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The Most Generous Master Ever
Chapter 10 - Triggering a Hundredfold Critical Hit, Obtaining Thousand Years Cultivation
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Chapter 10: Triggering a Hundredfold Critical Hit, Obtaining Thousand Years Cultivation

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After Lin Qingzhu entered the zone, Ye Qiu asked in his heart.

“System, how much can you impart in one session?”

This was his first time imparting cultivation, so he didn’t have much experience. He hurriedly asked the System as he was afraid that something would go wrong.

[Detected that the host’s current cultivation level is only at the Infinite Distance realm. The highest cultivation that can be passed down would be ten years.]

[The year limit can be increased as one’s cultivation level increases. The higher one’s cultivation level is, the higher the cultivation level one can impart…]

[Note: Every time the cultivation is transferred, it will enter a cooldown period. During this period of time, imparting cultivation would not trigger any return.]

“Hmm, ten years? That’s enough…” After hearing the system’s explanation, Ye Qiu nodded his head, indicating that it was still within his acceptable range.

According to his original plan, he planned to impart a hundred years of cultivation. However, considering Lin Qingzhu’s current body, he was afraid that she would not be able to accept this powerful force.

Ten years was the limit. Ye Qiu thought about it and said softly, “Relax, my disciple. Don’t be nervous. Imparting cultivation is a very serious matter. There can’t be any mistakes. Today, I will give you ten years of cultivation. You just need to absorb this power into your body and smelt it. Remember, don’t resist…”

Cultivation was not something that could be casually transmitted. There were many ordeals during this period of time. If there was even the slightest mistake, both of them would be affected. Before imparting his cultivation, Ye Qiu had to remind Lin Qingzhu to prevent her from making any mistakes.

“Master, I understand!”


Ye Qiu gently raised his hands and pressed them tightly against Lin Qingzhu’s back. He circulated all his strength. Using the method of imparting cultivation, he transferred his power into Lin Qingzhu’s body.

She felt the endless energy from Ye Qiu’s hands rampaging through her body. Lin Qingzhu’s heart trembled. She recalled Ye Qiu’s instructions and immediately relaxed. Following Ye Qiu’s guidance, she guided the power into her prefecture sea. Right now, her cultivation level is still stuck at level four of Qi Mastery realm. She was only waiting for this power to enter her prefecture sea.

Lin Qingzhu began to try to absorb this power and fuse it into her body. In a moment, her cultivation level began to shoot up.

“Hiss…” The more Lin Qingzhu watched, the more shocked she became. In less than a second, she had leapt from the fourth level of Qi Mastery to the ninth level of Qi Mastery. “Master’s cultivation for the past ten years has been very intense. Hmm…”

The power gained from imparting cultivation was different from normal cultivation. If you spent ten years, you might be able to break through to the Black Finger realm. But if others passed down ten years of cultivation, you might not be able to break through to the Black Finger realm.

This was because during the process of imparting cultivation, there would be a loss of power, as well as the effects of combining it with one’s own aptitude. There would also be a loss in absorption, indirectly reducing it.

This was also why the others were unwilling to impart their cultivation. That was because it was simply too wasteful. No one would be willing to waste so much cultivation to raise your cultivation level.

Because of this, Lin Qingzhu was very touched. Ye Qiu was willing to waste so many years of effort for her. However, how could she have known that Ye Qiu had a Return System? He would not only get back based on how much he gave her, but he would also earn a fortune.

In his words, that is, “You may be making a little profit, but I’ll never lose anything.” Moreover, with the help of the system, Ye Qiu didn’t lose much of his cultivation.


Lin Qingzhu sensed the changes in her body and discovered that she had broken through to the Profound Finger realm.

“Level one of Black Finger!” At that moment, Lin Qingzhu’s heart was filled with excitement. Four days after entering the sect, she had already broken through to level one of Black Finger realm. After all, those who had entered the sect with her were still at the first-stage of Qi Mastery realm.

“Hu…” After he imparted ten years of his cultivation, Ye Qiu slowly retracted his hands and instructed, “Don’t be distracted. Quickly consolidate your foundation so that it won’t be unstable and affect your future cultivation…”

“Alright, I understand…” Lin Qingzhu hurriedly responded and instantly executed the Violet Cloud Treasured Tome, circulating her Qi in a Heavenly Dao cycle. After a few cycles, she had assimilated more than half of it, and her mental state had gradually stabilized.

Ye Qiu didn’t disturb her when he saw that she was still consolidating her cultivation. He quietly got up and returned to his seat.



[You have imparted ten years of cultivation to your disciple, triggering a critical hit of return.]

[Should I activate Critical Hit Return?]


[Congratulations, host. You have triggered a 100 times critical strike and gained 1,000 years of cultivation.]

“A thousand years!!!”

When Ye Qiu heard this, he sucked in a breath of cold air. Ten years became a thousand years. Where could he find such a good deal?

“Hehe, not bad, not bad. With a thousand years of cultivation and my current physique, I should be able to break through the Infinite Distance realm and enter the Hidden Life realm, right?”

He was secretly delighted. According to the calculation methods that the system had previously mentioned, this thousand years of cultivation should be enough for him to break the Infinite Distance and enter the Hidden Life.

“Come on, I’m ready—”

Slowly closing his eyes, Ye Qiu entered a meditative state. In less than a moment, a surge of energy surged into his body. In that instant, his limbs and bones underwent a reversal, and his cultivation began to rapidly increase.

“Hiss, this tearing pain. This is the pouring of energy…” Ye Qiu endured the pain and completely integrated this power into his prefecture sea, letting it enter the Great Dao Flower to merge.

After a while, from the Flower of Great Dao, it began to frantically feed back that pure power. His cultivation level began to rise rapidly.

Fifth level of Infinite Distance.

Sixth level of Infinite Distance.

Seventh level of Infinite Distance.

Eighth level of Infinite Distance.

Ninth level of Infinite Distance.

“Soon, soon. I’m about to break through the Infinite Distance realm…”

His cultivation was infinitely close to the Hidden Life realm, and the spiritual spring in his prefecture sea began to disintegrate. He lost control of the power in his body. Ye Qiu endured the pain and continued to suppress it.

After a long time, a life spring formed in the five parts of his body, the heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidney. All of his energy was poured into the life spring.


An earth-shattering change happened in his body. With a loud bang, Ye Qiu successfully stepped into the Hidden Life realm like a butterfly breaking out of its cocoon. From today onwards, the five parts of his body had become the source of his strength. His aura was restrained, and his five parts are complete.

“Ah… How comfortable…” Ye Qiu let out a sigh of relief.

From this moment on, he was no longer the useless peak master of Violet Cloud Peak, but an expert in the Hidden Life realm. At this point, he was only a step away from the Jiaozhu realm.

It was exactly as Ye Qiu had expected. A thousand years of cultivation was just enough for him to break through the Infinite Distance realm and enter the Hidden Life realm. Even though he wasn’t able to reach the Jiaozhu realm in one go, Ye Qiu was already very satisfied. After all, he still had to eat his food one bite at a time. Sometimes, if he ate too much, he would feel bloated.

When he woke up again, Ye Qiu looked completely different. His entire temperament had undergone a tremendous change. If he had shown off a bit of his abilities before, his aura was now completely restrained. He looked no different from an ordinary person.

However, what was different from ordinary people was that there was always a mysterious immortal aura around him, as if he was an immortal from the heavens, coming to this world for a stroll.

According to the effects of the Hidden Life, this kind of temperament did not exist. This kind of temperament was completely brought about by the Immortal Marrow Pill.

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