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Princess Medical Doctor
Chapter 14
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Chapter 14: Assassins and bad luck

No matter if its a man or a woman, a beautiful person will always have better opportunities. So, they will act more arrogant and prideful than ordinary people.

Lin Chujius pair of beautiful eyes flash and show an unfriendly smile. The maidservant doesnt know what she had done wrong, but she nervously shrinks back. Her words are trembling when she said: Gu, Guniang (Young lady)

Remember, you said that I am not sensible, right? Lin Chujiu interrupted her words and then reach out her hand to hold her jaw.

Uhh pain put let go. Due to the pain she felt, the maidservant disregard Lin Chujius position and fight back. The Xi Niang (Matron of Honor) and the other three dowry maidservants bowed their head as if they are not seeing anything. Lin Chujiu is a pampered daughter, so they dont want to

Pa- a crisp slap sounded. All of the maidservants looked up and saw that the maidservant with mahogany colored dress fell on the ground and was clutching her face.

Gu, Guniang (Young lady) The Xi Niang (Matron of Honor) and the other three dowry maidservant got scared. When they saw Lin Chujius sharp eyes they immediately looked down again.

Lin Chujiu nodded her head in satisfaction and said: Go and get me a hot water. Dont let me repeat myself for the third time.

The three dowry maidservants were about to go, but the maidservant with mahogany colored dress said: Fu, Lin Furen (Madam Lin) wont let you go!

Do you think Ill get scared? Lin Chujiu find her funny. She walked toward her and moved closer her face: Just because youre a bit pretty than me you really thought that you can step on me?

You, you the maidservant with mahogany colored dress shrink back to the corner. She was slapped already by Lin Chujiu so she got scared and worried that Lin Chujiu might ruin her face.

Lin Chujiu felt angry, but she doesnt really care about this small maidservant and just swept her eyes to the other three dowry maidservant. The three of them didnt dare to say no, so they just hurried


Xiao Tianyao had no plan to enter the bridal chamber, but he had heard a report that Lin Chujiu had completed all the procedures in the wedding. Xiao Tianyao was quite surprised and asked someone to pushed him over to her place. But, he didnt expect to hear a good show.

Lin Chujiu is a hypocritical woman that the emperor had sent to humiliate him.

Open the door.

Before the three dowry maidservants went out. Xiao Tianyao made the first move and asked to open the door

*Squeak* The door was opened. Lin Chujiu subconsciously look toward the place where the sound came from. At first glance, she saw a mighty looking man dressed in black and a guard. But, the man dressed in black is sitting in a wheelchair.

In that moment, Lin Chujiu forgot to look away and her mind involuntary remembered the poem she used to memorize before: To store one hundred liters of jade is like arranging a loose green stone, To cut off a splendid husband is secondly to lifetime.

Honestly, when Lin Chujiu saw him at first he was so good looking and there is no trace that he is a man.

His facial features look so good, his eyebrows looks as black as an ink, his eyes look like stars, and even the tip of his nose is beautiful. How delicate he truly is.

But no matter how delicate looking he is. No one would mistake him as a woman because this man looks very cold and has a distinguished atmosphere. His masculine appearance is impossible to ignore!

Perhaps their momentum is too frightening, thats why Lin Chujiu admitted that her heart got a little scared. But, because her heart got scared her mind got more convinced that this man is the God of War, Prince Xiao!

Wangye (Prince)! Lin Chujius lips gently and slowly called him out due to surprise because of his arrival. But then she didnt forget to slightly bow her head.

Wang Wangye(Prince)? The Xi Niang (Matron of Honor) and the other three dowry maidservants legs got soft when they heard Lin Chujius words. They immediately kneel down and curled up like a ball while trembling nonstop.

They dare to challenge Lin Chujiu, but not Prince Xiao Tianyao. After all, they are very clear that he is a murderous fiend!

Xiao Tianyao didnt even look at them, his eyes are only looking to Lin Chujiu. The red wedding dress made her look bright and her slightly lowered head reveals her inner arrogance. And this time, the maidservant that was creeping on her feet made her attitude more obvious.

No doubt, Lin Chujiu is beautiful, but Xiao Tianyao doesnt like this woman!

No, it should be said that no matter what kind of person she is, Xiao Tianyao will still hate her. How could he like a woman that the emperor had used to humiliate him?

However, he thought that todays unkind series of events will enrage Lin Chujiu. He didnt expect that this woman will put aside his cold behavior and even have the spirit to disciple her maidservants.

