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A World Worth Protecting
Chapter 1452
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1452 Chapter 1454 left

“The God has left. As the last God in this universe, he brought his race and left this place… but before he left, he told us to worship that mysterious statue.”

“This statue seems to have existed for a very, very long time. Before the god left, he also made a trip… someone once looked at it from afar and saw… the God bowing to the statue as if he was saying goodbye.”

This piece of information caused a huge wave to rise up in the Almighty’s heart. As one of the five oldest and most powerful ancient almighty in the current great cosmos, he knew some information that others didn’t.

For example, this great cosmos had a god countless tens of thousands of years ago. The power of a god seemed to be able to easily destroy the entire great cosmos. This level of power left him in awe, but at the same time, he didn’t believe it at first, however, as his cultivation base rose, he had come to believe that a godly spirit might really exist.

That was because he had already reached the pinnacle of step four, and he knew very well… that the so-called godly spirit should be a mighty being whose cultivation base had reached an incredible level.

For such a mighty being to bid farewell to that statue before he left… it was easy to imagine just how powerful that statue must have been!

The old man immediately passed on the information to the other old fellows from the same era as him. As the most powerful beings in the great universe, they were all investigating the statue after they returned, therefore, as the old man passed on the information to them, they also passed on the shocking information they had found.

After sharing the information with each other, they more or less had a vague answer in their hearts.

“There used to be more than one God in this universe!”

“And every God bid farewell to that statue before they left…”

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“This statue… has records of a cultivator… and some people say that he was an immortal…”

The more they dug, the more terrified these almighty beings became. In the end, they no longer dared to continue digging. Instead, they waited in fear… for a catastrophe that might befall them.

They waited for a year, but there was still no result. However, they didn’t dare relax at all. Compared to them, most of the civilizations in the Cosmos didn’t know about this, their lives went on as usual.

At that moment, Wang Baole, who had caused the few mighty figures to tremble, arrived at the center of the cosmos. The place where the Origin Universe Dao space used to be was now… a territory filled with planets and civilizations.

Naturally, no one had noticed his arrival. Just like that, Wang Baole walked in. He walked to a star and looked at the land.

In his memories, this was the place where the desert had once been.

“My true form…”Wang Baole sat on the top of a mountain on the star. As the mountain wind blew, his eyes revealed a strong sense of loneliness.

“They’ve all left…”Wang Baole muttered. Everyone had left. The entire universe was meaningless to him. In reality… he should have left long ago.

He had watched the lives of all living beings for tens of thousands of years. However… he had watched countless lives and countless years of growth rings. He still couldn’t forget how his main body had sealed him in the desert and then left.

He could not forget the moment when his true form smiled and gave him his name.

It was as if this was his obsession.

“Perhaps, I am unwilling to leave, unwilling to wake up, waiting for news from my true form..

“Perhaps, I have watched all living things for tens of thousands of years, hoping that all these images will erase the complexity in my heart..

“Since the information about my main body has already appeared, and I’ve watched it for tens of thousands of years, I still can’t forget it..

“Then, it’s time for me to do something,”Wang Baole muttered to himself. Gradually, he smiled. It was a carefree and relaxed smile. It was as if after this decision was made firmly by him, he felt his entire body relax.

“Humans are all greedy for life

“However, when life is no longer possible, they will also have thoughts of helping others. For example, the Empyrean Lord… After realizing that he had failed and had no hope, he chose to help his main body and passed his hope to my main body

“As for my main body… he is more aware than the Empyrean Lord. After realizing that his desires could not be erased, he could have chosen to devour all living things to maintain his rationality and sobriety. However, he is a person who cares too much about his reputation. He doesn’t want others to see his despicable appearance. Therefore, he chose to sacrifice himself to help my clone.”Wang Baole smiled as he raised his hand, a bottle of ice spirit water appeared in his hand. He took a sip and raised his eyebrows.

“It doesn’t taste good. I still like rice wine.”As he said that, he threw away the ice spirit water and grabbed at the air again. A pot of rice wine appeared. He raised his head and took a big gulp. He looked extremely pleased.

“As for me, I have clearly surpassed the emperor and my true form. My awareness is much higher than theirs. The Emperor doesn’t have a choice. My true form doesn’t have much of a choice. As for me… I have countless choices

“I can choose to forget my true form and become the real Wang Baole. I was originally Wang Baole

“I can also be free and become an immortal

“I can also leave with Wang Yiyi and follow those people to the glorious heavens..

“I can also choose not to leave and live a carefree life in the thick Saturn ring

“However, I have chosen a dead end. I have chosen… to do this.”Wang Baole laughed as he spoke. He laughed and guffawed. He finished the rice wine in his hand, threw it out, and took out another bottle. He drank it all in one gulp.

“Stupid, really stupid!”Wang Baole crushed the wine bottle and continued to laugh loudly.

“The Emperor is a fool. His main body is a fool. I am also a fool!”

“Emperor, you can help my main body!”

“My Main Body, you can help me!”

“Then… So what if I help you!”

“I’m tired of living alone. I don’t want to. My Main Body, you can help me live alone.”As Wang Baole spoke, he stood up. His eyes shone brightly as he took a step towards the distant world!

As he took that step, the entire cosmos rumbled. His figure appeared at the edge of the cosmos, as if he could take another step forward.

However, Wang Baole stopped in his tracks and suddenly spoke.

“I said, I’m leaving. As the will of the cosmos, aren’t you going to send me off? “At the very least, I should be the one who gave you the immortal inheritance. Come, come, come. I like rice wine. Bring me all the rice wine from all the races in the cosmos.”

In the next instant, all the rice wine from all the races and civilizations in the universe disappeared. They gathered together and formed a bead that suddenly appeared in front of Wang Baole.

In the distance, the figure of a boy walked out. He looked at Wang Baole timidly and bowed from afar.

Wang Baole took the bead. He threw his head back and laughed loudly. He took a step forward and stepped out of the… universe!

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