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A World Worth Protecting
Chapter 1454
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1454 Chapter 1456: My Life in exchange for your awakening!

After a long time… gone.

Wang Baole wasn’t sure how long it had been. He had been a statue for far too long. Over the tens of thousands of years, one godlike figure after another had left with their tribes, the universe had experienced too many times of destruction and rebirth.

Perhaps… the only thing that hadn’t changed was that he was still here, and his true form… was still here.

It could even be said that Wang Baole had long been able to leave the thick Saturn ring and head for the glorious skies. Here… His true form was his only bond.

Wang Baole stood in the starry skies, staring at the human-faced continent. He stared at the familiar face. The doors to his memories slowly opened in his mind. The images of the past flowed like water before his eyes.

After a long while, Wang Baole sighed softly. He picked up the wine flask in his hand, placed it to his mouth, and took a big gulp. A strange glow slowly appeared in his eyes.

In reality, he had long thought of how to make his main body regain its rationality. Even though his desires could not be extinguished… they could be replaced.

Wang Baole’s method was something he had slowly thought of after observing all living beings for tens of thousands of years.

“In this world, all living things have desires, but desires… aren’t just about listening, speaking, seeing, smelling, touching, and feeling

“In this world, there are six other desires… that have always existed,”Wang Baole mumbled. He had watched all living things for many years, and he had seen the people in countless tribes, their desire for inheritance, their desire for knowledge.., their thirst for all unsolved things.

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This thirst was what Wang Baole called… the thirst for knowledge.

They pursued all unsolved things, and they desperately wanted to understand everything.

Other than that, he had also seen the lives of countless tribes. As their lives bloomed, the desire to stand out from the depths of their hearts, the desire to be extraordinary, and some of them wanted to become heroes.., some wanted to go crazy for their country and their race. However, no matter what, this desire seemed to have accompanied them throughout their lives..

After Wang Baole observed for a long time, he called this desire… the desire to show off.

To show off for oneself, and to show off for the race, to show off for a life worth living.

After these two desires, there was another desire that was equally strong. It was so strong that it was related to the reproduction of a race. It was related to the Great Dao of the spirit and physiology of every living being.

That was… lust.

Through Wang Baole’s observation, he realized that this desire was very special. It could be honey, or it could be poison. However, no matter what it was… it seemed to be pursued by countless living beings, even if it became poison.., it hurt the mind, but often, there was still hope and longing in the depths of the soul.

“Perhaps it’s because every life of ours is lonely, but we don’t like being lonely,”Wang Baole muttered. When he was observing the living beings, he realized the fourth desire.

The fourth desire was similar to the desire to express, but it was different. It was more of a form of speech and expression. It was hidden in the instincts of every life. Wang Baole himself had it, and all living beings had it.

Wang baole called it… the desire to talk.

Regardless of whether it was to talk to others or to himself, it was the desire to talk. For example, Wang Baole felt that he was currently immersed in the desire to talk.

“There’s another desire…”Wang Baole continued to talk. He realized that over the countless years, regardless of which race or civilization, a strange state would appear at different times, that was… comfort.

It was as if comfort was always one of the many desires that all life pursued. be it personal strength, or the strength of a race, or plundering, or conquering..

Everything was ultimately for one’s own comfort.

It was the same for all living beings. There was no exception.

Even if there was, it was only during that period of time. If the timeline was changed, everything would still return to this desire.

Therefore, Wang Baole called this desire… the desire for comfort.

As for the last desire, Wang Baole felt it more clearly from those who were about to die in the race, or those who were in a life-and-death crisis. Not everyone could die without any regrets, without any pursuit, they were willing to close their eyes.

Not everyone had the right to decide on their own death. As such… There were too many lives in the various races, and at that moment, a strong desire would burst forth from their bodies.

Desire… to live.

This desire was infinitely great, and it had caused waves in Wang Baole’s heart as he observed it many times.

In the end, he called it… the desire to live.

These six desires were the basic desires of life that Wang Baole had concluded after observing it for tens of thousands of years. They were also the key that he had thought of to restore his main body’s rationality.

Since desires were indelible, he would guide them and replace them… as if he was displaying them in a different way.

The six desires of the latter obviously required rationality. Therefore… Once the replacement was successful, Wang Baole believed that… his main body would be able to return completely.

However, all of this requires the guidance of his main body. Therefore, the first thing I need to do is to awaken his main body’s consciousness from its slumber… Wang Baole looked at the human-faced continent. After a moment of silence, he walked forward.

As he approached, the stars that he had captured around the continent immediately emitted a strong light. A large amount of black qi spread out from the continent, spreading in all directions.

However, none of this could stop Wang Baole in the slightest.

As he approached, the bright stars seemed to be unable to withstand the suppressive force. They immediately collapsed into pieces, turning into countless fragments that spread outwards.

The black fog that represented desire was the same. As Wang Baole got closer, he was unable to touch it at all. At that moment, Wang Baole was an existence that the black desire couldn’t touch.

However, it was also difficult for him to wipe away the black fog that was formed by the desire. Unless he wiped out all life in the thick Saturn ring and made the desire have no source, the black fog would exist eternally.

With the black gas of desire unable to stop him, Wang Baole walked towards the continent. He walked to the spot between the brows of the human face. He stood there, raised his right hand, and a wave of immortal will erupted, it swept across the entire continent.

Wherever the immortal will passed, all the life forms formed from desire on the continent let out shrill cries. All of them disappeared instantly as if they had evaporated. All the ruins on the continent were wiped out at that moment.

