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A World Worth Protecting
Chapter 1451
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1451 Chapter 1453, a piece of information

The races of that star area thought that there was an extremely brutal ancient demogorgon sleeping on this continent.

According to the records, even if they were far away from that floating continent, they could see the thing that they yearned for the most in their lives.

Each life seemed to see something different. However, without exception, it would trigger the madness in their hearts, making them want to rush up and step on this continent to pursue their desires.

Although a million years had passed, the civilization of that star field clearly had a deep impression of this matter. Therefore, it was recorded and passed down as history. Even after such a long time had passed.., it was still known by many people of that civilization.

However, it was clear that this matter was too unbelievable. After so many years had passed, it was mostly treated as a myth.

The cultivator who had shared the news had only said it as a joke in a tavern in a public galaxy, and it had been heard by a cultivator from the greater universe not too far away.

However… for the greater universe where Wang Baole lived, as the various races went out to explore, a large amount of information was sent back almost every day. Some relied on divine abilities and spells, some were kept secret in one’s mind.

However, regardless of which method it was, whether it was known by all living beings or controlled by an individual, even if one heard it occasionally… to Wang baole, it would be understood by him.

However… whatever life forms that were born in the universe, what they thought, and what they thought were all secrets, in reality, the moment they were known… the statue that Wang Baole had transformed into was already known through them, everything.

Over the countless years, the statue that Wang Baole had transformed into had already become a part of this universe. Even now… No one knew that the existence of this statue had long surpassed the will of this universe.

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Such an existence, his divine thoughts had already integrated into every living being.

Therefore, when this piece of information was found out by someone in this universe, the statue that Wang Baole had transformed into also knew about this matter. Therefore… it began to tremble.

This was the first time in countless years that the statue had trembled.

As it trembled, the entire universe began to tremble as well. As it trembled, countless stars shook, countless races were shocked, and countless lives cried out in surprise.

In fact… all the stars dimmed at that moment. It was as if there was some kind of light that couldn’t be seen by all living beings. It shone at that moment, causing the stars to dim.

“What’s happening! ?”

“Oh my God, why do I feel like the sky is shaking! ?”

“It’s not just the sky, it’s the entire starry sky, the entire great universe! !”The Great Beings in this great universe flew out from their respective civilizations one after another, looking in all directions in shock.

There were even three to five ancient, powerful, and astonishing auras that erupted from some ancient ruins or races, sweeping in all directions. However, even they were trembling.

That was because they could sense an aura that seemed to exist in their divine souls, in the bloodlines of all living beings, and in every corner and dust in the great universe.

Amidst the Terror and terror of all living beings in the great universe, the statue standing on the same unremarkable mountain peak trembled even more violently.

Countless amounts of dust fell from it. Finally, the most powerful almighty beings in the great universe endured the trembling in their hearts. After sweeping through the entire great universe, they found this star, and as they descended.., when they saw that the statue was trembling, their hearts and minds were filled with great waves.

“This statue… In my memories, this statue has existed since the day I was born!”

The faces of the few mighty figures were pale. They were in shock. The trembling of the statue grew stronger and stronger until finally… the eyes of the statue slowly… opened.

The moment the eyes opened, the world froze, the stars froze, the starry sky froze, everything froze, all living things froze. Everything, everything, everything froze.

Only the light in the eyes grew brighter and brighter. As the soil on the statue gradually dissipated, Wang baole, dressed in black, stood there. His expression was a little strange as he stood there silently for a long time, he closed his eyes as if he was deep in thought.

After a long while, when he opened his eyes, no one in the universe could hear him mumbling.

“A continent..

“A million years ago..

“Wherever it passed, all life lost consciousness and turned into demons of lust..

“This continent is filled with lust…”Wang Baole mumbled as the light in his eyes grew brighter and brighter. He was almost certain that this continent was most likely formed from his true form.

Even if it wasn’t his true form, it was bound to be closely related to his true form.

Regardless, this was the first time Wang Baole had heard news about his true form in the past tens of thousands of years. After all… His true form had joined forces with Wang Yiyi’s father, causing his true form to lose its rationality and be filled with desire, an eternal exile, an eternal wanderings in the starry skies..

Wang Baole was silent. He lowered his head and looked at his right hand. There was a pearl in his palm. The pearl shone with a blue light. It was beautiful, beautiful.

It was a soul pearl.

It contained all the old friends from the Federation, as well as the old friends of the old friends… This was the moment when Wang Baole protected every single one of them, be it reincarnated or spirit souls, before they disappeared, he had sent them into it.

Not a single one was missing.

There were his parents, his sister, his master, Zhou Xiaoya, Zhao Yameng, Liu Daobin, and so on… every single one of them existed.

It had been held in Wang Baole’s palm for tens of thousands of years. Only when it woke up today did he open his palm and reveal it.

Staring at the bead, Wang Baole held it again and integrated it into his body. Then, he raised his head and looked at the civilized races in the large universe. He silently lifted his feet and walked forward.

As he left, the entire Cosmos regained its stillness in an instant. What followed was shock and exclamations, as well as countless expressions of fear and awe.

That was especially so for the few mighty figures. They saw that the statue… was no longer there.

They knew very well that an ancient existence had awoken. Amidst their fear and awe, they quickly communicated and sealed off the entire cosmos.

At the same time, they restrained themselves. They did not search for the source, nor did they ask about it, nor did they think about it.

That was because they could guess that since that ancient expert could transform into a statue for countless years, then he probably did not like to be disturbed. Furthermore, they did not have the strength to fight back at all. The only thing they could do.., was to make the entire universe go back to normal..

At the same time, they left with a lot of things on their minds. When they returned to their respective races, the first thing they did was to madly search through all the ancient records, hoping to find information that recorded the origin of the statue..

Several days later… an old man finally found an extremely shocking piece of information on an extremely ancient incomplete jade slip!

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