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Substitute Bride's Husband Is An Invisible Rich Man
Chapter 10 - Your Mother Is Going to Die
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Chapter 10: Your Mother Is Going to Die

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“Tsk.” Mo Lian leaned back in disgust and waved her hand as if she was chasing away a beggar. “Father will not see you. Don’t disturb the peace in my house. Get lost!”

Mo Yan clenched her fists and stared at her. She said word by word, “Father promised to give me a dowry. I will take the dowry and leave.”

Hearing this, Mo Lian scoffed. She flicked her carefully permed hair and crossed her legs. She narrowed her eyes and said, “You’re married to such a pauper and you still want a dowry? The audacity you have.”

As she said this, Mo Lian pinched her nose and said in disdain, “You’re so poor and dirty, I’m afraid that you’ll dirty my house!”

Being ridiculed by her stepsister, Mo Yan gritted her teeth and glared at her.

At this moment, the chickens and ducks in the bamboo basket began to chirp. Mo Lian stretched her head out to take a look, and immediately laughed out loud. “As expected of your husband who steals chickens and dogs and is a local ruffian and hoodlum. Are you already reduced to a situation where you have to raise chickens to live? How pitiful. Oh right, is my brother-in-law unable to find a job after he got out of prison? How about this, I’ll get father to find him a job as a garbage truck and street sweeper so that you won’t have to work hard, alright?”

“If you think that that’s a good job, then leave it for your future husband!”

Mo Yan’s eyes were red with anger. She tightened her body and took a step forward. She said sternly, “I’m too lazy to bicker with people like you. Since I got married in your place, I only want to get the 500,000 yuan dowry that I was promised!”

“How dare you scold me!” Mo Lian’s face suddenly changed. She glared and reached out her hand to slap Mo Yan.

Mo Yan reacted quickly and grabbed her wrist that was raised high up. She tightened her grip and berated, “Where is father? I want to see him!”

At this moment, Mo Yan was only thinking about the 500,000 yuan that could be used to pay for her mother’s surgery and save her life. All her dignity and rationality was the last things she cared about. Mo Yan, who did not care about anything else, frightened Mo Lian.

Mo Lian was stunned for a while before she tried her best to shake off Mo Yan’s grip. She panted and said, “Father is not at home. I said he won’t see you.”

“What?” Mo Yan frowned and looked at her in disbelief.

Mo Lian quickly got up and was about to walk upstairs. As she walked, she said, “Father doesn’t care about you at all! He has already forgotten about you as his daughter. As for your dowry, it’s gone!”

“Stop right there!” Mo Yan tugged at Mo Lian’s clothes and questioned, “What do you mean the dowry is gone?”

Looking at Mo Yan’s almost broken expression, Mo Lian laughed out loud again. She looked at Mo Yan proudly and happily, and said viciously, “Father never thought of giving you the dowry. He was just lying. From the beginning to the end, father only cared about me, his only daughter!”

Seeing Mo Yan’s face turn pale, Mo Lian added on, “Father left yesterday to discuss business elsewhere. He doesn’t want to see you and won’t see you. Stop dreaming. Hurry up and sell your organs to raise money for your mother! Any later and your mother is going to die!”

With that, Mo Yan lost all hope. She staggered a few steps and looked helplessly at the luxurious floor of the Mo family house. Large drops of tears fell down.

What should she do? What should she do? Without this 500,000 yuan, she would not be able to pay for her mother’s medical fees, and her mother would not be able to get treated. Also, her younger brother would not be able to continue his studies. Where exactly could she get 500,000 yuan…

Mo Yan had already forgotten how she had walked out of the Mo family’s house in a muddle-headed manner. The bamboo baskets containing the chickens and ducks were also thrown out, and the dozen or so little ones inside instantly lost their voices.

She did not even dare to go to the hospital to visit her mother. She was afraid to see her mother’s despairing and haggard eyes. She did not dare to say that she had been cheated by her stepmother and father into marrying someone else, and that she had lost the life-saving money that belonged to her.

When she reached the bus stop aimlessly, she was blocked by a tall figure.

She looked up and saw a man wearing a black mask. His eyes were solemn and his brows were tightly knitted. It was Luo Tao.

After receiving a message from his assistant, Luo Tao ignored his assistant’s advice to not go as he could end up exposing his identity. He anxiously boarded the village bus and arrived in the city.

After picking Mo Yan up, Luo Tao did not ask any questions. He held the dispirited Mo Yan in his arms and boarded the bus back to the small village together.

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