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A World Worth Protecting
Chapter 96 - Sorrow at the Height of Happiness
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Chapter 96: Sorrow at the Height of Happiness

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

“Even the Spirit Root plays tricks and creates trouble as well?” Wang Baole stared with his eyes wide open, looking at the illusory figure that was laughing. He was slightly suspicious, more so than being afraid. After all, before he arrived, he had gained a brief understanding of the True Breath Spirit Root through the jade slip given by the Chancellor, and he was aware that they contained Spirit Intelligence.

He had wanted to step forward to take a closer look, but at that instant, the imaginary figure seemed to have sensed him and abruptly turned around, revealing a face without any facial features. Within his body, a seven-inch root was also apparent.

“Seven inches, huh?” Wang Baole was deflated. He knew that what he was looking for right now as a Spirit Root that was not only an inch long but also fated with him.

“I didn’t think it would be challenging when I came, but now that I’ve experienced it, it’s so difficult!” Wang Baole said as he scratched his head. As he sighed and turned to leave, very suddenly, at this moment, the faceless seven-inch Spirit Root began glowing after seeing Wang Baole. Its face became blurry, and its body expanded rapidly.

“Hmm?” This scene bewildered Wang Baole. In front of his eyes, he saw the seven-inch Spirit Root expand its body, with facial features appearing, all within the time span of a few breaths. Even clothing appeared on it, and eventually, it transformed into a figure that looked exactly like himself!

Witnessing everything, Wang Baole’s eyes immediately lit up, and he was filled with excitement.

This was despite knowing from the jade slip given by the Chancellor that once the True Breath had chosen someone that it could get along with, it would begin attacking him. Only when he successfully dispersed it could it be absorbed.

However, if someone met with a high-level Spirit Root that they were not capable of absorbing, there was no way that they could absorb it even if they managed to disperse it. Therefore, it would be reassembled again and begin its harassment.

On a certain level, this could be considered good news. If the Spirit Root decided to harass someone, it meant that they were loyal. Once one reached the capability to absorb it, they could still do so.

“Hah! You sure have a keen eye, choosing me after recognizing that I’m the most handsome one out of everyone in this test, isn’t it?” Wang Baole laughed smugly, immediately moving backward to attract the Spirit Root to follow him.

The moment Wang Baole moved, the seven-inch Spirit Root flashed and growled, rushing quickly toward him. The two collided instantly, and the impact caused a boom that spread in all directions. The seven-inch Spirit Root was blasted hundreds of feet away after hitting Wang Baole, while the surprised Wang Baole was also pushed back by the impact.

This seven-inch Spirit Root has such great strength!

Wang Baole was taken aback. He knew that the fighting capabilities that he possessed now meant that even the Head Prefect of the Combat faculty might not be able to withstand the punch that he had just thrown. However, the fact that the seven-inch Spirit Root could resist the impact and vibration caused Wang Baole’s entire body to vibrate in surprise, despite the fact that it was still blasted away.

If it were someone else, it is likely that they could not stand it. However, I will persevere! Wang Baole thought and immediately began running at lightning speed toward the area outside the forests. A growl followed him as the seven-inch Spirit Root chased after him.

“Come on, Spirit Root! I’m right here! Come after me!” Wang Baole was afraid that the seven-inch Spirit Root would not be able to catch up, so he shouted time and again in order to catch its attention.

Just like that, the duo continued their run and pursuit of each other outside the forested area. Occasionally, they exchanged punches and shouted at each other, causing much commotion.

As he ran, Wang Baole was filled with glee. Every time he turned to look at the figure of himself chasing after him, he was impressed by how suave he looked. He was extremely delighted, to the extent that his voice, which he directed in the form of shouts, also sounded cheerful.

“Handsome Spirit Root, come on! Don’t give up, you’ll catch up with me in no time!”

As if it were agitated by Wang Baole’s voice, the seven-inch Spirit Root growled even louder, its speed increasing significantly as well.

“I’m here, come, come…!”

Very quickly, as the area covered by Wang Baole increased, the students from the four major Dao Colleges who happened to be near all saw what was happening. Initially, when they first heard Wang Baole’s voice, they were confused and were even more surprised when they saw Wang Baole dashing passed them, followed by the seven-inch Spirit Root.

“A seven-inch Spirit Root! That fatso, how lucky he is to have met a seven-inch Spirit Root that’s fated with him!”

“Gosh! Seven-inch Spirit Roots are rare to begin with. Not only did he meet one, but the one that he has met is also fated with him. What unbelievable luck!”

“He’s actually baiting the seven-inch Spirit Root to follow him. This method is typically used on Spirit Roots less than five inches. The combat capabilities of the seven-inch Spirit Roots are extremely high. It’s like he’s playing with fire.”

If Wang Baole was merely being chased by the seven-inch Spirit Root, that would not be much of an issue. However, the expression and tone that Wang Baole carried as he shouted for the Spirit Root were so peculiar and slightly annoying that everyone who saw them inevitably felt confused.

As Wang Baole sped, he met even more students from the four major Dao College. Everyone froze in shock when they saw Wang Baole and the seven-inch Spirit Root that followed closely after him.

