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After Being Betrayed, I Inherited A Massive Fortune
Chapter 13 - Kneeling On The Ground And Begging For Mercy
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Chapter 13: Kneeling On The Ground And Begging For Mercy

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The expressions on Sun Lan and Huo Qing?s faces were extremely interesting. It was just as Yun Qing had expected. They were not willing to leave.

However, if they continued to stay here, it would be no different from being scolded by Yun Qing!

Sun Lan was about to go crazy from anger. She puffed a gust of air out and glared, almost passing out.

Yun Qing snorted lightly. The Huo family?s cowardly appearance made her look down on them even more.

She should be the one with dirty eyes.

While ignoring the mother and daughter of the Huo family, Yun Qing left in a carefree manner.

Looking at Yun Zhe and Yun Qing?s beautiful and matchless back view, Huo Qing was so angry that she stomped her feet. ?Mom!?

?I will never let that b*tch off! I want her to kneel down and apologize!?

?Don?t worry, daughter. Huo Chuan will get justice for us,? Sun Lan said faintly. ?Yun Qing owes us a lot.?


Sun Lan and Huo Qing had completely ruined their relaxing vacation. Yun Zhe?s expression visibly darkened when he thought about how the two had treated Little Qing in the Huo family.

Yun Qing covered her mouth and snickered. ?Alright, Big Brother, it?s all in the past.

?People have to live in the present. Take the past grievances as if I was bitten by a dog.

?If anything, I was only at risk of getting rabies.?

Yun Zhe sighed, his heart aching. ?You were too silly and na?ve back then.

?The Huo Family? How are they worthy of you??

The Huo family?s style could be seen from the character of Sun Lan and Yun Zhe.

As a result, Yun Zhe?s opinion of Huo Chuan sunk deeper into the setting stone.

Yun Qing smiled and changed the topic. ?Alright, let?s not talk about this anymore.?

?I?m going to have dinner with Gu Zhi tonight. Do you want to come along??

Yun Zhe thought for a moment. He had nothing to do today, and Yun Qing had encountered those two bad omens. Shouldn?t he spend more time with her?

Hence, he nodded his head and agreed.

Yun Qing cheered ?Yay!? and smiled with her eyes curved.

Spa, beauty treatment, manicure, coupled with the crazy shopping, Yun Qing was overjoyed. It had swept away all the tiredness from the past few days.

Yun Zhe quietly stayed by her side, enjoying the rare brother and sister time.

However, happy times were always short-lived.

When the brother and sister came out of the clubhouse, they bumped into Huo Chuan, who had a cold expression on his face.

Sun Lan and Huo Qing surrounded Huo Chuan from both sides.

?Brother! It?s her!

?She was the one who bullied mom and me just now!

?Brother, look, we just got divorced, and she?s already looking for a new man. This b*tch doesn?t love you at all! She doesn?t even care about the Huo Family!?

Huo Qing pulled Huo Chuan and yapped at him willfully.

Yun Qing didn?t even look at him. She clung onto Yun Zhe?s arm and left indifferently, completely treating the three members of the Huo family like air.

The feeling of being ignored made Huo Chuan?s eyes turn cold. He looked down and grabbed Yun Qing?s arm.

Yun Zhe reacted quickly and beat him to it.

?President Huo, it?s not very appropriate, is it??

Yun Zhe defended him, his voice filled with anger.

?Yun Qing, don?t you need to explain yourself??

Huo Chuan looked at Yun Qing, his dark eyes filled with a terrifying aura.

?Who are you?

?Get out of my way.?

Huo Chuan was cold. Yun Qing would only be colder than him.

?Brother! Look at this! That b*tch thinks she can do whatever she wants just because she has a man!

?Huo Chuan, teach her a lesson quickly. Let her know that the Huo family is not to be trifled with!

?Yes, we must make her apologize! I want her to kneel down and beg me!?


Sun Lan and Huo Qing spoke one sentence after another, and the more they spoke, the more they went overboard.

Yun Zhe?s arm tightened, and he became angry.

Yun Qing pulled him back.

Then, facing Huo Qing?s aggressive gaze, Yun Qing suddenly struck out and pinched her chin.


A heavy slap landed on Huo Qing?s face.

?This slap is the price you paid for ordering me around all these years.?

Huo Qing?s face instantly swelled up. She looked at Yun Qing in disbelief and was struck dumb.


Another slap. This time, Yun Qing switched sides.

The two slaps were extremely symmetrical.

?This slap is the price for calling me a b*tch just now.?

Yun Qing felt better.

These two slaps slightly relieved her anger.

?You b*tch!?

?How dare you hit me!?

Huo Qing was furious.

With her swollen face, Huo Qing stretched out her long nails to grab Yun Qing?s face, but Yun Qing dodged it.

Yun Qing kicked Huo Qing?s knee, and Huo Qing fell to the ground in pain.

?Now, who is kneeling on the ground and begging for mercy?


Yun Qing looked down at Huo Qing, her eyes cold.

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