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Pursuit of the Truth
Chapter 14: The Fallen Berserker
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Chapter 14: The Fallen Berserker

Translator: Mogumoguchan/Zenobys Editor: - -

It’s a Berserker from another tribe and he’s alone! Judging by his Qi, he should only be at the second level of the Blood Solidification Realm…It’ll be easy to kill him! We’re also near the tribe and we’re going up two against one. There’s no need for us to be afraid of him. Nevertheless, since this person has come to challenge, he must have some tricks up his sleeve. But with my power as a third level, it’ll be fine." The slightly shorter third level Berserker from the Black Mountain Tribe smiled fiercely. He was not at all worried about Su Ming. In his view, the difference between them was too big. Su Ming was also frail looking so he did not look as if he posed a threat.

More importantly, besides the Wind Stream Tribe, if any of the Black Mountain Tribe members saw a person from another tribe wandering around alone, they would definitely kill the person without mercy. There was no room for negotiation. It was a world where the strong preyed on the weak.

If Xiao Hong had not ventured out to lure them away, they would have entered the cave, killed Su Ming and taken his head back to the tribe for rewards.

"Yu Chi, I’ll kill him. Wait here." As he spoke, the big man leapt forward like a tiger, closing the gap between him and Su Ming in just a few breaths.

The man holding onto the little monkey, Yu Chi did not object. He knew that if he killed a Berserker from another tribe and brought his head back to the tribe, he would receive rewards. However, he did not dare snatch away his companion’s achievements.

"It’s fine. That man is also at the second level like me. If we fight, then we’ll be wasting some time. If he goes, then he’ll definitely be able to kill him. Maybe I’ll even get to share some of his rewards." To Yu Chi, this was a meaningless battle. His eyes were cruel as if he could see what would happen next. He was getting excited by the prospect of the spilling of blood.

The third level Berserker who was getting nearer to Su Ming also had a similar thought. He jumped forward and quickly closed the distance. Very soon, there was not even 1,000 feet between them.

800 feet, 700 feet and then 600 feet!

As he got closer, the man saw Su Ming’s face clearly. He let out a roar as he grinned fiercely. His roar alone caused the snow around him to quake and toss into the air. They exploded in a loud bang, creating a layer of white mist which blinded their sights.

At that moment, the man grabbed a long spear from his back with his right hand. He threw it with all his strength at Su Ming, who was standing more than 600 feet away from him.

A sharp and piercing sound sliced through the air. Su Ming felt a sharp and fierce aura coming straight at him. Without thinking, he stepped aside and a whistling sound whipped by his ear. The long spear flew past and just missed him by a hair’s breadth.

The man did not approach to check his kill once he threw the spear. Instead, dark wisps of air surrounded his legs, increasing his traveling speed instantly by a dozen fold. Very soon the distance between them was cut down from 600 feet to 300 feet.

"Die!" The man raised his right hand and took out a second spear. Just as he was about to throw it, the mist created by snow scattered. This allowed some of Su Ming’s field of vision to return. As it did, an arrow pierced through the snow and rushed towards the man like a flash of lightning.

The man laughed. He raised the spear in his right hand and knocked down the arrow easily. With a crash, the arrow broke into pieces. However at the same time, whistling sounds whipped through the air again and another three arrows came straight towards him.

The arrows were too quick and the angle at which they traveled made it extremely difficult to dodge. It was becoming problematic for him. It made the man frown but still, he scoffed at them and let out a huge blast of dark air underneath his feet. It quickly surrounded his entire body like mist. As the three arrows approached him, they melted into a pool of black water as they touched the black mist.

Even so, much of the black mist had dispersed, causing the man’s body to be exposed.

"You’re only at the second level of the Blood Solidification Realm and you dare oppose me?" The man took a leap and the distance between them had shortened again. This time, to 200 feet.

Su Ming’s face was pale but he held his ground. There were no traces of anxiety within his eyes, just the same chilling calmness.

He took out a few more arrows and fired them rapidly at the man. Once, twice, thrice and with incredible speed, he fired five arrows in succession!

The five arrows practically formed a straight line and the whistling sound they caused as they sliced through the air made it seem as if they had a lot of power. They reached the man almost immediately. When he saw it, he frowned slightly. In their tribe, there were few who could use bows like that.

"The Five Connected!" The man raised the spear in his right hand and swung it against the first arrow. There was a loud crash and the spear broke along with the first arrow.

The second arrow followed quickly. The man let out a low growl and made the black mist surround his body, causing the second arrow to melt as they touched.

The third arrow approached like lightning but the man dodged it by stepping aside. He was quickly chased by the fourth arrow. The man growled and clenched his right fist with a fierce expression. Then he swung it at the arrow. As the arrow broke, a wound appeared on his right hand.

