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A World Worth Protecting
Chapter 1453
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1453 Chapter 1455. Finally, the true form

If one were to stand at a supreme position and look at the thick Saturn ring, one would be able to see that it looked like a wheel. However, the extent of its size was something that even the almighty experts were unable to describe.

The entire thick Saturn ring was simply too big.

It contained countless dao domains, and each DAO domain contained countless layers of star domains. Within each layer of star domain, there were countless great universes..

It could be said that it was very difficult for any existence to complete the entire thick Saturn ring. To achieve this… one had to have a cultivation base close to the peak of the thick earth ring, which was the so-called ninth step!

However, to be able to train one’s cultivation base to such a level, even if one used the countless races and civilizations within the thick Saturn ring as the foundation, it would still be very difficult to appear.

Even with the passage of time, it would still be as rare as a Phoenix’s feather or a qilin’s horn. This required extraordinary talent, a great opportunity, and even more so, Luck.

As such, countless stories and battles would occur in the thick Saturn ring during every period of time. They would compete with each other to prove their dao.

Everything was for the sake of reaching the peak of the thick Saturn ring. Everything was for the sake of breaking through to the Brilliant Heaven Realm!

The Brilliant Heaven realm was a name that was unfamiliar to almost all living beings. Only those who had reached an extremely high level of cultivation would be able to sense… that there was another ring outside of the thick Saturn ring.

It was called… Heaven’s expanse.

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As for the details, such as how Big The Heaven’s expanse was, and how the Heaven’s expanse realm was divided, almost no one knew. Those who knew had already ascended, broken through the obstacles of the stars, and stepped into Heaven’s expanse.

However, Wang Baole wasn’t interested in all of that. He was walking through the layers of the thick Saturn ring, holding a wine gourd in his hand. The wine gourd was formed from a pearl, and there were countless grains of rice wine in it, every time he drank it, it would be different.

Wang Baole drank the entire way, and he felt very comfortable. He even sang a few songs occasionally. His voice traveled through the layers of the galaxy, and it often caused the countless races and civilizations in the large universes in this layer of the galaxy to tremble when they heard it, it was as if they had heard the Great Dao.

“How delightful!”As he laughed, Wang Baole burped. He exhaled a mouthful of alcohol, and it filled the other layer of the galaxy in front of him. It caused the countless races and civilizations in the large universes in this layer of the galaxy to.., it was as if they had been drunk for tens of thousands of years.

For tens of thousands of years, all the beings in this level of the galaxy wouldn’t die, but they wouldn’t wake up either. Everything seemed to be still, but it wasn’t. They had fallen into a state of intoxication.

Even the will of the Heavenly Dao was in the same state.

However, they were safe. There weren’t any living beings that could step into this level of the galaxy. As long as they entered, they would immediately fall into a drunken slumber.

Wang baole glanced at them with his drunken eyes. He smiled and paid them no mind. He strode across several levels of the galaxy and continued his search. Even though he didn’t find any clues along the way, Wang Baole wasn’t in a hurry.

As long as the alcohol was still around, he felt that the journey wasn’t too bad.

Time passed. Wang Baole stopped and walked around happily. Sometimes, he would enter some of the civilized races to observe the development of the race, and other times, he would fiddle with the progress of the civilization, this allowed a certain civilization to grow under the influence of gifts.

Everything was like a game. Wang Baole’s pace became more and more cheerful.

Of course, along the way, Wang Baole met some ignorant people. Even though his aura was enough to intimidate everyone and cause the terrifying existences in the countless starfields to tremble when they sensed it.., there were still some delusional people or arrogant beings who harbored ill intentions towards Wang Baole, who didn’t intentionally release any pressure.

Most of these existences were killed by Wang Baole with a single slap, leaving nothing behind.

However, there were a few who were extremely powerful. Wang baole would slap them twice.

The only one who was not killed after three slaps was a strange life form in the shape of a green cactus filled with thorns. The cactus was only the size of a palm. It was inconspicuous, but it contained an incomparable bloodlust and malevolence, when it met Wang Baole, it was smashing into an early-stage universe that was in the form of a bubble at an alarming speed.

As it smashed, the bubble-like universe collapsed immediately. All the nutrients in it were instantly sucked away by the cactus. Then, a face appeared on the cactus with a satisfied expression on its face.

Wang Baole looked at it in surprise and took a few more glances.

The immortal sphere seemed to have been provoked by those few glances, and it was very displeased. It charged at Wang Baole at an astonishing speed.

In the end, Wang Baole slapped it, breaking a large number of spikes. It let out a blood-curdling scream and charged again, seemingly unconvinced. Then, Wang Baole slapped it again out of curiosity, causing the spikes on the immortal sphere to disappear, cracks even appeared on the ball.

However, the ball seemed to be rather stupid. It roared and charged forward once again. After being slapped by Wang Baole for the third time, it was sent flying far, far away… the force it was carrying was so great that it shattered the void, it disappeared.

I think I used too much force… I knocked it out of the thick Saturn Ring’s Wall realm… Wang Baole glanced at it. He didn’t pay much attention to it and continued wandering.

An unknown amount of time passed. One day, while drinking, Wang Baole arrived at his first destination, which was the galaxy that recorded the land of desire. He had just arrived when Wang Baole’s hand, which was holding the wine flask, froze, he paused slightly. His expression became more serious as he sensed it silently.

A million years have passed, but the aura of desire still remains here..

Wang Baole raised his right hand and grabbed at the air. The entire galaxy immediately distorted, and a wisp of black fog appeared out of thin air and floated before Wang Baole.

Wang baole felt the familiar aura emanating from within and murmured softly.

“My true form, what will you look like now? Have you turned into a continent?”

“Won’t That Be Ugly?”Wang Baole laughed involuntarily. However, there was a deep look in his eyes. He held onto the wisp of black fog and sensed it silently. He locked onto a direction and took a step forward.

This step crossed countless star domains and hundreds of thousands of dao domains. When it appeared… It was a barren starry sky. There were no stars here. There was only a vast, decaying continent moving forward slowly..

The continent was filled with black fog and the aura of desire. On the surface of the continent, one could see the ruins of Nations and civilizations, as well as the countless captured, demonic stars around it!

However, if one took a closer look, one could vaguely make out that the continent looked like a human face. It was a distorted human face that looked like it was in pain.

Looking at the human-faced continent, Wang Baole had a complicated look in his eyes as he muttered softly.

“Main Body…”

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