Master
Chapter 51
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It was a short distance.

But Fang Qiu clearly saw that the copper coin really moved!

He immediately became excited. “It really moved!”

He quickly looked around to make sure the windows were closed, which could exclude the wind factor. It really moved.

Finally, he made a breakthrough!

He hurried to control his mind and concentrate on the copper coin quietly.

A command of “To the left” was given by his mind.

But the copper coin remained unmoved…

Again. “To the left!”

Still remained unmoved…

“What’s going on here?”

Fang Qiu frowned slightly.

“What went wrong?”

He didn’t doubt that he had misread it because anyone at his level couldn’t misread it.

“There must be something wrong.”

He went on with his commands while recalling the difference between the moment of success and the next times.

“At that successful moment, it seemed that I did not think of anything but gave a command with my mind and did not think of success urgently.

But at the following commands, he wanted to see success urgently.

“Could it be that the following minds were too distracting and too eager for instant success?

“So I couldn’t mobilize the power of my mind?

“Or was it similar to the arrival of mind, Qi, and power?”

Having thought of this, he kind of comprehended instantly. So he held his breath attentively and got rid of the distracting thoughts at once.

It was almost impossible for an average person to get rid of distracting thoughts quickly.

Because most of the people were slaves to their own thoughts and couldn’t control their own active thoughts.

Only people at a certain level could do it easily.

After eliminating the distracting thoughts, Fang Qiu gave a simple command.

Without any expectation, it was just a command.

“To the left.”

The copper coin moved slightly to the left.

Seeing this, Fang Qiu’s eyes immediately burst into lights of excitement.

“Sure enough it is!

“I can’t control the copper coin by my distracting thoughts but the pure minds!”

And just at the moment when the copper coin moved, he even clearly felt that he had some connection with the copper coin.

Or it could be said that he felt an unknown power and he put it on the copper coin to make it move.

“Could the power be the power of mind?”

Fang Qiu thought in the heart.

He knew that this opportunity only came out by accident. If he did not seize the opportunity this time, he would not know when he would meet it next time.

So he quickly entered the state of no distracting thoughts to be familiar with this feeling and power.

“To the left!”

A power was emitted by Fang Qiu.

As if he held out his hand and moved the copper coin slightly to the left.

“To the left again!”

The copper coin wanted to move some distance and it actually moved to the left again.

At this time, it had formed an angle of 20 degrees with the vertical line.

“To the left again!”

But the copper coin did not move.

Fang Qiu felt that a force stopped the copper coin from moving.

That was the gravity from the earth. If the copper coin continued to the left, it would definitely go up at the same time. But the gravity stopped it from going up.

The gravity of a copper coin was very little, but now it gave considerable pressure to Fang Qiu.

It was like a lofty mountain, unshakable.

“To the left again!”

Fang Qiu gave a firm command again.

The copper coin swayed slightly as if struggling to move to the left.

But finally, it still didn’t move at all.

Fang Qiu breathed out hard and sighed with emotions inwardly. “My force of mind still seems to be little”.

And it consumed a lot of mind.

Just now, the command made his mind tired quickly.

“I still have a lot to practice later!”

Everything was hard in the beginning, but as long as it began, he would have the confidence to gradually improve his force of mind!

Now he kind of believed what was said in “Bonesetting Theory”.

“People do bonesetting by using the force of their bodies to treat the bone injury through their hands.”

“In the final analysis, it is the force that relocates the injured bone. A body is a force and mind is also a force, so when the force of mind reaches a certain level, it can also do bonesetting.”

But as for what was said in “Bonesetting Theory” that in the Conscious Realm, the mind could renew bones and lives, which was difficult for him to understand.

However, he believed that as long as he persisted, he would reach the peak of perfection. By then, he would check what “Bonesetting Theory” said was true or false!

After taking a few exhalations, Fang Qiu regained his mind and continued to control the copper coin.

“To the right!



“To the left!”

When Zhu Benzheng, Sun Hao and Zhou Xiaotian returned to the dormitory, Fang Qiu had already been familiar with this force.

But the force was still weak.

In addition to the gravity factor, he found that the quality of the copper coin itself also limited the distance it could move.

After he changed into two copper coins, he found it much more difficult to move them.

It consumed more mind.

But since he had found a new world, he was going to see the whole picture of this world eventually!

At night.

He fell asleep with a smile.

At one o’clock in the morning.

At Yaowang Mountain.

A person quietly came to Yaowang Mountain.

If Chen Cong or Fang Qiu were here, they would definitely recognize it was Li Ji, a military officer in the military training field that day.

He actually hadn’t left yet the week after the military training.

Li Ji came to the place where Chen Cong practiced every day and quietly pondered.

Since he found that there was a mysterious man who may be a guru of Wulin in the university, he came here every day, observing Chen Cong practice to meet the mysterious man.

He believed that since the mysterious man gave some directions to Chen Cong.

It meant that the mysterious man had a good impression on Chen Cong. Maybe he would come to give Chen Cong some directions occasionally.

But after observing secretly for a week, Li Ji did not find the figure of the mysterious man at all.

And he had to be back to the army to report today, so it would be his last chance today. If the mysterious man didn’t come today, he would miss the mysterious man.

Although he hadn’t found the mysterious man, he faintly felt that the mysterious man was around to pay attention to Chen Cong all the time.

