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After Being Betrayed, I Inherited A Massive Fortune
Chapter 12 - A Human And A Dog
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Chapter 12: A Human And A Dog

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?These two are? ??

Yun Zhe tilted his head and whispered into Yun Qing?s ear.

With Yun Zhe?s status, it was impossible for him to be acquainted with Sun Lan.

?Sun Lan, Huo Qing, Huo Chuan?s mother and sister.?

Yun Qing replied indifferently.

In the eyes of Huo Qing and Sun Lan, the two of them were flirting right in front of them!

Besides, they still had old scores to settle with Yun Qing!

Wasn?t it all because of Yun Qing that she had lost all her face in the country?!

Huo Qing, who had gambled heavily overseas, had no idea that the incident of her stealing the diamond ring had caused such a stir.

What was worse was that it was her little sister-in-law who had ratted her out!

It had caused her to be unable to raise her head in the socialite circle!

Huo Qing gritted her teeth. Even if Yun Qing was no longer her sister-in-law in name, she would not let it go.

Seeing the club manager running all the way over, Huo Qing held her head high and looked at him arrogantly. ?Manager Yang, how do you guys work?!

?How can you let such people in? Do you not think highly of us VIP customers?!

?Hurry up and chase them out. I don?t want to dirty my eyes!?

Huo Qing was pleased with herself. She had managed to get a discount from the Yun group with great difficulty, and Manager Yang was trying his best to curry favor with her.

Huo Qing was dreaming, but beyond all expectations, Manager Yang brushed past her directly and held the hand of the man beside Yun Qing with a big smile on his face.

?Director Yun, why didn?t you say hello when you came? Sorry for not welcoming you, sorry for not welcoming you!?

Huo Qing was petrified on the spot.

?W-what are you doing?! Can?t you hear me?!?

Huo Qing grabbed Manager Yang?s sleeve and glared at Yun Qing. She would not stop until Yun Qing was kicked out.

Manager Yang frowned and showed a look of disdain. ?Miss Huo, although you are a VIP client, Director Yun is our biggest shareholder. I don?t think I have the authority to kick Director Yun out.?

Huo Qing?s eyes widened in disbelief as she looked at Yun Zhe and the beautiful Yun Qing beside him.

Yun Qing?s beautiful eyes drooped down, as if the floor was more interesting to her.

Her nonchalant attitude stung Huo Qing?s self-esteem, as if nothing she did could affect Yun Qing. She was just a noisy clown beside Yun Qing.

?CEO Yun is a shareholder, but Yun Qing isn?t, right? She?s a broken shoe that the Huo family has thrown away. Why can?t she be kicked out? It?s immoral!?

Seeing that her daughter had been wronged, Sun Lan quickly came out to help. Every word she said was directed at Yun Qing.

Yun Zhe?s dark eyes suddenly turned cold. His thin lips parted slightly. ?If I remember correctly, the one who was exposed to the rumors of an affair is Huo Chuan, right?

?Speaking of immoral, who can compare to President Huo?

?Moreover, Xiao Qing told me that she was the one who proposed the divorce, not {resident Huo.

?The Huo family is the one who got dumped.?

Sun Lan choked and her face turned purple.

Damn it, why did this b*tch say everything?!

Yun Qing was definitely having an affair with this man in front of her!

Before Sun Lan could react, manager Yang, who was standing beside her, said, ?Okay, President Yun, do you want to kick these two out??


Huo Qingqing was furious.

?We have to listen to Yun Qing?s opinion.? Yun Zhe curled his lips into a gentle smile. ?My shares have been transferred to her. She has full authority to handle this matter.?

?Yun Qing! How dare you!

?If you kick us out today, you will never be able to enter the Huo Family!?

Sun Lan immediately cursed. If she and Huo Qing were thrown out, it would be a huge disgrace!

She was confident that Yun Qing had worked for the Huo family for three years because she was deeply in love with Huo Chuan.

The so-called divorce was just a little trick Yun Qing was playing to keep Huo Chuan around.

Yun Qing looked up and saw through Sun Lan?s thoughts.

How ridiculous.

She had actually lived with such people for three years for Huo Chuan.

Her gaze shifted from Sun Lan to Huo Qing, and Yun Qing only felt nauseous.

Yun Qing?s lips curled into a mocking smile. ?There?s no need for that.

?Why do people argue with dogs?

?Besides, if they?re rushing to give me money. I?m more than happy.?

In one sentence, she slew the enemy.

Yun Qing raised her eyebrows with interest. She wanted to see what the Huo mother and daughter would choose.

Since they dared to threaten her, it meant that they didn?t want to leave.

That was why Yun Qing had turned the tables on them and put them in a dilemma.

So, did they choose to be human or dogs now?

Yun Qing was looking forward to Sun Lan and Huo Qing?s choice.

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