At that moment, the fifth arrow followed closely like a shadow. The man wanted to dodge it but the arrow managed to leave behind a wound on his shoulder as it whistled by him. Fresh blood immediately poured out of his wound.

"I will tear your head off from your shoulders!" The man was not seriously wounded. He only had small wounds and they were considered inconsequential to the members of the Berserker Tribe. However to the man, it was different. He grinned fiercely and traveled another 100 feet closer to Su Ming.

He was already victorious. This was a battle that posed no danger to him. He was at most only slightly bothered by the arrows.

As for Yu Chi, he licked his lips from where he stood. He loved watching such bloody scenes. They served to make him feel excited.

Just as the man was about to take another step, Su Ming approached him. His face was pale but his eyes were still cold and calm. He then did something that momentarily shocked the man and Yu Chi.

He gave up on using his bow and arrow but chose instead to use his fists to face the man.

No one realized that within Su Ming’s right hand was the powder of the red pill that he had crushed!

"You asked for it!" The man continued closing their distance and within the blink of an eye, they were only dozens of feet away from each other. Then it turned into thirty feet, twenty feet and ten feet…

The man gathered all the power of his Qi in his right fist and swung it against Su Ming’s head. If he had hit it, Su Ming would have undoubtedly died.

But right at that moment, Su Ming lifted his head. The coldness in his eyes was gone and it was replaced with a terrifying killing intent. The strong desire to kill even stunned the man.

It was already too late. Just as Su Ming lifted his head, he swung his right hand at the man and as he did so, the red powder spread in the air. Some of them landed on the man’s wound on his right fist while some landed on his shoulder wound.

The man trembled slightly but there were no blood curdling screams, no struggles. Right before Su Ming’s eyes, he turned into red mist and disappeared into thin air. It was as if was he was boiled alive and erased by the laws of nature. A pile of bones without any flesh were all that was left on the ground. When the wind blew pass, they crumbled into dust.

Among the bone fragments was a strange herb that was black and white in color. It emitted a soft and dim glow.

The sudden turn of events stunned Yu Chi, who was standing nearby. He could not accept it. He could not even believe what he just saw. His gaze was empty due to the shock. Then, he saw the fragile looking boy turn and look at him with cold eyes and an equally cold countenance. He watched as the boy sped towards him.

"The Fire Ape’s carcass will be a great supplement. I want it!" Su Ming suddenly said as he approached Yu Chi.

Yu Chi shivered. As he snapped out of his stupor, he found that he was drenched in cold sweat. Su Ming’s words also made him realize that he had forgotten to use the monkey as a hostage. He concluded that Su Ming came just to snatch the monkey away.

The moment the idea struck him, he immediately escaped. He still could not fathom how and why his companion died. The chilling sight of his death made him so terrified, he could not accept it.

"You’re Fallen! You’re a Fallen Berserker!" Yu Chi screeched as his face turned pale. He was completely overcome by terror. He could not accept it. He was so terrified that his legs were shaking. He did not dare to face Su Ming and thus, used up every ounce of his strength to escape. Su Ming was blocking the way back to the Black Mountain Tribe so, Yu Chi could not go back. He could only run towards Black Flame Mountain.

Su Ming was about to give chase when he was suddenly hit by a wave of dizziness. He felt like he was completely drained. He shook his head and forced himself to concentrate.

He cast a glance at the pile of bones on the ground. This was the first time he had killed someone but it was not the time for hesitation. He had no choice but to give chase. He quickly cleaned up the place and picked up whatever usable arrows were left. After that, he took away the strange looking herb from the pile of bones. Su Ming gazed at the direction Yu Chi ran off to, his eyes filled with killing intent once more.

‘Xiao Hong is still in his hands. I’ve already killed one of them. So, I might as well kill the other then the land which I used for quenching will never be found!’

Su Ming gritted his teeth to bear with the fatigue and chased after him.

The two of them ran into the forest. Yu Chi did not even dare look back to see Su Ming. He chose instead to concentrate on fleeing, trying to widen the distance between them. Despite this, if they were to compare their level of familiarity with Dark Dragon Mountain, he could not compare with Su Ming.

Besides, his speed was also still inferior to Su Ming’s. He may have had a head start, but very soon Su Ming started to catch up to him with all the tracks he left behind.

Su Ming gritted his teeth to bear with the fatigue. He kept his gaze focused on the man from the Black Mountain Tribe. He knew that the man was scared by his actions. That was why he did not dare engage in battle. It was all part of Su Ming’s plans.

With the Scattering Blood, he could kill a person in the blink of an eye and also stun others who saw it. After all, it was something that most people had never seen before. As such, it would terrify them.

Su Ming did not chase after him too closely. However, he was constantly blocked by some obstacles along the way, causing the gap to widen every time he was just about to catch up and pounce on the man. Not long after, the obstacles started to make Su Ming hesitate.

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