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Medical Master
Chapter 55
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With everyone gazing at him, Fang Qiu put down the football.

And he took a few steps backward.

Seeing this run-up posture ready for a shot, they all murmured inwardly.

“Seems that he does intend to return the ball without a word.”

Just as all the people thought so, a trace of smile suddenly curved up at the corners of Fang Qiu’s mouth.

He started sprinting.

And gave a hard kick.

With a bang, the football shot out like a cannonball.

“So fast!”

All of them were aghast at Fang Qiu’s kick.

It was too forceful. They could feel it as the loud bang sounded from the ball.

And much to their astonishment, the football was flying with great momentum towards Gao Fei’s face.

It was going too fast for him to dodge!

With a thump, the football landed squarely on Gao Fei’s face!

The immense impact threw Gao Fei into the air.

He then had a hard landing on his back.

In an instant, the entire basketball court and the football field all fell to silence.

As if time was frozen, they all stared at this motionlessly.

At this time, a basketball fell from the hands of a student.

“Bang”, “Bang”, “Bang”…

The basketball bounced up and down repeatedly.

The noise instantly woke up all the people at the basketball court and the football field. They all gasped.

Appalled, they flickered their eyes towards Gao Fei, who was lying on the ground, then back to Fang Qiu, who was still standing there.

“Is this shot launched by a human’s foot?

“How could it be so powerful!

“The football he kicked out even threw a man into the air?

“And the speed of that football was so fast that even such a good football player had no time to shun from it.

“How hard did he kick!”

“Sorry, just like your previous three shots, I did this one by mistake.”

Said Fang Qiu, who suddenly broke into a grin.


Instantaneously, everyone realized what had occurred.

“The kick is a retaliation!

“A blatant retaliation!”

They had long since detected that the previous three kicks were a bit abnormal. Not only those at the basketball court but those on the football field had already smelled something fishy.

“You kicked the ball to the basketball court as you got it.

“Even if your kicking skills were lame, you could not make such an outrageous kick if not on purpose!

“Turns out that there is really something going on!

“But that is not a big deal. The most important thing is that the shots a football player made did not hurt its target, while a shot a basketball player launched directly hit the target!

“And it sent the target up to the air!

“Now where can he claim justice?”

“F*ck! I’ll kill you!”

At this point, Gao Fei scrambled to his feet unexpectedly, wiped the blood on his nose and let out a growl. Then, fuming, he hurtled in the direction of Fang Qiu.

This act intimidated the crowd around.

People on the football field hurried over and clasped Gao Fei who was momentarily out of his mind before he entered the gate of the basketball.

“Calm down! Gao Fei! Calm down!”

Gao Fei’s friends yelled in haste.

“You fu*king calm down! Today, I have to beat him up!”

Gao Fei roared, flinging his arms and baring his teeth while attempting to rush over, but he was tight held back by the crowd.

He felt so wronged.

So wronged that it made him go mad!

He made three shots in an attempt to teach that brat a lesson. However, to his surprise, two of them landed on a teacher.

And the teacher even lodged a complaint against him.

But there was more—his third shot missed the target, though it was fine.

But his target gave him a shot in front of everyone.

And it sent him up to the air!

Let him become a big laughing stock in public!

With this new hatred piled on old, he needed to bash him up!

At this time, all the male students had already gathered around Fang Qiu. In particular, Zhu Benzheng, Sun Hao, and Zhou Xiaotian all stood before Fang Qiu, warily staring at those senior students in front of them.

At this scene, a warm current coursed through Fang Qiu’s heart.

Then, he gave a cold laugh, looked at Gao Fei, and shouted, “You gave me three shots, and each of them aimed at me. Do you really think I did not notice that?”

“I’m already showing you mercy by only returning one shot to you!”

“Otherwise, you surely can’t get back to your feet!”

The shot Fang Qiu just made was merely an ordinary one. If he had exercised the internal Qi, Gao Fei’s head would have already burst open!

