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A World Worth Protecting
Chapter 83 - Battle of the Ancient Martial Arts
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Chapter 83: Battle of the Ancient Martial Arts

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Li Nan’s anger level was through the roof, but there was nothing he could do. Those enhancement pills could not be taken continuously, especially since they all came with side effects.

If the pills were used by people from the other faculties, they would definitely be mocked. Only students from the Alchemy faculty who were using pills that they had personally manufactured was acceptable.

Originally, he had planned to use this pill throughout the match to emerge in the top 1,000. In his previous two matches, he had also been ruthless and fierce in his moves, with the aim of exalting himself. He had thought everything through, planning to defeat Wang Baole and ride on that victory to shoot himself to fame.

He had also prepared himself for failure, but he had thought that any failure would come in the form of Wang Baole physically defeating him. This way, he could argue that Wang Baole had only won due to his physical prowess.

He was from the Alchemy faculty; therefore, his use of pills was considered legitimate. On the other hand, the Head Prefect of the Dharmic Armament faculty had relied on his fists instead of his Dharmic Armaments… This issue was tricky and difficult to resolve since no proper limits regarding it had been laid out for the tournament. Furthermore, if one were to engage in a life-and-death battle, there would be no rules laid out either. However, playing to the gallery for a short period of time was effective and possible. It would be nothing but helpful for his own fame.

His plan was brilliant, but Wang Baole was the unpredictable one, creatively making use of the protective Dharmic artifacts to put up an elaborate and classical match representing the Dharmic Armament faculty!

Li Nan could only bitterly concede defeat. When the match has concluded, the Spirit Intranet of Ethereal Dao College was exploding with discussion about it, the number of posts far exceeding those regarding the other matches.

“Wang Baole was despicable! We from the Alchemy faculty express our indignation!”

“That’s right! It could be understood if he used his real abilities. Instead, he trapped our contender from the Alchemy faculty! What is that? Does he think he is from the Array Formation faculty?”

Many from the Alchemy faculty were quick to fault Wang Baole for not playing fair. Wang Baole’s tactic used in the match caused goosebumps in the students from the Alchemy faculty, paralyzing them in fear as he had provided the other faculties with an example of how to go against the Alchemy faculty.

On the other hand, the students from the Dharmic Armament were all exhilarated. They all argued against the comments from the Alchemy faculty, as the alternate use of the protective Dharmic artifact was seemingly simple, having been briefly suggested by others before. However, most people could only think of using it to protect themselves, for it was a deeply entrenched preconception. Therefore, to be able to change one’s mindset in the urgency of the match and use the Dharmic artifacts to their fullest potential was something that was easier said than done.

“Our Head Prefect was legitimate in his use of the Dharmic artifact in defeating the Alchemy faculty!”

“Who told you that a protective Dharmic artifact could only be used on oneself? Be glad that this was just a tournament organized by the Dao College, which allowed you to understand how useful and powerful it can be to use the Dharmic artifact in a different manner. If you met with a real life-and death battle, none of you would have time to complain!”

“How laughable! I’ve never heard of someone being insulted for his flexible use of Dharmic artifacts. The pills that the Alchemy faculty made yourselves were not able to land your faculty a victory, and you came here to create trouble by pushing the blame onto us, is that it?”

Seeing how the students from the Dharmic Armament faculty were standing up for him, Wang Baole was delighted. Rubbing his belly in his cave abode, he was heartened as he felt that he still had popularity among the masses.

The support that everyone has given is the most significant recognition to me, the Head Prefect!

In the midst of the increasingly heated discussion between the two sides, the fourth match of the tournament that could determine one’s admission into the mystic realm arrived!

In this match, Wang Baole’s arena was located in the Dao Enlightenment faculty!

When he appeared in the Dao Enlightenment faculty, it immediately caused a commotion. No one was interested in the other arenas within the Dao Enlightenment faculty—almost all the students from the Dao Enlightenment faculty had gathered around the arena where Wang Baole would compete. They all sat down with their legs crossed and began gaining Dao enlightenment as they stared at Wang Baole.

Wang Baole feigned ignorance toward the unwanted attention given to him by the Dao Enlightenment faculty. Very quickly, his opponent for the match appeared.

That person was burly. His body was like a mountain, giving off an imposing vibe that transformed into a suppressive force. He seemed to bring his surroundings along with him, creating waves of pressure.

“I am Song Pinlong, the Head Prefect from the Strength Hall of the Combat faculty. Greetings!” the burly youth said in a low voice while cupping his fists after emotionlessly stepping onto the arena.

The moment he finished his sentence, the imposing aura he gave off seemed to instantly dissipate. However, the more it appeared this way, the more Song Pinlong seemed unpredictable. It was like the calm before the storm. Even when he looked toward Wang Baole, his gaze was as peaceful as a lake.

Wang Baole also became unusually serious. Suppressing his discomfort toward the Dao Enlightenment faculty, he could feel that Song Pinlong was not a simple character. His proficiency and cultivation at the Pulse Enrichment peak made him an opponent that surpassed all the people whom he had met in the tournament so far.

To a certain extent, even though Song Pinlong could not be compared to the elder leading the men in black whom he had met in the Pond Cloud Rainforest, he was far stronger than the men in black who were at peak Pulse Enrichment.

In other words, the peak Pulse Enrichment men in black in the Pond Cloud Rainforest mostly comprised of people of varying origins. As for Song Pinlong, the fact that he could become one of the Head Prefects of the Combat faculty meant that both his cultivation and potential had already reached the peak in the Dao College.

