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Princess Medical Doctor
Chapter 20
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Chapter 20: Good will and bad luck

Huh? Did Xiao Tianyao got possessed?

Lin Chujiu felt something was wrong, so she opens her eyes. She saw Xiao Tianyao was strongly suppressing the pain he feels in his face.

Whats wrong with you? Lin Chujiu asked and was trying to suppress the joy she felt: Xiao Tianyao had an accident? she finally has a way now!

Dont act impulsive and rejoice, its too early for that! Xiao Tianyao would like to know what Lin Chujiu will do, but still, he said word by word while gritting his teeth: Benwang (this prince) can kill you easily.

Xiao Tianyaos face turns very pale and was gritting his teeth. Seeing him in this kind of situation, one will know that he is suffering from inhumane torture.

Lin Chujiu can even feel Xiao Tianyaos hand that was on her neck was trembling. His powerful legs that were strongly pressing her legs before lost its strength. Lin Chujiu find it strange. Obviously there was something with him. But why the medical system is not issuing an alarm?

Could it be the medical system got broken?

If the M countrys Medical Institute of engineers heard Lin Chujius words, they will definitely cry. Although the medical system is still at its testing phasing and a lot of its stages and features are not stable, but its absolutely not in bad condition!

The medical system will issue an alarm for the physician to treat the patient. But, it didnt issue an alarm for Xiao Tianyao. So that means, the medical system is not forcing Lin Chujiu to treat Xiao Tianyao.

Of course, if Lin Chujiu takes the initiative to give treatment for him. The medical system will still give her the necessary drugs she needed according to her diagnosis.

Xiao Tianyaos face become more and more ugly, his forehead is covered with sweat and his veins in his hand are bulging. Especially, his two legs seem suffering from an inhumane torture. But this man doesnt even make a sound so she doesnt know what exactly is wrong with him.

In that instant, Lin Chujiu doubt if he is even a human.

You, are you ok? Lin Chujiu used to face all kinds of patients. But, this is the first time she sees him as her patient.

Obviously, he suffering from torture as if he is almost half dead, but he doesnt show it. Xiao Tianyao is not pretending to be proud nor stubborn, but its due to his habit and hes already accustomed to it.

At this moment, Lin Chujiu saw herself in Xiao Tianyao. She is an orphan and she has no relatives. So, whether she got injured or encountered any problems, she can only rely on herself. Its not because shes strong, but because she got used to it.

If you cant rely on others, why would you let yourself look weak?

Cant die. Xiao Tianyao muffled and grunted. He took a deep breath and tried to smooth his breathing. Then he turns his body to release Lin Chujiu and said: You can leave.

You youre not going to kill me? Suddenly, she got what she wanted. But at that moment, Lin Chujiu couldnt believe what she had heard.

Do you want to die? Even if he is suffering right now, he could still spare some of his energy to kill her and help her to die if she really wants too!

No one would want to die. Im leaving now. Lin Chujiu answered him extremely fast. She clutches her injured left shoulder and immediately climbed up from the bed, but she didnt go.

Looking at Xiao Tianyao who is strongly enduring the pain. Lin Chujiu hesitantly think while standing beside the bed: Should I save him or not?

You dont want to leave? Due to the pain he felt, Xiao Tianyao can only issue a low and hoarse sounded voice.

Wangye (Prince), your legs injury is not yet healed, right? Lin Chujiu asked carefully. If its not because of his legs, she will certainly feel cheated. After all, the medical system didnt issue an alarm.

It looks like she shouldnt rely on the medical system too much. That stuff is not entirely reliable.

What is it to you? Xiao Tianyao didnt hide it. Lin Chujiu know enough, so theres no reason for him to hide it.

If you dont go now, youll never get another chance to leave the palace. He said

This threat of him this time is true. Lin Chujiu wanted to go near him again to make a diagnosis. But when she heard his words, she quickly recovered her thoughts and stop her feet: Wangye (Prince), could you please stop threatening me? My courage is not that small.

No wonder the emperor wants to him. This man is really too arrogant!

Leave Xiao Tianyao didnt say much and just close his eyes to begin adjusting his breathe.

Three months ago, someone made a sneak attack on him. The imperial physicians diagnosis is lifetime paralysis on his lower body. And indeed he couldnt get up just like what the physician said.

Earlier, he was able to stand up because he forces himself to use his internal force. And now that his internal force feels exhausted, his legs injury got even worst. His legs are now completely uncontrolled, not to mention, the sudden strong wave of pain.

Xiao Tianyao roar in pain. He no longer cares about Lin Chujius presence. After all, she is a rare and smart woman. He was sure that at this time, she wouldnt act carelessly under his hand.

Xiao Tianyao tried to use his remaining internal force, hoping to lessen the strong pain in his legs. Unfortunately, it has only a little effect.

Xiao Tianyaos eyes flashed a touch of coldness. He stared at the top of the bed blankly. He, Xiao Tianyao actually fell to the point of helplessness. He really finds it ridiculous!

Lin Chuji doesnt want to save Xiao Tianyao. She really doesnt want to, but she cant leave. If she leaves the palace, where will she go?

Another important reason is those people that the medical system asked her to treat. She hasnt finished, so she couldnt run away!

Lin Chujiu saw Xiao Tianyao doesnt pay her attention. She hides beside the bed and continues to act like a mouse to secretly took medicines from the medical system.

Lin Chujiu didnt give Xiao Tianyao a diagnosis because she doesnt know what exactly is wrong with him. In the end, she only knows that he is in pain. So, she only took some analgesic drugs.

In addition to that medicine, she also took some bandages for herself. But, who will she ask to help her bandage her left shoulder ah?


Bone correction or alignment is one of the cruel things in the world. If the strength she put is not enough it wouldnt get align and it will stay dislocated. Lin Chujiu felt an extreme pain on her shoulder. Her lips were trembling, so she wasnt able to completely suppressed her voice.

Xiao Tianyao who is lying on the bed heard her soft voice. He involuntary look at the side of the bed. But unfortunately, his line of sight was blocked by a wood. All he knows is that Lin Chujiu didnt leave.

Lin Chujiu is really a strange woman that people wont be able to see right through her.

Xiao Tianyao retracted his eyes and no longer bother himself. But, Lin Chujiu appeared in his eyes once again.

This pills will lessen the pain. Lin Chujiu climb up the bed and half kneel on his side. She got worried that Xiao Tianyao might not believe her so she swallowed the first one: I will swallow the other one so you will see that there is no poison.

This analgesics drugs efficacy is excellent, but she doesnt know if it will be useful to him. Who knows if he was born with high resistance.

Medicine can be swallowed? Xiao Tianyao didnt doubt Lin Chujiu. If Lin Chujiu really wants to kill him, there is no need to use poison.

My left shoulder got dislocated, so its painful. I also need to take one. Lin Chujiu handed two tablets to Xiao Tianyao: Swallow them, it wont harm you.

This time, Lin Chujiu was hoping to make a good impression on him and made him completely give up to kill her.

Why you didnt leave? Are you not afraid if benwang (I) suddenly decide to kill you? Xiao Tianyao looked at the tablets but didnt swallow them.

Lin Chujiu wryly smile, I believe Wangye (Prince) doesnt want to be a villain. Since he let me leave this place. He will certainly not take my life.

She knows Xiao Tianyao really want to kill her. But if she leaves his mansion, where will she go? And who knows if someone else will kill her outside.

So, instead of going out and get herself killed. She would rather gamble her life in here. She doesnt believe that Xiao Tianyaos heart is completely a stone. After she did so much, will he still take her life?

If this is not enough, then it only means that she really have a bad luck and met a heartless man

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