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Substitute Bride's Husband Is An Invisible Rich Man
Chapter 2 - A Wife's Duty
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Chapter 2: A Wife’s Duty

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He did not expect her to give him such a direct answer. The corners of his mouth curled up slightly, and his eyes flashed with interest.

She was not the Mo family’s eldest daughter, Mo Lian, and he was not the useless country bumpkin from the Xiang family, Luo Tao.

His real name was actually Huo Zhen.

As soon as he entered the house, he realized that Mo Yan was just a substitute. In all honesty, why would the Mo family’s noble and inviolable daughter, Mo Lian, be willing to marry a destitute local ruffian?

However, since they both were substitutes, It was fair and even.

Luo Tao thought for a moment as he turned over. He moved his wrist and was about to pull his arm out from under Mo Yan shoulder, when she called out softly, “Luo Tao…”

Luo Tao paused and looked down. He saw a pair of sparkling eyes looking at him timidly, which he found cute.

Then, her two soft hands climbed onto his neck, with her soft body trembling as she approached him.

Mo Yan mustered up her courage, nervously pursed her lips, and then said gently, “You are my husband. You can do whatever you want to me.”

Since she was married to Luo Tao, she had a duty to him.

Luo Tao’s throat tightened. Looking at Mo Yan’s clumsy and pure appearance, his heartbeat quickened.

Just as Mo Yan raised her head and fixed her gaze on him with a somewhat dazed look, out of a sudden, Luo Tao pulled out his arm and grabbed Mo Yan’s wrist with one hand. Then, he flipped himself over and lay down some distance away from her.

Mo Yan had yet to come back to her senses. Her small mouth was slightly open, and her face was still flushed with embarrassment. She blinked her eyes and said, “You…”

Luo Tao turned his body sideways to avoid eye contact with her. He said lightly, “Forget it. We’re both tired today. Let’s go to sleep.”

Mo Yan looked at the his back and was stunned for a moment. She moved her slightly stiff body and explained in embarrassment, “Luo Tao, I’m not…”

She was worried that Luo Tao would misunderstand and think that she despised him. Honestly, she did not mind how poor Luo Tao was. Now that she was in this situation, she just wanted to try her best to live a good life.

“I don’t want to make things difficult for you. I won’t do anything to you before you are comfortable.” Luo Tao said in a low voice.

Then, the man whose back was facing her went silent, as if he had already fallen asleep.

It was still raining and cold outside, but because of Luo Tao’s presence in the bed, Mo Yan was comfortable, and she felt warm. In the pitter-patter of the rain, her thoughts ran wild.

The Mo family and the Luo family had planned this engagement many years ago. However, something happened to the Luo family, causing their family fortunes to decline. As a result, they had to hide in a small mountain village. Luo Tao was dispirited and fought and stole all day. Not only was he penniless, he was also a well-known local hooligan from the countryside.

With that, Mo Lian naturally refused to marry him. However, in order to obtain a considerable amount of dowry, the Mo family forced Mo Yan, who was an illegitimate daughter of the Mo family, to marry in place of her.

Mo Yan could still remember her ‘noble’ elder sister, Mo Lian, looking down on her and saying, “Why would I marry such a hooligan? You are more suitable. Your mother is a slut anyway, and your younger brother is also a bastard from God knows where!”

“Yan Yan, as long as you marry Luo Tao, I will give you a sum of money. Then, you can afford the treatment for your mother’s illness, and pay for your younger brother’s education.” Her father said coldly, with his eyes full of condescension.

Her stepmother pointed at her and berated, “You bitch! Being an illegitimate child of this family, you should be contented to be able to get married. Don’t be ungrateful!”

Mo Yan suddenly woke up. She sat up and realized that she had fallen asleep at some point last night. There was no one beside her, Luo Tao had already gotten up early and left.

She put on her clothes, washed up, and walked to the small kitchen that was built with wooden planks next to the brick house. She found two eggs, a few vegetable leaves, and a handful of noodles, and quickly made two bowls of noodles.

Just as she brought the two bowls of steaming hot noodles to the table, Luo Tao happened to jog into the courtyard. Mo Yan looked up and saw that Luo Tao was bare-chested. His entire body was full of strong muscles, and was dotted with large drops of sweat. He seemed to have just returned from his run. Under the sunlight, he looked particularly sexy and manly.

Mo Yan’s face was slightly hot. Seeing him come in, she took the initiative to greet him, “Have you eaten breakfast? I made noodles.”

Luo Tao did not refuse. He walked straight over and sat down at the table. He took a bowl of noodles and said, “Must have been hard work.”

“No, it’s okay.” Mo Yan stuttered. She secretly looked at the muscles on Luo Tao’s body, then looked at the sandbags, dumbbells, and other items in the yard. She swallowed her saliva.

She had heard that Luo Tao often went to the detention center for fighting. It seemed like it was not just a rumor. Would he hit her if he got angry?

“You eat too.” Luo Tao picked up a mouthful of noodles with his chopsticks. He looked at Mo Yan who was looking around and frowned.

“Oh, okay.” Mo Yan quickly sat down, picked up her chopsticks, and started to eat in small bites.

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