So this time he brought a piece of equipment.

It was a military thermal imaging night-vision viewer!

Anything alive would have nowhere to hide!

By then, he would check if the mysterious man was around or not!

Li Ji found a secluded place, lay prone there, and picked up the night-vision viewer to observe the surrounding.

It was quite silent without anyone.

At three o’clock early in the morning.

A red figure appeared, which made Li Ji’s heart gave a jump suddenly.

When he saw it clearly, he was just calm down. It was Chen Cong.

Chen Cong came to the regular place where he practiced and continued to practice as usual.

Li Ji did not disturb Chen Cong but continued to lie prone and look around.

At this time, Fang Qiu quietly got up as his roommates were asleep, got dressed, and jumped down from the building.

Fang Qiu disappeared in the darkness with a few flashes.

Li Ji carried his night-vision viewer and kept looking around.

After three o’clock in the morning, he had a very strong feeling.

It was that the mysterious man would come!

Suddenly, a red figure appeared in his sight!

The man was standing behind a big tree.

“When did this person appear?”

“How could I didn’t notice?”

After being in a daze for a while, he suddenly shrank his pupils with his heart jumping beyond control.

“The mysterious man!!!

“Here comes the mysterious man!

“Only the mysterious man could be there so silently.”


Fang Qiu stood behind the tree. As he perceived the unusual movement, he immediately frowned slightly and looked at the bush with his extremely sharp eyes.

Then he snorted coldly.

He flashed away!

It took Li Ji a lot of efforts to see the mysterious man. How could he just let go of the mysterious man?

He quickly fled out of the bushes and directly chased towards the mysterious man.

Chen Cong, practicing aside, was taken aback by the person who suddenly fled out and then shouted, “Where to go?”

He also gave chase.

He had a little expectations in the heart.

He hoped that this man was the mysterious man.

The two people chased crazily one after another.

On the half way, Chen Cong just found that there wasn’t a person but two people.

But Chen Cong didn’t have time to think about it, because the front person was so fast that he would disappear in front of Chen Cong’s eyes if Chen Cong was a bit not careful.

“I have to follow closely!”

Both of Li Ji and Chen Cong chased after the mysterious man to the lakeside of Central Lake one after another.

They saw a scene that made them jealous and shocked.

The mysterious man actually sped on the surface of the lake as easily as though walking upon a level road!

There were only a few ripples where his toes touched.

Both of them were dumbfounded as they saw this.

“It really is a guru!

“It really is a guru of Wulin!

“He really looks like a student. A student is a guru of Wulin, which will shock the whole Wulin if this news spreads out!”

Li Ji looked in shock at the scene in front of him.

Chen Cong was really very excited indeed.

Not only because he saw the mysterious man again.

But also because of the kung fu performed by the mysterious man.

“There is actually Qing Kung!

“There is really flight on water!

“Compared to this scene, what I practice is just some fists and kicks fighting!”

He felt that the blood burning all over him and only one voice remained in his heart.

“I want to be like him!”

Fang Qiu perceived the two people behind him, stepping lightly on the surface of the lake.

This tread which looked weak let the lake under his feet instantly exploded!

A circle of water curtain rose instantly and wrapped Fang Qiu around.

The two people at the lakeside couldn’t see his appearance but only see a huge water ball move quickly in the water curtain.

“Senior, wait! Please listen to me! I’m a soldier. I mean no harm!”

Said Li Ji hurriedly when he saw that the mysterious man was going to leave.

Fang Qiu frowned as he heard that and stopped.

He stood still on the surface of the lake.

The water curtain still wrapped him like a lotus.

“Go ahead.”

A cold word, across the lake mixed with matchless momentum, instantly exploded beside Li Ji’s and Chen Cong’s ears.

The bodies of two of them involuntarily started shaking.

“Too awesome!”

Both of them barely steadied their bodies and looked in horror at the water ball on the surface of the lake.

Just one word almost knocked them over.

This strength was really unfathomable!

“Senior, my name is Li Ji! May I venture to ask if you have the dream of serving the country in the army? With your strength, you will definitely realize your potential and develop our country’s prestige in the army! I’m here to select some ambitious talents into the army to protect our country!

“Senior, what do you say?”

Li Ji didn’t care that Chen Cong was beside him and said loudly to the water ball in the middle of the lake with his fists clenched.

Chen Cong didn’t have any reaction to what Li Ji said.

Li Ji used to recruit him into the army during the military training. It was said that he would be inducted into the special forces and receive the strictest training, which he had been considering all the time.

He looked at the mysterious man in the middle of the lake and wondered if the mysterious man had an interest.

“If the mysterious man joins the army, so will I!”


A word exploded again beside their ears.

Li Ji became anxious and immediately said loudly, “Senior, could you please consider it again? Our country needs you!”

“China is very big full of countless talents. I’m not the necessary one.”

The voice came again.

Its momentum was so big that it vibrated the whole water surface with some ripples.

“Senior, you’re kidding. You are the only one that I have ever seen who reached the Master Realm at this age. What a pity if you don’t serve our country with all your abilities. May I venture to ask your ambition?”

Asked Li Ji loudly.

Chen Cong also pricked up his ears.

He was also curious about the ambitions of the mysterious man.

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