“Fu*k! Brat, you’re pretty arrogant! I did try to hit you, so what? The one I was aiming at is exactly you!”

Gao Fei struggled for a moment but failed to break through the crowd, so he could only google at Fang Qiu and howled with a cruel smile.

“Well, you were also the one I was aiming at. What can you do to me?’

Replied Fang Qiu with an unexpected grin.

His words were full of contempt.

Which made the others startled.

“What can you do to me?

“Isn’t this kid too pompous?

“You should know that Gao Fei is said to be good at martial arts in the school of physical education. You won’t want him as your opponent.

“If we hadn’t blocked him, you would have already been knocked onto the ground.

“But you really have no idea of the Immensity of Heaven and Earth!”

However, boys in Class Three all thought Fang Qiu’s remarks quite domineering.

Too domineering!


Gao Fei went wild again.

He had never been despised by someone like this.

And no one had ever despised him in public!

“Don’t stop me, today I must beat him to death! Get out of my way!”

Gao Fei was still struggling frantically.

But on the other end of the field, Fang Qiu was still quite at ease.

Those on the football field were all speechless now. They exchanged a look with one another, ready to release Gao Fei and let him teach the brat a lesson.

At this moment, Chen Cong stepped forward. He stood right in front of Fang Qiu with composure and shielded him.

“Want to pick up a fight? Bring it all on!”

Said Chen Cong serenely.

His remarks dazed everyone.

“Who are you?

“Are you insane?”

All the football players were already too speechless to tease him. “Is this a class of lunatics?

“The one who spoke before him is already rather insolent. Now, here is one more.

“He is the one who threw down the gauntlet and had a fight with the mysterious man.”

At this point, someone who witnessed that battle muttered.

In an instant, all the football players looked at Chen Cong in a different light.

“Shoot! Turns out that he is something!

“Although it was said that the mysterious man defeated him with one move, he also vanquished members of the Martial Arts Association with one move.

“His strength is said to be unfathomable!

“We probably won’t secure a victory even if we jump into the fight altogether.”

After hearing those words, the flames of fury in Gao Fei’s eyes faded a lot. In the presence of Chen Cong, it was truly hard for him to do anything to Fang Qiu.

However, considering his words were out, if he retreated now, he would disgrace himself severely.

Therefore, he could not back off!

“What’re you all doing here?”

Precisely at this moment, the PE teacher and a grizzle-haired old man in a sports suit walked towards them.


Growled the PE teacher.

The scene in front of him made his heart hammer.

“They’re going to start a gang fight!

“They can’t do it! If anyone gets hurt, it will be a teaching accident, and I’ll definitely be the one to take the blame.”

When the two groups of students separated, the PE teacher immediately demanded with a scowl, “What on earth is the matter? Tell me!”

At once, someone started to account what happened just now.

After hearing him out, the two PE teachers both shot a stunned look at Fang Qiu.

“This kid kicked a ball and it sent a man into the air?

“He doesn’t look like a guy who can achieve that!”

The old man in a sports suit also glimpsed at Fang Qiu’s legs, then shook his head in disappointment.

“Not burly enough. Seems that there is no hope for him to be a track and field athlete.

“I was expecting to discover some talent!”

“Okay, I got it. Class, don’t crowd here! Professor Ma, please take your students away. And I’ll criticize my students.”

The PE teacher said to the old man next to him.

“It’s apparent that this incident was caused by a certain conflict between Gao Fei and Fang Qiu.

“How unfortunate that I got hit twice for no reason!

“But now is clearly not the time to scold Gao Fei.”

Professor Ma nodded, then yelled exasperatedly at Gao Fei and the others, “Follow me, all of you!”

The crowd let go of Gao Fei and headed for the football field.

Gao Fei threw Fang Qiu a chilling look. His lips moved a bit, and then, he drew back with a wild smile.

Fang Qiu knew what he just mouthed at him.

“We’re not done yet!”

Fang Qiu gave him a more straightforward response.


He simply pretended to spit.

At his gesture, Gao Fei’s face suddenly altered.

