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Medical Master
Chapter 7
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Absolute touch!

Stereoscopic imaging!

He saw vaguely the position of the broken bone and felt the malposition of the broken bone.

Such a fracture was also common in ancient times when workloads were heavy.

He used to see the cure for the fracture on the page.

It just needed to relocate the malposition, and next, let the hospital fix for him to recuperate. What only worried him was the doctors in the hospital could not do bone setting at this position.

So he would do it.

Fang Qiu glanced at the drill master who was watching aside. He found that the drill master was just turning his head to look into the distance.

This was the time.

Fang Qiu moved his hands quickly.

The broken bone was immediately put into joint again.

He let go of his hand at once after everything was done.

The drill master didn’t notice anything unusual, but the student was surprised to find that his foot felt less painful than before and then he looked toward Fang Qiu in disbelief.

“Your foot fractured. I gave you a normocapnia. When the ambulance comes, you just go to the hospital for checking and fixing.”

After whispering, Fang Qiu patted the student on the shoulder and smiled. Then he said goodbye to the drill master.

Only left the student who hadn’t reacted yet.

“What does he mean?

“I’m fractured?

“How can I fracture when I just stand here?

“And that student and I are both freshmen. How can he know about bone setting and resetting?”

All this confusion existed until 120 came. A group of medical staff got off and quickly took him to the hospital.

As soon as he arrived at the hospital, the student took an X-ray. But he still felt confused when he held the X-ray.

He did fracture when he was just standing up during the military training.

And the doctor also told him that it was just a hairline fracture without malposition. It was enough to simply recuperate after being fixed.

That was exactly what the student said.

“Could it be said that he really helped me reset.

“Who is this student?

“It’s a bit too awesome!”

He kind of regretted not having asked the student’s name.

“I must thank him very much when I see him afterward!”

After Fang Qiu cured the student, he went back to his class line. He watched the student being picked up by an ambulance and continued the military training.

As the sun set, the afternoon military training ended.

But the Mid-Autumn Festival party of the School of Chinese Medicine was about to start.

At 6:30 p.m.

After dinner, the freshmen of the School of Chinese Medicine sat under the rostrum in the playground, sorted by their classes.

At this time, the rostrum, decorated with colorful balloons and curtains, really matched the atmosphere of Mid-Autumn Evening party.

Everyone was excitedly looking forward to the party tonight.

Although at Mid-Autumn reunion night, they could not go home. Spending the Mid-Autumn Festival with each other was also a good thing.

Fang Qiu had already made a greeting call to his family. Now he was sitting in the class with his eyes closed for a rest.

Although there would be his performance in the evening, he was a flute player who didn’t need any musical instruments and changing clothes. The school required that freshmen all perform in military training uniforms.

“Here comes Jiang Miaoyu!”

Someone in the class said.

At once, the whole class was in a tumult.

All the boys looked ahead with their heads raised.

This led the boys in other classes who were playing mobile phones to raise their heads and look forward in a flash.

“Where? Where?”

Fang Qiu opened his eyes slowly and looked ahead. He just saw a group of orioles and swallows—a bevy of young girls who tarted up walking passing in front of him.

Although there were many girls, he saw Jiang Miaoyu in the crowd at a glance.

Although she was wearing military training uniforms, it was still hard to hide the dazzling brightness brought by her natural beauty.

“Why did she come?”

Fang Qiu was a little confused inwardly.

This was the Mid-Autumn Evening party of their School of Chinese Medicine. Jiang Miaoyu should not be here at this time since she was a student from the School of Acupuncture and Massage.

“I heard that the School of Acupuncture and Massage offers free activities this evening. It seems that School Beauty Jiang is attracted to our School’s evening party.”

The discuss around him gave him an answer.

So it was.

Fang Qiu nodded his head clearly.

At this moment, Jiang Miaoyu seemed to be thoughtfully looking towards the class where Fang Qiu was.

They looked at each other as she just saw Fang Qiu. Jiang Miaoyu looked a little surprised, but immediately came to realize with a faint smile.

