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A World Worth Protecting
Chapter 97 - Visible Anywhere
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Chapter 97: Visible Anywhere

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At the same time Wang Baole dashed past, Li Yi’s small mouth and cheery lips landed with passion onto the figure of her True Breath.

However, precisely at that instant, the figure of Li Yi’s True Breath immediately underwent a transformation, bloating and expanding within the blink of an eye from the petite appearance of Li Yi to a rotund body. Its face also became blurry, and it was no longer Li Yi’s face but that of… Wang Baole!

Everything happened too quickly. Even Li Yi froze in shock at the sudden appearance of Wang Baole and the gang of Fatties following after him. After she recovered from the shock, she stared dumbfounded at the figure of Wang Baole that she was hugging in her arms while her plump red lips were stuck onto the fatty’s cheeks.

Everything that happened instantly caused Li Yi to widen her eyes in surprise. Her mind buzzed, and she let out a never-before heard sharp scream and moved back subconsciously. As for the figure of Wang Baole, it moved with extreme speed, rushing out of Li Yi’s arms instantly, heading straight toward the real Wang Baole while growling.

Wang Baole was charging forward when he heard a scream coming from behind him. He turned his head to see what was going on, not noticing Li Yi, but instead attracted by the figure of the True Breath rushing toward him.

“One inch! I’ve finally found you!” Wang Baole was instantly excited and began laughing toward the sky in his agitation. He immediately turned his body to change his direction, running directly toward the one-inch-long True Breath Spirit Root. As he neared, Wang Baole punched while laughing. He unleashed all his combat power, breaking the sound barrier immediately.

With a loud bang, the figure of the one-inch-long True Breath Spirit Root immediately disintegrated on impact of Wang Baole’s punch, transforming into a green fog that squirmed into his body through his palms.

The green fog immediately gathered at the position where his dantian was, forming into an illusionary one-inch Spirit Root!

At the same time, the feeling of breaking through arose in Wang Baole. Swiftly suppressing it, Wang Baole was extremely agitated. He turned his body and began running, and the group of fatties following after him continued their pursuit.

This series of events and changes happened too quickly. When Li Yi completely regained her hold on reality, Wang Baole had long gone, and the surroundings had started to quiet down. After a brief moment, Li Yi shouted, “Wang Baole, this is not the end between you and me!”

Her voice was extremely piercing. Even though Wang Baole was already far away, he still managed to hear some of it. However, he was not in the mood to care about people around him at that moment, for as he burst forward with high speed, his whole mind dedicated to finding a two-inch Spirit Root.

Actually, he had come across all the Spirit Roots, except for a two-inch-long one.

So long as he found and absorbed a two-inch Spirit Root, he would be able to try battling the fatties that were following after him. He was confident that in the battle, he could progressively absorb the three-inch, four-inch, and all the way up to the seven-inch Spirit Root.

However, luck was not on his side. Even as he ran continuously throughout the entire Spirit Breath Village and met even more True Breath Spirit Roots, including the nine-inch-long one that appeared previously and had floated pass above him, he still did not meet a single two-inch Spirit Breath Village. That drove Wang Baole crazy and frustrated.

That was made worse as time was running out. After an entire day has passed, the number of fatties following behind him was already in the thousands. The imposing troop made Wang Baole extremely prominent in the Spirit Breath Village. Almost all the students from the Dao Colleges had seen his image.

“Wang Baole, just you wait!”

“Wang Baole, I’ll definitely seek revenge!”

“This fatty must be doing it on purpose!”

Gasps, growls, and curses emerged from different students without stopping. Hatred filled their hearts. Similar to what Li Yi had experienced, many of them did not manage to fuse with their True Breath Spirit Roots before the Spirit Roots rebelled the moment they saw Wang Baole.

Furthermore, there was an astonishing number of Spirit Roots that were fated with Wang Baole. Therefore, Wang Baole alone delayed the advancement process of a large number of students.

Wang Baole was helpless and extremely anxious as well. The entire Spirit Breath Village was covered with a magnetic field that was not normally prominent. However, after the tiresome pursuit that had lasted for the entire day, Wang Baole could feel the magnetism strongly, as if it was a deadweight. The Spirit Roots, on the other hand, were not affected at all, and this made Wang Baole troubled. He could not stop, as if he did, he would be surrounded and attacked by thousands of figures of himself. Playing the scene in his mind, Wang Baole trembled from head to toe.

“What should I do? Two-inch, two-inch! Where are you!” Wang Baole was close to tears—he felt that the entire mystic realm was indescribably weird. It was now the dead of the night, and everyone but him could rest, as he had to continue running.

“Ancestors, please stop following me! There are so many people here—go look at them instead!”

