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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady
Chapter 20
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With quick steps, Shen Jiayi walked till to the front of the desk. She then lifted her hands and spread open her palms. A very small flame which was ignited at the hollow of her palm had gradually coagulated and inflated.

As for those people who had cultivated their magic before the rank 6, the amount of skills that they could master was simply not that much and the skill that Shen Jiayi was using as of now was precisely the fireball technique which was one of those few countable skills.

“You don’t deserve them!”

With jealousy, Shen Jiayi shot out that fireball that was at the hollow of her palm. In accompanying with that rumbling loud sound was a scarlet flame that was frantically engulfing that pile of fine gifts that were on the table. Within a blink of an eye, those sweet smelling desserts which had its smell scattered everywhere together with those fine gadgets were all combusted inside the raging flames and had instantly turned into ashes.

From the start till to the end, without any sort of reaction, Shen Yanxiao was sitting on top of the bed as she silently looked at Shen Jiayi who had became radical due to her jealousy.

In burning those things that did not belonged to her, the jealousy in Shen Jiayi’s heart had nevertheless declined the slightest bit. She knew that Shen Siyu was summoned by Shen Feng and within the whole Vermillion Bird clan, there was simply no one that would show up at Shen Yanxiao’s room at this moment. Therefore, no matter what she was to do to this idiot at this very moment, there would simply be no one to prevent it from happening at all!

The jealousy and the unwillingness had urged Shen Jiayi to approach Shen Yanxiao step by step. In relying on her being slightly taller to Shen Yanxiao, Shen Jiayi grabbed Shen Yanxiao’s neck firmly and roughly dragged her out of the bed in advancing towards that combusting flame.

“I actually really want to see whether Brother Siyu would have still pitied you, this ugly idiot after burning away your hairs and eyebrows!” Shen Jiayi fiercely said. With the outside of the room being guarded by Shen Jiawei, she simply did not have to worry about others finding out about the conduct of hers. Even if there was someone that had taken notice to what have happened during this whole event, it would have also be treated as Shen Yanxiao being careless and had overturned the candle flame which had resulted in creating a fire that had burnt away all of the presents as well as her own hairs!

There would be no one that would have suspected her for there was simply no one who would have cared about the life or death of this idiot!

Except for Shen Siyu.

Brats of nowadays were getting more and more savage. Shen Yanxiao still naively follow Shen Jiayi as Shen Jiayi dragged her nearer to the flame. However, inside the eyes of Shen Yanxiao, a vile smiling expression had nevertheless flashed past.

As it became more and more distinct that the heatwave could be felt brushing across the skin, Shen Yanxiao squinted her eyes and looked at the frenzied Shen Jiayi as well as the heap of raging and combusting flame in front of her. The corner of her rosy mouth curved up inadvertently into a sinister smile. A portion of formless qi flowed and condensed at Shen Yanxiao’s fingertips which had gradually formed into a tiny flame. That flame was concealed behind the back of hers whereas Shen Jiayi who was in front of her was simply did not discovered about it.

In seeing that she arrived in front of the combusted table, within Shen Yanxiao’s eyes, ‘a sinister flower bloomed out’. The very small flame was sent out flying like an arrow leaving the bow!

Just when Shen Jiayi wanted to drag Shen Yanxiao into the flame, Shen Jiayi felt a burst of piercing pain at her ankle. Without the slightest amount of guarding from her, the body of hers had momentarily lost balance and in a panic, the body of hers had directly fell facing onto that bonfire!!!

As the blazing flame had wrapped her up, that high temperature had invaded Shen Jiayi’s whole body. The burn wound that had spread onto her skin had her unable to contain herself from miserably shrieking. She simply did not know what  happened to her and just how she mysteriously tripped and fell into the bonfire.

In the midst of those sharp pains, Shen Jiayi who was within that bonfire struggled as she rolled and the eyes of hers were unconsciously looking at the tiny silhouette which was standing outside of the flame.

Shen Yanxiao was still with that sort of slight built and still had that unprepossessing face.

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