Fang Qiu gave a smile back.

After the polite greeting, Jiang Miaoyu continued walking forward with a group of students while Fang Qiu’s class went crazy.

“See! See! Jiang Miaoyu smiled at me! She smiled at me!”

“Go to hell! Obviously, she was smiling at me!”

“All go away! Clearly, she was smiling at me. I returned a smile to her!”

A group of boys in the class argued with each other’s excitedly to prove that they were the ones who made the beauty smile.

The third oldest Sun Hao aside took hold of Fang Qiu’s mobile phone and excitedly said like a fanboy. “The youngest, did you see? Did you see? School beauty Jiang smiled at me. She smiled at me! My spring is coming!”

On the other side, the fourth oldest Zhou Xiaotian directly refuted him. “Bullsh*t, obviously, she smiled at me!”

The oldest Zhu Benzheng’s words were briefer and to the point. He solemnly said, “Me!”

Fang Qiu glanced at three of them and said with a slight smile, “Actually she smiled at me.”

The three men turned their heads in unison and stared at him fiercely.

They gave him the middle finger.

Sun Hao said with a despising expression, “The youngest, I tell you what. You are so excellent. You will be so inhumane if you fight for the school beauty with us!”

“Yes! Inhumane!”

Zhu Benzheng and Zhou Xiaotian both despised him in unison.

“The thing is that she was really smiling at me.”

Fang Qiu spread his hands with a look that said he needed to be spanked.

“Look at the youngest who needs a spanking! If it wasn’t because he was going to give a performance today, I’d beat him!”

Sun Hao said with a fierce look.

The oldest and the fourth oldest directly raised hands and said with a desire to stir up trouble, “Support you. Beat him now!”

“I’ll keep my two legs and one hand unmoved especially for you.”

Fang Qiu looked at the third oldest with a face of contempt. He stretched out his left hand and sniffed. “Please!”

“I have a bit of a temper!”

Sun Hao, wearing a T-shirt, mercilessly rolled up the sleeves that even did not exist and waved his arms to Zhu Benzheng and Zhou Xiaotian. And he roared. “Beat him!” .

The three boys directly pounced upon Fang Qiu with a howl.

Fang Qiu cried out miserably. He was pinned to the ground and mercilessly ravaged.

Chen Cong was warming up for the later performance while watching Fang Qiu. He thought Fang Qiu would fight back, but Fang Qiu did not resist at all.

“How could you even behave like fighting to the death?

“Just making a fuss!”

At this moment, the lights on the stage suddenly lit up.

It was almost seven o’clock in the evening. The party would begin soon and the host had been already waiting to come on the stage under the rostrum.

Upon seeing this, four of them stopped immediately.

Sun Hao arrogantly whispered to Fang Qiu under him.

“Do you surrender?”

Fang Qiu hurriedly clapped the ground and said with a humiliating look, “Surrender! Surrender!”

“You know the truth!”

The three boys let go of Fang Qiu and hummed with a victorious appearance.

Fang Qiu helplessly sorted his clothes and had a lot of spoken criticism.

“I can use one finger to defeat three of you if we really fight!”

But he knew when to fight and when not.

As the host came on stage, the party started in applause.

In the beginning, it was the constant leader’s speech. But Fang Qiu’s school leader was very capable and very clear about the students’ mental needs. Without a long speech, he only spoke for less than a minute and announced the official start of the party.

This was well received by the students. The applause was particularly warm when he stepped down from the stage.

Then, the show started with the host’s linking-up.

The opening show was a hot dance directly, which instantly detonated the passion of the audience.

The graceful dancing of the group of young girls on the stage aroused whistles and wolf howls one after another.

The germination of youth and the stimulation of hormone vented out at this moment.

Fang Qiu wanted to enjoy it quietly, but Sun Hao did not feel enough to clap his own hands, so he directly took Fang Qiu’s hands and clapped them hard, which made him very speechless.

The wonderful time always went quickly.

The song ended. So did the dance.