When the day finally broke, Wang Baole, who had been running for an entire day and night, began to weaken physically. He could only resort to discussion with the True Breath Spirit Roots that were following behind him.

However, he had underestimated his attractiveness, as the responses given to him by the True Breath Spirit Roots were louder growls and faster speeds.

Wang Baole was cornered and left without a choice but to question the heavens. He had used many different methods before, be it hiding himself or trying to divert them, but was still unable to redirect the Spirit Roots’ pursuit. There was one instance when he unleashed his Golden Body, but the moment the Golden Body emerged, the Spirit Roots following behind grew even more excited and rowdy, causing Wang Baole to stop instantly in his tracks.

In his helplessness, the moment he passed a mountain, his extreme fatigue caused him to act rashly as he retrieved his large megaphone with his right hand and used his loudest voice to shout at the crowd behind him, “Scram!”

The scream was so loud that it caused the heavens to shake, with sound waves spreading in all directions, their amplitudes so large that they could be seen by the naked eye. That caused all the True Breath Spirit Roots to freeze momentarily. Wang Baole recognized that it was effective, and he wanted to speed up to increase the distance between him and the Spirit Roots. However, instead, his eyes suddenly opened wide, his mind buzzing as he let out a voiceless shriek that carried a tinge of fear.

“Don’t… don’t be like this!”

The thousands of fatties behind him all mirrored his actions, forming a large megaphone in their hands. The appearance of thousands of large megaphones caused Wang Baole to break out in cold sweat, and he retreated as he screamed in fear, but everything was already too late.

In that instant, the thousands of True Breath figures that had transformed into Wang Baole raised the megaphones all at the same time, growling toward Wang Baole in unison!


The sound was even more deafening than the thunder, exploding crazily from the Spirit Breath Village, resulting in the formation of not merely a simple sound wave but a hurricane sweeping ferociously from where they were and directly charging toward Wang Baole.

The hurricane was humongous, and its power was incredible. No matter where they were, the other students in the Spirit Breath Village could hear it clearly. As their hearts and minds trembled, Wang Baole, who was completely overcome by the impact of the hurricane, let out a shrill cry. He felt as if he had been slapped hard by an invisible hand that caused all his internal organs to rumble. His body was swept into the air by the impact, thrown upward like a kite whose string had been cut, landing on the other side of the mountain after flying past the peaks.

On the other side of the mountain was a dense forest. Wang Baole landed with a loud bang. Thankfully, the devouring seed in his body emerged in time, steadying his body. However, he still spewed a mouthful of blood. Pale with shock and pain, he immediately wriggled into the forest, swiftly running to hide himself.

Wang Baole only stopped after a long while. As he turned to look at the sky, he realized that the True Breath figures seemed to have lost track of him and were nowhere to be seen. The entire scene made Wang Baole immensely surprised.

Did I get rid of them?

It is too scary here. Please don’t let me meet True Breath Spirit Roots that are more than three inches long!

As Wang Baole thought of the frightening moment previously, his chest ached in pain. He immediately retrieved and swallowed some Spirit Pills, and in agonizing pain, he gingerly left.

At the same time, the thousands of True Breath Spirit Roots that were fated with him began to disperse. They were unable to locate Wang Baole’s after crossing the peak as the distance was too large, so they spread out to search for him.

This resulted in figures of True Breath Spirit Roots resembling Wang Baole appearing everywhere within the Spirit Breath Village, rushing by in droves and being seen by the students of the four major Dao Colleges.

They were confused by what they saw, and their hatred and anger grew stronger than ever.

“A beautiful mystic realm ruined by that Fatty!”

“I hate the sight of that Fatty! I hate it so much!”

As the thousands of Wang Baoles spread throughout the Spirit Breath Village, causing everyone to go crazy with frustration, Wang Baole squatted gloomily by a small steam in the rainforest, leaning on a huge rock as he slapped his forehead to release his frustration.

“Two-inch Spirit Root, where are you! What’s worse is that I can’t leave this place freely. If I run into the other Spirit Roots…” Wang Baole rubbed his forehead, contemplating disguising himself. However, he still felt that it was not a good choice and gritted his teeth as he looked at his surroundings.

If I want to hide, I must do it without a trace!

Determined, Wang Baole quickly found a huge rock and retrieved his flying swords, using them to empty the interior of the rock to form a shell, which he used to cover his body. Adjusting the angle, he dug out a small hole that he could see through before moving forward at snail’s pace.

He had only made a few steps before he stopped and retrieved the Rainbow Spirit Stone after thinking for a brief moment. He began crafting inscriptions that gave it the ability to hide and felt more settled as he landed stroke after stroke on the stone’s surface.

This way, it should have some effect. As long as I find the two-inch Spirit Root, I’ll have nothing to be afraid of!

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