His face instantly simmered with rage.

After peeking at the two teachers, Gao Fei stifled his rage with difficult. Then, he pointed a finger at Fang Qiu before taking off.

“Everything is fine now. Continue your free exercise.”

As they left, the PE teacher instantly announced so. Then, he pointed at Fang Qiu and said, “This student, please come with me.”

After he called Fang Qiu to his side alone, the PE teacher gave Fang Qiu a long lecture.

He told Fang Qiu that it was normal to have some conflicts with classmates, but he should not resort to violence if he could. Also, he asked Fang Qiu about his conflict with Gao Fei.

Fang Qiu told him today was the first time he met Gao Fei.

This made the PE teacher perplexed. “How could you did this to him at your first encounter?”

He thought Fang Qiu was not telling the truth.

But Fang Qiu told him with a wry smile that it was truly the first time they met each other.

Befuddled and suspicious, the PE teacher let Fang Qiu leave. Anyway, nothing mattered as long as the trouble did not occur during his class.

Fang Qiu went to Chen Cong, who was at one side of the basketball court, and said, “Thank you, for what you did just now!”

“You’re welcome. At that time you seemed to have a card up your sleeve, but I meddled in.”

Said Chen Cong, staring at Fang Qiu.

He was a guy that Fang Qiu could not see through.

He already saw through everyone in his class except this one, who was always an uncracked mystery.

“I don’t have.”

Fang Qiu shook his head with a beam.

“You’d better watch your steps.”

Chen Cong cast a significant look at Fang Qiu. Obviously, he also saw the gestures Gao Fei made before his departure.

“Don’t worry.”

Responded Fang Qiu, smiling.

“Well, you can come to me whenever you need to.”

Chen Cong nodded and said so.

“Thanks,” Fang Qiu said earnestly.

On the other side.

After being lectured by his coach, it took Gao Fei by surprise that Li Qingshi had fleed at who knew what time.

He recalled the previous scene and realized that Li Qingshi did not seem to be there as he was going to kick Fang Qiu’s ass.

“This b*stard. Did he slip away when he saw the trouble was coming? Sh*t, I was sticking up for him!”

The more he recalled, the more crossed he got. Then, he directly grabbed out his phone and dialed Li Qingshi’s number.

“Qingshi, where did you go? I came forward for your sake, but you ran away first? How treachery you are!”

Gao Fei shouted the moment Li Qingshi picked up the call.

“Brother Fei, I just got an emergency call at that time. How is the thing going on your side? Later I’ll invite you for dinner!”

“How worse can it be. Just suffered a hidden loss. We were stopped by our teachers. But I shall vent my anger soon or later!”

Gao Fei answered fiercely.

“We’ll vent our anger together. Just now I left because of a call from my uncle. But I’ve found a way to sort Fang Qiu out, hee-hee!”

On the phone, Li Qingshi’s voice sounded rather vicious.

“What way?”

At those words, Gao Fei immediately put the treacherous act of Li Qingshi behind him for the moment.

Now, the most important thing for him was how to handle Fang Qiu!

Although what he did could easily be interpreted as the result of being used by Li Qingshi as his knife to kill others, he could not accept his defeat. Thus, he would not mind being Li Qingshi’s knife.

Now, it was a war between him and Fang Qiu. As to Li Qingshi, well, he would certainly get his payback someday!

“Next month, our university will hold the Chinese Medicine Knowledge Competition of Freshmen. Eight universities in Central China will send students to our university. Guess who is on the candidate list of our university?”

“Who? Fang Qiu?”

Gao Fei instantly came up with the answer and asked, his eyes revealing shreds of anticipation.

“You’re right. The list is at my disposal now. I’m going to ask my uncle to strike off Fang Qiu’s name from the list. Tell me, when the competition starts, how will Fang Qiu react if we tell him that it’s us who gets him disqualified?”


Gao Fei laughed in delight. “He must want to chop us into chunks. Hahahaha, you got to let me stand by you when you break the news to him.”

“Sure! Certainly!”

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