The corner of his eyes sweeps passed to the maidservant that was creeping on Lin Chujiu. Then, his eyes flashed a touch of disgust and said: Drag her out.

Yes. The guardsmen behind his left and right side immediately stepped inside the room. Lin Chujiu frown her eyebrows but didnt move.

The two guardsmen just walked passed by her side as if they didnt see her and pulled up the maidservant. The maidservant with mahogany colored dress got surprised at first, then shouted: Wangye, Wangye (Prince) please have mercy! This Guniang is, Guniang (Young lady)

Too noisy.

Xiao Tianyao coldly said. Hearing his words the guardsmen didnt show pity to the beautiful stunned maidservant and drag her like a rag.

With a *Puff* sound. The beautiful maidservant fell to the ground but didnt even say anything. The Xi Niang (Matron of Honor) and three dowry maidservant that was still kneeling on the ground got shocked and even Lin Chujiu got also shocked.

This Prince doesnt have any sense of humor ah.


Do you expect a tyrant that didnt even blink an eye while killing a hundred and thousands of his enemies to have a sense of humor? You must be dreaming!

After the beautiful maidservant got thrown out and fell on the ground. Xiao Tianyao coldly said: Get out.. The Xi Niang (Matron of Honor) and three dowry maidservant got scared and immediately ran out in fear.

The guard pushed Xiao Tianyaos wheelchair inside the room. He didnt need to wait for Xiao Tianyaos other command and just immediately retreated out. But, before leaving he didnt forget to close the door.

Inside the new room, only Lin Chujiu and Xiao Tianyao are present. One of them is standing and the other once is sitting. If something will happen, Lin Chujiu had the upper hand. With Xiao Tianyaos current situation, he doesnt have the slightest advantage.

The two of them stayed quiet and no one spoke. Inside the new room, only the candles burning sound can occasionally be heard. The dull atmosphere makes a person breath difficult.

Lin Chujiu frowned, she doesnt know what Xiao Tianyao want to accomplish by doing this. She was about to open her mouth when she heard Xiao Tianyaos word: Sit.

Its just a word, but his tone is so strong and overbearing. Making a person wont dare to refuse. At the very least, Lin Chujiu also didnt dare.

Lin Chujiu secretly took a deep breath and sat right in front of him. When Lin Chujiu meets Xiao Tianyaos line of sight, she involuntarily sits up straight.

Facing such momentum, Lin Chujiu felt a great pressure and doesnt even know where she will put her hands and feet.

Ben Wang (I) heard, Xiao Tianyao ignored Lin Chujius stiff behavior and slowly continued to say: That you refused to marry this prince and even committed suicide, is that right?

Xiao Tianyao asks slowly as if he only accidentally remembered those events. But, Lin Chujiu felt a chill behind her back.

He wants to deal with me now ah!

Lin Chujiu immediately shook her head and said: There is no such thing.

Just kidding! The previous owner of the body really said those words. But, how can she admit that ah?

Even a generous man wouldnt feel happy if he heard that his future wife would rather die than to marry him.

Is that so? Xiao Tianyao just started tapping the handrail with his finger. But, Lin Chujiu couldnt sense the joy or anger in his words. For no apparent reason, she felt that she is in a dangerous situation and quickly tried to explain: I absolutely dont feel that way inside my heart. Three days ago, I only made a scene to get more dowry.

After all, that dowry will be her private money in the future.

Oh Xiao Tianyao said, while he looks up and looked at Lin Chujiu with his eyes that turn indifferent.

What does he want?

Lin Chujiu got puzzled and was trying to think to contribute half of her dowry to make him believe that she is not lying. When suddenly, she heard a sound on the roof. The bricks on the roof fell on the ground and with a *Thump* sound, a man dress in black jump down.


Lin Chujiu got surprised with the sudden change of situation. She got stunned when she saw a man dress in black jump down as if he is not afraid to step on the broken pieces of bricks that fell on the ground.

There are assassins, quickly protect the prince. The guards on the outside quickly shout out loud. But, Lin Chujiu just silently stared at the sword in the hand of the assassin.

Assassins? What a bad luck?

Lin Chujiu look quickly to Xiao Tianyao and saw Xiao Tianyaos face was as cold as an iceberg. His fingers slightly got stiff, but he didnt say a word.


The new rooms door was kicked open, but the person who rushed in is not Xiao Tianyaos bodyguard, but instead a black masked assassin. He pushes the sword in his hand straight toward Xiao Tianyao and said: Dog Prince its time to die.

