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After Leaving The CEO, She Stunned The World
Chapter 13 - I’m Not Going Back
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Shen Feng raised his hand and wanted to touch Mo Rao gently.

But with his identity, he couldn’t do so. He could only let it go.

“Rao Rao, if you need my help one day, you must ask. I will do my best to help you.” Shen Feng made this promise.

However, Mo Rao looked puzzled and smiled. “Brother Shen Feng, what are you talking about? What could be wrong with me?”

Shen Feng hesitated. “Actually, ten years ago…”

“Shen Feng, I have a set of skincare products here for your mother.” Mo Wan walked out and interrupted the two of them.

The skincare products were sent by a client. Mo Wan had an identical set. She might as well give it to her sister.

Shen Feng had to swallow the words that were about to come out of his mouth. He smiled and said, “Okay, Aunt.”

As he spoke, he walked over and took the bag from Mo Wan’s hand.

“Drive slowly when you go back later. Be careful,” Mo Wan instructed.

Shen Feng nodded. “Okay, I will pay attention.”

After Mo Wan returned, Mo Rao couldn’t help but continue to ask, “Brother Shen Feng, what happened ten years ago?”

“It’s nothing. I’ll tell you later.” After being interrupted by Mo Wan, Shen Feng shook his head.

At least, he had to wait until she and Fu Ying divorced.

Otherwise, he would be betraying Fu Ying and his aunt down now.

He looked at the time. “I’ll go back now.”

“Okay.” Although Mo Rao felt that Shen Feng was acting strange, she didn’t continue to think about it and just watched Shen Feng leave.

“I think you guys had a good chat.” Fu Ying walked out. He had already watched the two of them chat for a long time in the corner. Mo Rao even had a smile on her face from time to time.

Shen Feng’s car had already gone far away. Mo Rao retracted her gaze. “It’s nothing.”

“You guys chatted for so long. It’s nothing?” Fu Ying was extremely unhappy.

This man was really too controlling!

Mo Rao replied calmly, “We were just casually chatting. Why are you asking so many questions?”

Her questioning tone was the same as when Fu Ying questioned her previously.

“Can’t I ask?” Fu Ying felt that she was getting very defiant.

“We’re about to get a divorce. Why are you asking so many questions? Are you a busybody?” Mo Rao took two steps back, as if she had expected Fu Ying to grab her. Her face was filled with provocation. “Then if I find another man in the future, will you ask how many times we bang each other per night?”

Fu Ying’s expression darkened. What was this woman talking about?

He already felt disgusted at the thought of this scene. Now, she was deliberately saying it to agitate him!

“Are you doing this on purpose?” Fu Ying’s expression was cold. “We’re not divorced yet. You have to ask me how many times I want to bang you each night!”

“We’re going to get a divorce soon, so of course we don’t have to sleep together anymore. How can you let Little Ru down?” Mo Rao thought about how she was going to get a divorce anyway, so why did she have to pretend to be obedient?

She wasn’t in a good mood either. Why was she the one who was always compromising?

Fu Ying was so angry that he wanted to laugh. “Do you want to die tonight?”

“Of course I want to live. If you dare to touch me, I’ll broadcast it live to Qu Ru!” Mo Rao wasn’t afraid at all and went all out.

“Mo Rao, you really have guts now!” Fu Ying was really enraged.

Mo Rao stuck out her tongue proudly with a victorious look.

At this moment, Mo Wan came out again. “Rao Rao, the two of you can sleep here tonight. You agreed not to go back. Don’t leave secretly.”

This was for Fu Ying to hear!

If he wanted to go to Qu Ru, that little vixen, Mo Rao probably couldn’t do anything about it.

Only if she personally gave the orders would Fu Ying dare not to be so bold.

“Mom, Mo Rao and I will go back and sleep tonight. She’s not used to sleeping here.” Fu Ying rejected calmly.

“I’m used to it. Go back yourself if you want to!” Mo Rao immediately retorted.

As expected, Fu Ying wanted to leave. Mo Wan looked unhappy.

Why did her son have such bad taste in men?

Fu Ying narrowed his eyes and stared at Mo Rao menacingly. If Mo Rao didn’t leave, Old Madam Fu and Mo Wan wouldn’t let him leave either. He had promised Qu Ru that he would return.

Mo Rao was deliberately causing trouble for him!

“Mom, I’m thinking about what I should learn recently. Why don’t you give me some suggestions?” Mo Rao went forward and held Mo Wan’s arm while saying sweetly.

Mo Wan agreed readily. “Alright, let’s go to my room to talk. Your father-in-law is on a business trip tonight. I can’t sleep alone.”

Mo Rao glanced at Fu Ying with a smug look. She felt good watching Fu Ying suffer. He was the one who wanted to leave her for another woman.

“Okay!” she replied obediently. The more Mo Wan looked at her, the more she liked her.

Only Fu Ying, that blind man, didn’t like her!

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