Within the group of students, there were also some from Ethereal Dao College. When they saw Wang Baole dashing past and the Spirit Root that had morphed into his appearance, they were all filled with envy and rich emotions.

“The Triple Head Prefect of our Ethereal Dao College’s Dharmic Armament is indeed extraordinary! Even his lure of the Spirit Root is unusual!”

Wang Baole noticed the facial expressions and discussions of everyone he met on the way. That made him even more smug as he thought about how capable he was. The fact that the seven-inch Spirit Root was pursuing him meant that he had a greater advantage compared to the others.

If only I could meet a six-inch Spirit Root, that would be great!

Just as Wang Baole felt light with pleasure, he suddenly noticed that an illusionary figure had flashed by in the valley right ahead. That made his eyes brighten up instantly, and he headed there swiftly, wanting to try his luck. However, the moment he reached the valley, he saw that there were three Spirit Root illusionary figures floating away.

The figures of the three Spirit Roots seemed to have sensed him. They had originally been moving further away, but they stopped abruptly, turning around at the same time, and vibrated once strongly the moment they looked toward Wang Baole. Their bodies expanded and contorted, and as Wang Baole was filled with disbelief, the three Spirit Roots quickly morphed into figures that looked exactly like him!

“Three five-inch-long ones!” Wang Baole was dazed, looking at the five-inch Spirit Roots that had adopted his looks rushing toward him while howling. He was incredulous at the sight unfolding before his eyes.

“So, every one of them likes me and is fated with me, huh?” Wang Baole took a deep breath. Even though he was surprised, he still felt that something was amiss. However, he did not have time to think much, for the seven-inch Spirit Root was fast catching up. Therefore, he jolted and began running swiftly, with a seven-inch and three five-inch Spirit Roots that had transformed into four separate figures with his exact appearance howling and pursuing him.

Could it be that I am too handsome? Wang Baole was confused. Even though he felt that something was not right, he was more delighted and happy than anything. However, his delight did not last long before Wang Baole began to feel anxious.

If it were just the four Spirit Roots, that would have been fine. The thing that made Wang Baole feel was absurd was that as he ran, he met even more Spirit Roots, and all of the Spirit Roots that came across Wang Baole would instantly morph into him and begin their pursuit.

In the end, even Wang Baole’s scalp began to feel numb. There were now over thirty fatties chasing after him, most of them more than three-inches-long. Their eyes were all reddened, and they howled continuously as they pursued Wang Baole ferociously.

What on earth is happening? Wang Baole was frightened. He no longer felt joy and was instead incredulous at the situation. That was especially so as all the Spirit Roots pursuing him had immense strength, capable of eliciting pain through a single attack. With the thirty of them combined, their force strengthened, causing a thunder-like boom to be produced as they ran on the ground.

As the sound spread, it attracted the attention of even more Spirit Roots, which transformed into Wang Baole the moment they saw him. The numbers grew exponentially, reaching the hundreds!

“Heavens!” Wang Baole shouted in surprise. There was no way of destroying the Spirit Roots. He had tried to kill them, but they were resistant to death. Every time that they dispersed, they would reassemble shortly.

As a result, Wang Baole broke out in cold sweat. He felt immensely helpless and confused, realizing that once he stopped running, he would be rounded up and attacked by hundreds of himself.

There must be something wrong, damn it! There are hundreds of Spirit Roots here, but why isn’t there one less than three inches? I only need a one-inch Spirit Root!Wang Baole was nervous and moved even faster, leading the huge group of Fatties, which was growing in number, as he ran without stopping in the Spirit Breath Village.

The commotion was huge, catching the attention of greater numbers of people. The students who witnessed the scene all stared unblinkingly, gasping in shock as they felt that the entire scene was too surprising!

“This… what kind of quality is this?”

“Could it be that this fatty’s talent is so extraordinary that so many Spirit Roots are fated with him?”

The Spirit Roots following behind Wang Baole seemed to have assembled into a military contingent. Through their never-ending pursuit, the entire place and the forests seemed to be almost flattened.

Without a choice, Wang Baole sighed continuously. As time flew past, the number of Spirit Roots after him grew in number, reaching several hundred. There were numerous Spirit Roots within the group that had originally become fated with others, transforming into their looks, and engaging in battle with other students. However, when they saw Wang Baole, they immediately changed their target, as if staging a rebellion as they immediately became Wang Baole’s figure and joining the contingent pursing Wang Baole.

Time flew, and there were already many from the four major Dao Colleges that had gone through the necessary torture. The impressive capabilities of Wang Baole at leading the Spirit Roots were already well known, and Wang Baole did not have time to care about issues like that. He was more anxious than anyone else as he searched frantically for the one-inch Spirit Root.

At that moment, in front of the charging Wang Baole was a marsh. Li Yi, who possessed a naturally fire-type Spirit Body from White Deer Dao College managed to overcome the one-inch True Breath that had transformed into her looks. Her eyes were demure as she looked at the figure that looked exactly like her.

She had taken a long time to discover the one-inch True Breath. After successfully suppressing it, Li Yi could not resist and kissed the beautiful face she was looking at, mesmerized by its beauty.

However, just as her cherry lips descended, the earth trembled as the fat Wang Baole who was leading a group of Fatties dashed right by!

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