The masked assassin got inside the room easily and Xiao Tianyaos guardsmen were surrounded by other assassins from outside the mansion. Inside the new room, only Lin Chujiu and Xiao Tianyao can face the two assassins.

As soon as Xiao Tianyao heard the sound, his wheelchair moves forward and confronted the assassin that fell on the ground. His hand has long been holding a bronze sword but who knows when did that happen.

The sword of the masked assassin that threatened Xiao Tianyao was now only half an inch away from him. Lin Chujius breathing becomes sluggish, but she is thinking about how she will help Xiao Tianyao. However, she saw Xiao Tianyaos wheelchair rotated quickly and blocked the sword.

With a *Clang* sound, Xiao Tianyao completely blocked the masked assassins fatal blow while pushing him forward. The masked assassin was forced to take a few steps back and could no longer wait for Xiao Tianyao to get tired. The assassin that fell on the ground put out another sword on his left side. This sword was glowing with a blue color, it must be drenched in poison.

Xiao Tianyao quickly responded. With just one tap on the wheel, the wheelchair rotated once again and he avoided another attack from the assassin. Lin Chujiu saw everything and got shocked.

The two assassins continued attacking Xiao Tianyao, but didnt get a good result. Instead, Xiao Tianyaos sword was able to scratch the assassins arm. However, the assassin didnt retreat and confront him once again.

Because there are two assassins, Xiao Tianyao is in a very unfavorable situation. Lin Chujiu got worried but she is only like Jack of all trades master. So, she didnt dare to step forward because she is afraid to die.

Fortunately, Xiao Tianyao is very tough and even though he is sitting in a wheelchair and it looks very inconvenient. The two assassins were still having a hard time on him.

Seeing this Lin Chujiu felt a bit peace in her mind. Honestly, she is not worried about Xiao Tianyao. What she is really worried about is if Xiao Tianyao died, these assassins will definitely kill her too.

Inside her heart, she really is praying for Xiao Tianyao to win. If Xiao Tianyao won, the chances for her to live is relatively high.

While no one is paying attention to her, Lin Chujiu went to a safe side to the room and quickly took off the wedding dress while looking for a weapon to protect herself.

This time, protecting herself is very important. Lin Chujiu knows very well that Xiao Tianyao will certainly not save her if the assassin suddenly attacks her.

Previously, Xiao Tianyao missed the auspicious hour of their wedding, use a big black sedan to meet her and ditch her to finish the ceremony alone. So obviously, this man hated her and doesnt really want to marry her.

When it comes to this matter, Lin Chujiu understand it very well that Xiao Tianyao felt dissatisfied with her.

After all, Lin Chujiu was originally the crown princes fiancee. Although this thing is not known to the public, but the royal family is well informed. And because the Crown Prince is marrying another woman the emperor had given him the woman that the crown prince has discarded.

The emperor had done all these things to humiliate Prince Xiao Tianyao. But, if Xiao Tianyao is not crippled the emperor wouldnt just randomly select a woman to marry him. Especially, a woman that he is not interested with.

Of course, the emperor didnt only do these things to humiliate him. But also to let the world know that the prestigious God of War is now in the claws of a tiger and that tiger is no other than the emperor himself!

Knowing all those things, it would be really strange if Xiao Tianyao was looking forward to this wedding and was welcoming Lin Chujiu with full of warmth.

Lin Chujiu already felt good that Xiao Tianyao didnt even secretly kill her. She didnt expect that Xiao Tianyao will still have a good side, even though her presence will remind him over and over again about the humiliation that the emperor had given him.

But, she thinks that her life is getting more tragic. She received a body with poison and now she got involved in their conflict. She doesnt want to join them, but she cant avoid it.

After a while Lin Chujiu just sigh and pick up the rod of the steelyard scale. She grips her hand on to it tightly and hides in the corner while waiting for Xiao Tianyaos guardsmen to deal with the assassins.

All the guardsmen in Prince Xiao Mansion are all well-known soldiers of war. But, they shouldnt take these assassins lightly. Especially, there were many of them and their swords have poisons.

Although the assassins from the outside havent broken the defense of the guardsmen to enter the new room, but they couldnt fight back so easily.

With the assassins large number and poisonous weapons they were really at disadvantage. After a while, Xiao Tianyaos guardsmen started to fall one by one and the pressure on them increases.

That is not the right way to fight!

Although Lin Chujiu is acting stupid right now, but she understands that if there will be no reinforcements. Prince Xiaos guardsmen wont be able to hold much any longer. However


Lin Chujiu just want to say: Ha ha ha

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