The continent looked much cleaner now. Even the black fog was converging rapidly. Not much spread out. From Afar, the faces of the people on the continent became clearer.

“My true form… Wake Up!”Wang Baole said softly. As soon as he said that, countless laws formed in the void of the starry sky. They blasted into the interior of the continent. They surpassed lightning and thundered in all directions.

These words contained endless laws. Normally speaking, with Wang Baole’s current cultivation level, he was able to wake up everything in the thick Saturn ring with a tremor.

However… his main body was the only one that was shaking. Cracks appeared on the ground, but there were no signs of him waking up!

“As expected, he still can’t wake up…”Wang Baole muttered.

The desire here was too deep and heavy. It originated from all living beings in the thick Saturn ring. Even though Wang Baole had the ability to suppress all living beings… his true form was extremely powerful.

After all, it was a life form that was almost complete after the emperor had fused with him.

Theoretically speaking, it was impossible for him to wake up.

Forget it, forget it… Wang Baole raised his head and looked into the distance. He was looking in the direction of the great cosmos. Vaguely, he seemed to see familiar figures.

There were Wang Baole’s parents, his master, Zhao Yameng, Zhou Xiaoya, his friends, and countless auras..

“The Emperor has completed the main body.”

“The main body has completed me.”

“The current me has long become an independent entity. There is no longer any need to continue fusing with the main body. The only way to awaken it is to… Exchange my life for his life. I will disappear completely in exchange for his awakening!”

Wang Baole smiled. He raised his right hand and grabbed at the air. The wine flask appeared, and he gulped down an unprecedented mouthful.

He downed more than half of the wine in the flask in one gulp.

Then, with a wave of his hand, he threw the wine flask out and scattered it into the starry sky outside the continent. He grabbed again with his right hand, and a soul pearl appeared. After taking a closer look, Wang Baole threw it out again, it floated in the starry sky as well. Then, he took a deep breath and laughed loudly.

As he laughed, his body began to burn. Immortal will rose up, and his fleshly body, his divine soul, and everything else began to burn.

As the flames burned, the starry sky trembled, and the entire celestial domain rumbled. The entire DAO domain erupted, and the entire thick Saturn ring trembled.

All living things, all races, and all wills began to tremble in the depths of their hearts. Countless gazes tried to track down the source of the trembling, but all of them failed.

“Loneliness is so boring

“You’re still the smartest person in the world. You’ve been asleep for so long, so you don’t have to experience the desolation of being alone when everyone else is gone..

“To me, I’ve been independent, and I’ve enjoyed it, and I’ve experienced it, and I’ve… lived it. That’s… enough

“That’s enough

“Then today, I’ll… fulfill your wish

“You won’t be able to wake up, and you won’t be able to take the initiative to replace the six desires. It’s fine… I’ll help you!”

“Burn my dao, Burn My Soul, and scatter my spirit… with that, give your true form the feeling of the six desires. With your intelligence and comprehension, this time… you will definitely wake up!”

Wang Baole laughed loudly as his body was burned violently. He waved his right hand, and one-sixth of his body dissipated, turning into a ray of white light.

“This is… the desire to know!”As he spoke, Wang Baole waved his hand. The Ray of light, which represented an endless desire to know, exploded. It was so bright that it entered the forehead of the human-faced continent.

The continent rumbled, and the human face trembled!

It wasn’t over yet. Wang Baole waved his hand again, and another one-sixth of his body dissipated, turning into a ray of blue light. This ray of light was filled with dreams and the desire to show off. At that moment, it headed straight for the human face of the continent.

This is the desire to express

The continent trembled again, and it grew stronger.

Then, a third ray of light appeared. It was crimson red. It was the color of lust. It was like fire, and it could give people warmth. It could also burn people into ashes. However, perhaps it was its charm that caused countless moths to be willing to pounce on it!

“This is lust!”

Wang Baole’s voice was hoarse, and his aura had dissipated too much. However, his eyes were still as bright as ever. With a wave of his hand, a fourth ray of light appeared.

This ray of light contained all the desire to speak, and it entered the continent!

“This is the desire to speak!”

The entire human-faced continent was rumbling non-stop, and it began to collapse. The countless black gases within it seemed to have transformed into faces, and they were all roaring.

“This is the desire to feel comfortable!”

Wang Baole laughed again. He waved his hands violently, and the fifth ray of light gathered. The moment it entered the continent and Wang Baole opened his mouth to speak… his body had turned blurry, and only one-sixth of it remained!

The final thing… is the desire to live! Wang Baole’s body collapsed with a loud bang. Everything turned into the sixth ray of light at that moment. It was filled with determination, pursuit, and desire, it charged… towards the human face of the continent!

At that moment, the entire thick Saturn ring shook violently. All living beings trembled. The spot where Wang Baole had disappeared completely, the last words in his life faintly echoed on the continent.

“Wang Baole, I’ll return this name to you!”

As the voice reverberated, a loud sound reverberated across the entire thick Saturn ring. The entire continent collapsed completely. The shattered rocks turned to dust the moment they spread out..

The collapse continued until finally, the continent… disappeared.

The only thing floating in the starry sky was a body that had been buried within the continent for tens of thousands of years!

The body was dressed in a long black robe. Its long hair fluttered in the wind. Its eyes were closed, and its face was pale. It didn’t move… Upon closer inspection, it was… Wang Baole’s true form!

Its eyelashes fluttered slightly, but its eyes never opened. It seemed to be immersed in a nightmare..

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