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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady
Chapter 38
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The Strongest Magical Beast (Cleaning Process) Table Of Contents (Cleaning Process) Ranking, Settings & Others Character List Alchemy Info The Team About me Chapter 38-The Vermillion Bird’s Candidates Part 2

Who could’ve known that, when Shen Jiayi learned that she’d unexpectedly have to appear before the sage with her ruined and damaged appearance, she nearly knocked her own head to death in shame.

What a woman cared about the most was precisely her own appearance. What’s more, was that Shen Jiayi was an arrogant and bossy woman. It could be assumed that, during the time that she’d been growing up in the Vermillion Bird Clan, when had she suffered this kind of humiliation?

If it weren’t for Shen Feng’s order, it was very likely that Shen Jiayi would’ve carried a blade in long ago, and chopped Shen Yanxiao into minced meat!

What she couldn’t understand at all was, on such a great day like this, and with the sage arriving today,  just why the disgrace of the Vermillion Bird Clan had appeared here?!

Shen Yue’s brows slightly puckered up, as if he could feel his daughter’s anger. After yesterday’s personnel command from Shen Feng, Shen Yue hadn’t had a good night’s sleep, as he couldn’t understand the reason Shen Feng would allow Shen Yanxiao to show up here at all. It had to be known that Shen Yanxiao’s wisdom was merely at the level of a 4-year old child. Even if she didn’t weep or create a disturbance, she couldn’t understand what others spoke. If by any chance she was to make some sort of jest before the sage, wouldn’t it be throwing away the greatest extent of the Vermillion Bird Clan’s face?

As for everyone who was on the scene—besides the sage who was unaware of the circumstances, Shen Feng who’d given the order, and Shen Siyu who’d executed the order—they all had their brows puckered up due to Shen Yanxiao‘s arrival.

Everyone else was worried as to whether or not this disgrace of the Vermillion Bird Clan would lose her clan any face before the sage or not.

Usually, they wouldn’t even think of her participating in any of the clan’s activities; there wasn’t even anyone who was willing to call out this good for nothing idiot for the monthly clan’s communal meal activity. Besides, when Shen Siyu had returned, where he would have this idiot brought out and have her appeared before everyone’s line of sight—everyone else had subconsciously forgotten the existence of this idiot.

No one wanted to leave behind any kind of bad impression on the sage because of this disgrace.

The atmosphere within the main room had become somewhat strange, all of which was due to Shen Yanxiao’s arrival. After she entered the main room, she then quietly and motionlessly stood at her original position, making everyone’s heart bead with cold sweat.

Could it be that this idiot wanted to continue standing before the sage without receiving disgust? It had to be known that when those unprepossessing looks of hers were placed within everyone who was good looking, ‘unbearably ugly’ were simply just the two words used to describe her. This one existence that was a mistake had continuously reminded the Vermillion Bird Clan that she was their disgrace!

Shen Duan wanted to open his mouth and have people drag this idiot that was acting recklessly to the side, but the sage who was meditating abruptly smiled and said, “Is this person precisely the seventh young lady of the Vermilion Bird Clan?” That sweet sounding and gentle voice was like a pool of warm spring water as it flowed across everyone’s mind.

“It is precisely her.” Shen Feng nodded his head as he said.

“Yanxiao’s wisdom is lacking. If there’s been disrespect in anyway, I still hope that the sage will be forgiving.”

The sage smiled as he shook his head.

“This child that I’m seeing gives me quite the familiarity at first sight.”

The sentence from the sage made everyone who’d been worrying that Shen Yanxiao would bring shame to the Vermillion Bird Clan flabbergasted.

What had they just heard? The great master, the sage, had unexpectedly said that this idiot had  given him a familiar feeling at first sight?!

No matter how you saw it, Shen Yanxiao’s appearance was the type that would no longer be found after throwing her to the crowd. The her that was standing within the group of people from the Vermillion Bird Clan was akin to the feeling of a chicken standing inside a flock of cranes.

Just how could this have someone feel quite familiar at first glance?

Could it be that the taste of this great master, the sage, was slightly ‘stronger’?

Shen Jiayi was even more flabbergasted, for she found it hard to believe that the Shen Yanxiao that she was gazing at, whom couldn’t even be compared to her toes—that kind of an ugly person—would unexpectedly receive the sage’s first handed glance like this.

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