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After Being Betrayed, I Inherited A Massive Fortune
Chapter 14 - The Last Straw
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Chapter 14: The Last Straw

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?Yun Qing! Don?t go too far!?

Huo Chuan finally reacted and quickly pushed Yun Qing away.

?I went too far?

Yun Qing sneered. ?President Huo, this is nothing compared to what they did to me.?

Huo Chuan didn?t care. His eyes were fixed on Yun Qing, and his mood was gloomy.

Yun Zhe pulled Yun Qing to his side and said in a tough tone, ?President Huo, your sister is a little naughty. Everything that Xiao Qing did today was for a reason. If you still trust the Yun family, you can access the surveillance cameras here.

?Xiao Qing and I still have to attend the banquet. I won?t be accompanying you. Goodbye.?

Yun Zhe defended Yun Qing domineeringly. The moment he finished speaking, Manager Yang rushed over with a group of bodyguards and surrounded the Huo family.

This was still in the territory of the Yun family.

Huo Chuan took a deep breath and did not flare up.

?Huo Chuan! How can you let them go just like that??

Sun Lan was flustered and exasperated. She pointed at Yun Qing?s departing figure and said, ?She?s blatantly cheating on the Huo Family!?


Huo Chuan growled and felt a dull pain in his temples. ?Yun Qing and I have already divorced. It?s her freedom to choose who she wants to live with.?

Even though he said that, Huo Chuan?s heart still ached for her.

His rationality told him that it was understandable for Yun Qing to choose to be with Yun Zhe, but his heart was stifled.

Huo Chuan could not get past the emotional hurdle.

He looked into the distance. Beside Yun Zhe, Yun Qing was like a little girl, bathed in happiness and happiness.

She was a completely different person from the cold and unyielding person she was when facing him.

He suppressed the frustration in his heart and looked coldly at Huo Qing. ?What?s going on? !?

?Brother, it was Yun Qing who bullied me first!?

Huo Qing was stubborn.

?President Huo, I?ve already brought the computer according to President Yun?s instructions. Here, take a look.?

Manager Yang?s words sounded respectful at first, but what he did was no different from poking the Huo family?s heart.

The bodyguard obediently turned on the computer, and the scenes of Huo Qing provoking Yun Qing flashed before his eyes.

The pressure around Huo Chuan was terrifying.


Huo Qing was a little flustered. ?I?m your sister. You can?t be an outsider!

?Yun Qing has already let down our family, so what if I say a few words to her?!?

?You still have the face to say that??

Huo Chuan coldly interrupted Huo Qing?s pestering, his face as dark as water. ?That diamond ring was Yun Qing?s wedding ring. Who allowed you to touch it?

?You even used it to pay off your debt?

?Who gave you the guts!?

Huo Chuan cursed in disappointment, not caring about Huo Qing?s reputation at all.

Huo Qing was stunned, and so was Sun Lan.

?Huo Chuan, why are you so angry at her!? Sun Lan spoke up for her daughter, ?I?ve never seen Yun Qing wear that wedding ring before, not to mention that she?s a parasite of the Huo family! For the past three years, she?s been eating our Huo family?s food and using our Huo family?s name. She still wants a diamond ring? No way!?

Huo Chuan?s head was about to explode. He had never been so irritable and restless before.

Sun Lan?s attitude towards Yun Qing had already been exposed to the open air. Why did he only see it now?

Moreover, it was not difficult to see from Yun Qing?s words that it was not the first time she had made things difficult and humiliating for him.

What had his mother and sister done to Yun Qing?

Huo Chuan did not dare to think further.

He took a few deep breaths in a row to suppress the raging emotions in his heart.

Then, he grabbed Huo Qing?s hand and said without hesitation, ?Go and apologize to Yun Qing.?


?Why should I apologize to her?!?

Huo Qing refused to accept it and struggled with all her might.

Huo Chuan increased his strength and no longer showed mercy.

Huo Qing immediately felt pain and did not dare to act rashly.

?For everything you?ve done to Yun Qing.?

Huo Chuan was cold.

?Huo Chuan! You?re crazy!?

Sun Lan pounced on him to stop him. They were clearly a family, but at this moment, they were tangled together like enemies.

It was extremely ugly.

Huo Chuan glanced around. Everyone from the Yun family was watching a good show.

He suddenly felt extremely dejected.

Huo Chuan let go of Huo Qing and strode away, leaving only one sentence, ?The person who accompanied Yun Qing today was Yun Zhe from Jiang City.

?If Yun Qing really wants to deal with the Huo family, the Huo family will not be able to escape unscathed.

?If you don?t want to live on the streets, think about what you?ve done all these years!?

Huo Chuan finally realized that everything that had happened on the day of the divorce was only the last straw.

The things that Yun Qing had hidden from him and the things that he had done to Yun Qing were more than he had imagined.

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