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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady
Chapter 30
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The Strongest Magical Beast (Cleaning Process) Table Of Contents (Cleaning Process) Ranking, Settings & Others Character List Alchemy Info The Team About me Chapter 30 Qilin Auction House Part 3

Having finally arrive at the front door of the rear hall, the attendant knocked onto the door of the room. After hearing that languid sound, only then did the attendant opened the door and lifted the arms in inviting Shen Yanxiao to enter.

Just as she was to enter into the rear hall, Shen Yanxiao had right away saw a handsome youngster that was sitting on that tiger skin chair like how a cat would be as it lay down at the balcony basking under the afternoon sun. That pair of grinning eyes of his were as bright as the convergence of the stars and there seemed to be as if there was no smiling expression hanging at the corner of his mouth while he was lazily supporting his chin single handedly.

During the moment when Qi Xia saw Shen Yanxiao, he was clearly staring blankly for a moment. He finally knew why the attendant had said that ‘he’ was ‘a little customer’.

That thin and weak body that was wrapped under the plain and simple clothing. On the delicate and pretty face was that pair of clear eyes flickering out the ignorance of not having gone through the ways of the world and also sincerity. Just with the regards to the height alone, the little bastard before his eyes was very likely had not reached to his shoulder and at most would have only have the look of a thirteen to fourteen yeared old. It was no wonder that the little bastard was said to be a ‘little customer’.

“Hello, I am Qi Meng, the person who is in charge of here. May I know what goods do this customer have that would be entrusted to us, the Qilin Auction House to be sold?” As for this kind of matter of receiving the customer, Qi Meng would seriously not dare to trouble Qi Xia to personally open his mouth and so Qi Meng immediately put out the loftiness of being the person in charge of the Qilin Auction House as he politely spoke.

“Oh, I have got a batch of precious stones and golden tools which I have wanted to entrust to you to sell. Is there any procedure that needs to be done?” There was this very strange feeling. Although the middle aged man before her had given her this feeling of a firm and steady experienced old man, Shen Yanxiao had nevertheless subconsciously felt that the youngster that was sitting at his side was truly the one whose words held the most authority at here.

Qi Meng smiled as he said, “Just what kind of golden tools and precious stone are they? This customer ought to have came to our Qilin Auction House for the first time and therefore did not have a great understanding towards the practices of our sides. Our Qilin Auction House auctions an extremely few amount golden tools and precious stones. Unless they are extremely precious, we would only make an exception in selling them.”

Just what kind of scale was the Qilin Auction House was at. If all those little gadgets could be brought to be auctioned, then even if the auction house was to expand by ten folds, it was very likely that it was still insufficient. What was more was that those common types of luxury goods could already be obtained at other auction houses and they, the Qilin Auction House was certainly never fond of taking over those ‘staple goods’.

Were it not for the fact that treasures in general were not easy to be obtained, or else, they would also not have taken one of the spot as 3 biggest auction houses in the imperial capital.

Shen Yanxiao stared blankly for she truly indeed did not know of the practices of the Qilin Auction Houses. With the foresight of hers, these things that she had swept whether it was the crafts or the quality were all completely pretty good but she precisely did not know on just how was the norm of this world’s appraisal.

“As for this, I am also not sure. I will take it out and have you see them.” Being disinclined to think of these details, Shen Yanxiao straightforwardly opened the storage ring that was on her finger that would have all of the things inside poured out.

Qi Meng had originally thought that a little bastard like this at most would have only taken a few things and that would have been very amazing.

Along in the midst of the storage ring where the golden tools and precious stones pouring down in torrents in unbroken succession, they had formed a pile of small mountain on the floor. In the eyes of Qi Meng was the looks of him showing amazement.

With that many of golden tools and precious stones, even if they were all inferior in quality, they could be exchanged into a quite sum of money. With Qi Meng’s experienced foresight to see, each one of those golden tools that were sprinkling on to the ground were a work an art that was produced by the hands of the renowned experts. As for those precious stones tumbling everywhere, each one of them even more had an unadulterated quality and they were absolutely the most upper grade of a precious stones.

This kind of a batch of a huge number of luxury goods were unexpectedly taken out from a rather ordinary little bastard. It truly made people to be somewhat startled.

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