“Head Prefect of the Dharmic Armament, Wang Baole here! I look forward to learning from you!” Wang Baole took a deep breath and returned the greeting with cupped fists.

“I have long heard that Head Prefect Wang Baole has formidable Dharmic artifacts as well as an astounding fighting capability. Today, I would like to challenge Schoolmate Wang’s fighting prowess and was wondering if you could spare the use of Dharmic artifacts. Let’s have a battle of flesh and blood!” The moment Song Pinlong finished his sentence, it was as if his entire body had been transformed into a heavy sword that was removed from its sheath. His gaze became sharp, and he stepped forward.

It was a series of seven steps, each wider than the previous one. The ground shook as he moved, and the students from the Dao Enlightenment faculty who were watching all held their breath as their minds reverberated from shock.

Song Pinlong’s imposing manner increased with every step he took. On his last step, his Blood Qi soared. Physically, he looked the same, but it felt like he had transformed into a giant. Like a tsunami, he suddenly directed a punch toward Wang Baole.

“Tsunami Punch!”

An illusion of a vast ocean immediately appeared behind him. It was almost like his punch harnessed the power of the ocean, shaking the heaven and earth. The teachers standing around were all momentarily taken aback.

At that moment, Wang Baole’s gaze sharpened. His desire to fight was piqued since the previous three matches could not even be considered a warm up to him. He did not flinch a single bit, nor did he use any Dharmic artifacts. Rather, he began moving, taking a big step forward.

“Sure!” As he spoke, he raised his right fist, throwing a punch just like Song Pinlong at the exact moment he approached!

Song Pinlong was more focused than ever. His power increased by a third, and he put in his best effort. The two fists connected with each other, the loud bang reverberating as the ground under them cracked. Rock and debris flew in all directions. Song Pinlong’s facial expression changed instantly as he felt a formidable force rushing toward and enveloping him. In the intense vibrations, he was forced to retreat several steps. When he raised his head to look at Wang Baole, his gaze was one of surprise.

“You’re strong!” That was the only thought in his mind.

Wang Baole also moved behind uncontrollably, but he stopped after just a few steps. As his eyes met Song Pinlong’s, his lips curled into a smile, his desire for combat intensifying as he leaped with unbelievable speed and retaliated.

Song Pinlong laughed with his head held high. Not only did he not retreat, his desire to fight was awakened as well, gushing out of his heart. In that moment, the pair was in battle again. As the sound of impacts spread, the both of them exchanged more than a hundred punches in just over ten breaths!

Even if they were pushed back, they immediately rushed forward again. It was as if a match between two individuals from the Combat faculty was unraveling in that very arena!

The spectators were tense beyond words at what they saw. Other than students from the Dao Enlightenment faculty, there were also spectators comprising of students from the other faculties. They all stared, flabbergasted. Even though there had been news that Wang Baole’s combat capabilities were high, they were not from the Dharmic Armament faculty after all and did not have a good understanding. As they watched Wang Baole’s moves, all of them were deeply shaken.

“This Wang Baole… is truly capable!”

“Depending purely on his fighting capabilities, he can actually effectively suppress the Combat faculty, even without using his Dharma treasures!”

“This… Is he from the Combat faculty or the Dharmic Armament faculty?”

At this moment, Song Pinlong, the Head Prefect of the Strength Hall of the Combat faculty, was obviously losing under the continuous attacks from Wang Baole. Crimson blood was flowing from the corner of his mouth while Wang Baole remained unscathed.

As the spectators watched, frozen, Song Pinlong charged as he increased his speed. He appeared to have recognized that he had insufficient strength; therefore, he activated his mystic technique as he increased his speed in order to boost his power. He even began raised his hand to strike his entire body so that his speed could increase more. With his reddened body, he charged toward Wang Baole with a low growl.

From afar, it appears as if a red eagle was swooping down on its prey.

“Speed?” Wang Baole’s gaze flashed momentarily. His cultivation was increased relying on the Great Void Qi Devouring Art through the absorption of spirit fat. He had long recognized that using this method to cultivate himself allowed him to physically surpass peers at his realm.

Now, he had not activated the devouring seed, nor did he begin his take down of his opponent. Since his opponent had requested to compete purely based on their physical abilities, Wang Baole was also interested in seeing his capabilities and his level of Pulse Enrichment!

He took a deep breath, causing his speed to increase. He instantly charged forward, but this time, he did not use his fists, instead leaping the moment his speed peaked, kicking Song Pinlong directly!

A boom louder than those heard previously erupted. Blood spurted out of Song Pinlong’s mouth as his body was thrown back. This time, he landed outside the arena, stopping tens of feet outside the boundary. He was pale as he vomited another mouthful of blood. However, his eyes were shining bright, and he acknowledged Wang Baole, who was standing on the arena, with cupped fists again.

“You rightfully deserve your fame! I am convinced. Wang Baole, when I attain my True Breath, I will definitely fight you again!” After finishing his sentence, Song Pinlong turned to leave.

On the arena, Wang Baole looked at Song Pinlong’s back. He felt great respect toward Song Pinlong as he could see that Song Pinlong was someone who someone dedicated to martial arts.

My opponents are becoming more and more powerful. I wonder who I’ll meet in the final match! Wang Baole finally relaxed as he turned around to leave the Dao Enlightenment faculty as well.

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