Applause rang out instantly. The students that still lost in the scene immediately burst into whoops of “one more” as one fell, another rose.

The host came on the stage and asked passingly, “Isn’t the show wonderful?”

“Wonderful!” shouted the audience in a chorus.

“Want some more?”


“Then next, please continue to enjoy the splendid singing performance ‘How Rare the Moon, So Round and Clear’! The singer is Ai Lele from Class One of Chinese Medicine Pharmacy.”

The host hurriedly stepped down as he finished talking.

The crowd thought there was still a hot dance, but it turned out to be a song. They were going to hiss since they didn’t accept the host’s trick. Then the music started as a little lovely girl came to the stage.

The scene suddenly became quiet.

They had to behave with grace and could not hiss a girl.

“How rare the moon, so round and clear! With cup in hand, I ask of the blue sky.”

The first line directly made everyone revel in her singing.

Especially on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Although there was a huge gap between the girl and Wang Fei or Deng Lijun, but here and now, this song in this scene, the song was sweet and sentimental beyond expression.

During the propitious time and with the pleasant sound, everyone’s restless heart instantly calmed down.

They began to enjoy the opportune song.

“I do not know in the celestial sphere, what name this festive night goes by.”

“I want to fly home, riding the air, but fear the ethereal cold up there.”

At the end of the song, they sang along one after another.

“She rounds the vermilion tower, stoops to silk-pad doors, shines on those who sleepless lie. Why does she, bearing us no grudge, shine upon our parting, reunion deny?”

When it came to “But rare is perfect happiness. The moon does wax, the moon does wane”, the whole audience sang in a chorus which was very shocking.

Fang Qiu also sang along in a low voice.

“And so men meet and say goodbye. I only pray for our life to be long. And our souls together heavenward fly…”

Zhou Xiaotian suddenly turned to look at the Fang Qiu, shocked.

He was surprised to find that Fang Qiu did not sing worse than the girl on the stage, or even go farther.

Sun Hao also found this circumstance at this moment. He and Zhou Xiaotian looked at each other, helpless immediately.

“Why is the youngest able to do anything?”

Fang Qiu ignored them and continued to sing along.

The sound of the whole audience was getting bigger and bigger. Even when the song was over, everyone was still singing, lost in the scene until the male host came on the stage and sang with them.

But this guy turned out to be tone-deaf. His singing was very awful.

The most hateful thing was that this guy had a microphone on his hand. His voice almost covered the whole audience’s.

This immediately made everyone very disgusting. All the people stopped singing, coldly staring at the male host.

The male host was also thick-skinned. As he saw everyone stopped, he immediately said, “Since everyone likes singing so much, thus everyone please enjoy the crosstalk ‘My Whole Life’ performed by Li Jin and Zhan Gaoyang from Class One of Pathology!”


In the face of the host’s banter, boos came from everywhere.

The host stepped down the stage with a smile while two people in red long gowns and a staff who moved the table came to the stage.

At this time, Fang Qiu noticed that Chen Cong quietly left the class after the class teacher Liu Feifei’s whispered something to him.

It seemed to be his show soon.

Sure enough, after the crosstalk, the host announced to enjoy the following martial arts performances. The performer was Chen Cong from Class Three of Chinese Medicine!

At the sound of a martial arts show, everyone became not interested at once.

At first, the higher and higher enthusiasm caused by the previous four performances became cold like a basin of cold water poured down.

A martial arts performance was nothing more than a set of sparring, which was neither good-looking nor pleasing. It was not splendid indeed.

Only the students from Class Three applauded warmly, cheering for Chen Cong loudly.

Chen Cong was not affected by the cold atmosphere on the scene. He walked with a firm step on the stage and folded his fists with a rush. His eyes shined and the spirit of the whole person changed abruptly, tall and straight as a pine tree!

Others did not understand, but Fang Qiu smiled slightly and praised him inwardly.

“Good job!”

His spirit, Qi and energy was provoked immediately like a fierce tiger which was about to go out for hunting. He looked still but actually was moving!

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