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After Being Betrayed, I Inherited A Massive Fortune
Chapter 15 - Wild Man
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Chapter 15: Wild Man

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Jiang City?s Yun Zhe?!

The Yun Family?!

It was undeniable that Huo Chuan?s words were very intimidating.

Even Sun Lan was at a loss for a moment.

?Qing Qing? What should we do now??

Sun Lan held her daughter?s hand and asked worriedly.

Huo Qing gritted her teeth and her gaze was dark and malicious.

?A whore will always be a whore?

?How long does she think Yun Zhe will be fooled by her?

?When Yun Zhe realizes Yun Qing?s true colors, Yun Qing will only be worse off than us??

As Huo Qing said this, Sun Lan?s heart gradually calmed down.

Even if Yun Qing was unworthy of the Huo family, the Yun family would never take a fancy to her!

?Mom, don?t worry.? Huo Qing took out her phone and smiled. ?If brother won?t help us, someone else will.?

Then, Huo Qing made a call. ?Lin Yu, do something for me.?


Inside the Lyon restaurant, the most luxurious French restaurant in Haicheng, Yun Qing was swirling her glass of red wine and staring out of the window. Her gaze was unfathomable.

If she wasn?t thinking about dinner with Gu Zhi, she wouldn?t mind spending more time with the Huo family.

Suddenly, her phone rang.

[ Xinyao Liu Tao ]

Yun Qing was stunned.

Ever since she asked Liu Tao for help, she hadn?t contacted Liu Tao.

After all, she wasn?t in charge of the entertainment business of the Yun Corporation yet.

Why was she looking for her?

Yun Qing picked up the phone in confusion.

?Director Yun, I?ve received news that someone is following you.?

?Someone?? Yun Qing raised her eyebrows and gestured for Liu Tao to speak clearly.

?The eldest daughter of the Huo Corporation, Huo Qing.?

She was not surprised at all.

Yun Qing sneered and said nonchalantly, ?Alright, I got it.

?A toad can?t stir up waves.?

After saying that, she hung up the phone and completely ignored Huo Qing.

Just then, Gu Zhi arrived.

Yun Qing conveniently took Gu Zhi?s bag and placed it beside her. There was no space left.

Gu Zhi bit her lower lip and sat side by side with Yun Zhe hesitantly and happily.

Yun Zhe smiled slightly and made way for Gu Zhi like a gentleman.

Yun Qing?s eyes revealed a sly look as she looked at Gu Zhi tacitly.

Taking advantage of Yun Zhe?s lack of attention, Gu Zhi blew a kiss at Yun Qing.

Yun Qing took the opportunity to say, ?Gu Zhi, I?m officially taking over tomorrow. Come and help me.?

Gu Zhi was delighted and understood.

Wasn?t this giving her a chance to get along with Yun Zhe?!

While a strand of her hair behind her ear, Gu Zhi carefully revealed the jewelry that Yun Zhe had given her last time. She looked at Yun Zhe and said, ?I don?t think that?s a good idea.

?After all, it?s the Yun family. You have to get Director Yun?s approval.

?Xiao Qing?s word is as good as mine.? Yun Zhe smiled gently and said, ?It?s the Yun family?s honor that Miss Gu is willing to come to the Yun family.?

With that, Gu Zhi was instantly flattered.

?Alright then, I agree.?

Gu Zhi took the opportunity to get back down to earth. The corners of her mouth could not help but curl up.

The dinner began. The three of them ate and chatted, mostly about business matters.

As the successor of the Gu family, Gu Zhi was not simply another flowervase. Her level was definitely not inferior to Yun Zhe and Yun Qing.

If she did not find the duties troublesome, the Gu family would have had a female CEO.

However, for Yun Zhe, she could overcome all difficulties and become a screw in the Yun family!

After putting the last mouthful of champagne into his mouth, Yun Zhe said with a smile, ?Xiao Qing, Third Brother is coming back.?


Yun Qing?s joy was obvious. ?The last time I saw Third Brother was at the award ceremony??

Yun Zhe smiled and nodded in agreement.

Since they were talking about the Yun family?s family matters, Gu Zhi couldn?t interrupt.

It was precisely because Yun Zhe was here that she was a little drunk today.

After greeting the Yun siblings, Gu Zhi got up and walked to the bathroom. There was no movement for a long time.

Yun Zhe keenly sensed that something was wrong.

?I?ll go and take a look.?

Yun Qing also realized it. She rushed over and saw a wild man touching Gu Zhi.

She was furious.

Yun Qing stepped forward quickly and heard the wild man say with a smirk, ?Beauty, are you alone?

?I?m a strong one, you?ll see. Come along!

?You? Get lost!?

Gu Zhi was still somewhat rational. She tried her best to push him away, but how could she resist an adult man?

The wild man?s hand landed on Gu Zhi?s waist and forcefully locked all her movements.

Yun Qing was furious.

?Take your dirty hands away.

?Otherwise, I don?t mind chopping them up and feeding them to the dogs.

?Who, who the f*ck are you?!?

The wild man was shocked. He looked at Yun Qing and was slightly stunned for a second. Then, a greedy light appeared in his eyes.

?Oh, nice. I thought I found a good catch, but it?s double the prize!?

As soon as these words were said, the atmosphere at the scene instantly dropped to freezing point.

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