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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady
Chapter 40
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Chapter 40- The Arrogant Little Bird Part 1

Towards a trash who wasn’t even qualified to cultivate Dou Qi and magic, Shen Yifeng simply had disdain, and wasn’t worried.

So what if she was added into it? She’d only serve as a prop regarding the Vermillion Bird, and he was already determined to win it. What’s more was that although Shen Yanxiao was a trash, Shen Siyu’s prospects were beyond measure. If he could use the reason of treating that idiot properly, then pulling Shen Siyu into a closer relationship between them, would only take half the work and would have twice the effect for him towards becoming the heir of the Vermillion Bird Clan.

Therefore no matter what happened, Shen Yifeng wouldn’t criticise this matter of Shen Yanxiao becoming the Vermillion Bird’s candidate at all. So much so that, from this period of time onwards, he would properly display his concern and care towards Shen Yanxiao in order to obtain Shen Siyu’s kindness.

During the time where everyone was gnashing their teeth because of this matter concerning Shen Yanxiao becoming the Vermillion Bird’s candidate, Shen Yanxiao, being the person involved, was nevertheless flabbergasted.

Just what ‘song’ were you guys singing at? Since when did she deserve to unexpectedly also be dragged into this muddy water?

Shen Yanxiao was speechless. Although she too wanted to have this extremely valiant Vermillion Bird based on the rumour, swindled to her hands, she was very clear that with her position in the Vermillion Bird Clan right now, meeting the Vermillion Bird was even harder than meeting with the monarch.  However, in this world, there were still these kind of unexpected things where Shen Feng had unexpectedly had her entered as the Vermillion Bird’s candidate…

Had Shen Feng’s head been damaged?

No matter how discontent everyone from the Vermillion Bird Clan was, all of them were very clear that, so long as it was a matter that Shen Feng had decided on, there just wouldn’t be any leeway towards turning around. Even if there were more ideas for them to complain about their discontent, it could only be suppressed in their hearts.

The time left until they headed for the lava valley was 3 days. The likes of people such as Shen Yue, were originally extremely angry towards the matter of Shen Yanxiao popping up, but Shen Yue had very quickly came to realise that even if Shen Yanxiao was given the qualifications, so what? With that idiot’s strength, if she could sign a contract with the Vermilion Bird, then wouldn’t it be such that everyone in the world would be able to sign a contract with a mythological beast?

After figuring it out, Shen Yue very quickly pacified Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei. Only after these two brats listened to their father’s analysis, were they a little bit happier. Thinking about it again, Shen Feng having Shen Yanxiao dragged out wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. One had to know that Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei’s personal strengths weren’t bad, but in front of this formidable opponent, Shen Yifeng, they too would only be floating clouds.

If there were only 3 of them fighting over the Vermillion Bird, it was very probable that, under the powerful Shen Yifeng, the two of them would suffer a crushing defeat. When the time came and it happened before the sage, wouldn’t that just be them throwing their clan’s face away to the greatest extent. As of now, there was this person, Shen Yanxiao, who was able to be the worst among them all. Even if they couldn’t compare to Shen Yifeng, they could absolutely crush Shen Yanxiao. Having Shen Yanxiao, this trash and idiot, to serve as a prop, would allow them to still at least retrieve some face back in front of the sage.

Thinking about it this way, how would Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei still grumble about Shen Feng’s sudden move of squeezing in that trash, for in their mind, they’d long become deeply grateful for their grandfather’s ‘sensible act’!

Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei, these two brats, were secretly complacent, while Shen Yifeng clearly didn’t mind this time’s unexpected event.

Because in regards to the three of them, Shen Yanxiao’s was precisely for the purpose of supporting their outstandingness; there’d only be prominence if there was contrast!

As for that Shen Yanxiao whom everyone had believed to be used as the ‘base cushion’, she was single-handedly supporting her chin at this moment, and was sitting on a chair and was somewhat at a loss. [TLN: Base cushion means the weakest or ranked the last]

“Just what is Shen Feng thinking of, to have me placed before the Vermillion Bird? Even if I could ‘save’ the face of these two brats before the sage once, no matter how it’s said, I’m still a person of the Vermillion Bird Clan. I don’t think a single bit that having an idiot to lose face would be slightly better looking than having these two brats here to lose face.”

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