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A World Worth Protecting
Chapter 82 - Dharmic Artifacts Can Be Used in This Manner
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Chapter 82: Dharmic Artifacts Can Be Used in This Manner

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“Darn it, why did it have to be someone from the Dao Enlightenment faculty?” After returning to the cave abode, Wang Baole did not feel the euphoria of winning the second match. He simply sat there, deeply troubled.

“That maniac! Did he actually succeed in Dao enlightenment?” Wang Baole was most concerned about that. He was extremely uneasy and quickly accessed the Spirit Intranet to search things up.

He did not even care about the outcome of the other matches. All his attention was on posts regarding the Dao Enlightenment faculty. He browsed for a long time, and it was only when there was no indication of anything untoward that he slightly relaxed.

However, he was still unsettled. After a brief moment, he clenched his teeth, his eyes revealing a gleam of determination.

I can’t care much anymore. If he really succeeded, and people from the Dao Enlightenment faculty come and request that I hit them, then I shall fulfill their request! All I have to do is hit them, right?

Thinking that, Wang Baole was quite proud of the idea.

Therefore, he grabbed hold of the remaining time to meditate. Very quickly, the third day arrived, and he began his third match.

This time, the arena was located in the Traps faculty!

To a certain degree, the Traps faculty had similarities to the Dharmic Armament faculty. In areas concerning puppets, the Traps faculty could be considered to be more specialized compared to the Dharmic Armament faculty. In terms of the laying of traps, the lethality was increased if the Traps faculty and the Dharmic Armament faculty joined forces.

Fatso Forefathers, please bless me such that my future opponents will not be anyone from the Dao Enlightenment faculty! Wang Baole prayed silently in his heart as he made his way toward the arena. Even though having an opponent from the Dao Enlightenment faculty was almost like gaining victory automatically, the ramifications were difficult to determine, so he would rather not have the easy victory.

Perhaps his Fatso Forefathers heard his prayers, for he heaved a sigh of relief when he arrived at the arena in the Traps faculty, saw his opponent for the match, and heard the conversations by the spectators.

As long as it’s not the lunatics from the Dao Enlightenment faculty, anything goes!

The third match was about to begin. The crowd’s enthusiasm skyrocketed with every step that Wang Baole and his opponent took toward the arena.

“Wang Baole!”

“Li Nan!”

“It’s the dark horse, Li Nan, who emerged victorious against Chen Ziheng!”

“This Li Nan has already won two consecutive matches. His last opponent was a senior student Head Prefect from the Array Formation faculty, whom he beat using his pills like the first time!”

“It is definitely going to be a close and fierce battle between him and Wang Baole!”

News of this match spread like wildfire as the spectators commented on the pairing. Wang Baole and Li Nan were both prominent characters who had won their previous two matches. Their battle was definitely a match to be anticipated.

Therefore, numerous other spectators gathered there, rushing from the fighting arenas of the other faculties.

On the arena, Li Nan, who had just arrived, did not even bother to look at Wang Baole. He simply sat down directly, crossed his legs, and began meditating with closed eyes. He looked extremely formidable, and Wang Baole, who had wanted to exchange greetings with him, was surprised.

“Is this his way of having an opening gambit?” Wang Baole muttered as he swept his gaze on Li Nan. He puffed up his chest, his hands behind his back.

Just like that, the pair, one sitting and one standing, began the match when the three teachers announced its commencement, with an ever-increasing number of spectators gathering in the background.

The very instant the match was announced to have begun, Li Nan opened his eyes, revealing a cold, powerful gaze. As he raised his right hand, a crimson red-colored pill appeared immediately in his palm. Without hesitation, Li Nan smashed the pill toward the area in front of Wang Baole!

With a loud bang, the pill exploded! As it transformed into a dissipating red fog, another pill appeared in Li Nan’s left hand. He swallowed it in a single mouthful, causing his eyes to turn red. To begin with, he was already in the Pulse Enrichment stage, but now that he had suddenly evolved, his mightiness went through the roof!

In that moment, his Blood Qi rose high, spreading out in all directions. Even illusory hurricanes were created from the impact of his Blood Qi, causing destruction everywhere.

All this happened even before the sound of the word “Start!” that marked the commencement of the match ended. These events took place continuously one after another, causing all the spectators to draw a deep breath. Even the three teachers were captivated by the sight.

“What an amazing move by Li Nan!”

“First, it was the poisonous pill, followed by a pill that improved his competency. I’ve heard that he made all his pills himself!”

With the praises from the spectators, Li Nan grinned as he headed straight toward Wang Baole with intense speed.

Wang Baole’s pupils constricted immediately. The crimson red poisonous fog surrounding him made him cautious, and the imposing manner given off by Li Nan, who had just swallowed the pill, intensified his sense of alertness.

“Formidable! However, was that considered cheating?” Wang Baole could see that Li Nan, who had just swallowed the pill, showed a significant improvement in both speed and strength, making him swift and powerful. Therefore, in response, Wang Baole’s gaze turned, and he returned with a loud roar as he rushed toward Li Nan rapidly, unleashing his speed.

Li Nan laughed coldly. Even though he was not a head prefect, his enhancing pills gave him an advantage. He felt that if he wanted to become the Head Prefect, it would be an easy feat. Right now, although he was determined to obtain the chance to enter the mystic realm, he also wanted to stand out.

Wang Baole, the Head Prefect of the Dharmic Armament faculty? Today, I will let you realize that with me around, you are nothing but a scum! Li Nan thought, laughing silently inside as he increased his speed, unleashing his full potential. He became even more imposing as his Blood Qi spread further, throwing every spectator off their feet.

Suddenly, as the pair approached each other, Li Nan let out a low growl.

“Wang Baole, you’re destined to lose!”

As Li Nan spoke, his fist emerged, crushing a pill hidden in his palm. Immediately, copious amounts of green fog emerged from his fists, spreading like countless small snakes in an intimidating manner.

However, the moment he approached, Wang Baole raised his right hand as well. A golden glow spread from his palm like a protective shield.

“Shielding yourself with Dharmic artifacts? It is useless! Let me see how many times your Dharmic artifacts can withstand my attacks!” Li Nan laughed loudly, increasing his speed, but the moment they made contact with each other physically, that seemingly protective golden glow was thrown out by Wang Baole. He was not using the glow to protect himself but it to envelope Li Nan.

“This Dharmic artifact was made specially for you!” Wang Baole gloated. Immediately, the golden ray shining on Li Nan instantly turned into a big, golden bell. A loud boom was heard the moment it landed on the floor, trapping Li Nan within.

At the same time, Wang Baole did not pause. He quickly retrieved numerous beads that were giving off a golden glow and threw them over. With a deafening bang, numerous other restrictive layers were added to the Golden Bell Shield, enveloping Li Nan!

In those few moments, the Golden Bell Shield sitting on the arena was like a gigantic light bulb, shining brightly!

That scene caused all the spectators and teachers standing around to freeze. Their eyes widened in disbelief as they felt that something did not add up. As it turned out, it was Wang Baole who was too unpredictable.

To anyone, the moment they saw the protective golden glow, they naturally would have thought that it was used for self-protection. Few would have expected that this protective tool, when used by Wang Baole, was not for personal protection but was instead to be used on his opponent.

He had actually turned this protective Dharmic artifact into a containment Dharmic artifact, trapping Li Nan in it!

“There’s such a use as well!”

“What actually went through Wang Baole’s mind to use the Dharmic artifact this way?”

“Isn’t this despicable? I feel that even without the Dharmic artifact, Li Nan would not be an equal opponent to Wang Baole in the first place.”

As the spectators reveled in shock, Li Nan, who was trapped in the golden glow, recovered from his surprise and was extremely furious.

“Wang Baole, you’re so despicable! If you have the ability, fight me head on!” he growled with a low voice as he attacked the golden glow in all directions, attempting to destroy the protective shield. However, it was too thick, for Wang Baole had strengthened it to the point where there was no way that Li Nan could break through it within a short period of time.

Listening to Li Nan’s angry shouts, Wang Baole cleared his throat. He was proud of his wit and his ability to have thought of this solution. With his hands behind his back again, he began to speak righteously and seriously.

“I am from the Dharmic Armament faculty. Naturally, we are physically weak, and we do not advocate physical fights. We depend on Dharmic artifacts to gain victory. Didn’t you become formidable by consuming those pills? I don’t believe that they don’t have an effective time limit. I’ve trapped you in there, and I shall wait until the effects of your pills fade before I fight you!”

After Wang Baole finished speaking, he sat right down, retrieving a bag of snacks from his storage bracelet, and began munching on them as he looked at Li Nan.

The scene and his words caused the spectators’ facial expressions to change and reveal looks of disgust. They felt that it was acceptable if other students from the Dharmic Armament faculty said that they were weak, but hearing those words from Wang Baole, they could not help but feel that Wang Baole was being too despicable.

“Him? Weak? He stayed in the Lava Chamber for three days, and even those from the Combat faculty were no match for him in terms of speed!”

“This fellow is so physically strong. Even the teachers from the Combat faculty have commented regrettably that Wang Baole entered the wrong faculty.”

“Is he actually snacking in the middle of a fight?”

The referees did not know whether to laugh or cry as well. They pitifully looked at Li Nan, who was uncontrollably attacking the golden glow that he was trapped in with no signs of stopping.

Li Nan was driven nuts. He cursed, but every time that he managed to destroy a golden glow, Wang Baole strengthened it with another layer with a wave of his hand, as if trying to convey the message that no matter how quickly Li Nan attacked the shield, he was no match for the number of Dharmic treasures that Wang Baole had.

That was especially so when Wang Baole noticed Li Nan unending attacks. He retrieved tens of beads, showing them to Li Nan, sending the message that all his attempts to escape were futile.

“Despicable!” Looking at those beads, blue veins emerged on Li Nan’s forehead, and his breathing hastened. He was exasperated as he felt the effects of his pills fading away and his body becoming weaker. He eventually broke out in cold sweat and, with no other choice, began speaking indignantly.

“I admit defeat!”

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