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Eternal Sacred King
Chapter 20 - Kill!
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Chapter 20: Kill!

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

When this sound was heard, it was accompanied by a strong aura of death that almost suffocated him!

“Who is this? You actually sneaked up behind me quietly and I didn’t notice it?”

Before he could finish his thought, his head hurt and he lost consciousness immediately.

Initially, the Qi Refinement Warrior who was standing at the other side looked relaxed when he saw his comrade teach the spirit monkey a lesson agitatedly. He did not expect to see such a terrifying and eerie scene!

A distance away, the bush had moved a little but the bald-headed Qi Refinement Warrior did not take it to heart.

However, a figure mysteriously appeared behind his comrade in the next moment. Enshrouded by the misty and dark skies, the intruder exuded a towering murderous aura, as if he was a ghost from hell.

It happened too quickly and suddenly!

The intruder slammed his palm on the head of the Qi Refinement Warrior holding the rod. The latter was caught off guard and could not defend himself at all.

Poof! Poof! Poof!

The head of the Qi Refinement Warrior holding the rod was actually pressed directly into his chest. Blood-chilling sounds of flesh and blood bursting could be heard coming from the neck!

The bald-headed Qi Refinement Warrior looked aghast. Just as he was about to shout out loudly, he saw the intruder taking successive moves. The figure stretched his legs had reached him in just two strides.

The murderous aura was pervasive!

This overbearing aura forced the bald-headed Qi Refinement Warrior to swallow the words in his mouth back into his throat again.

The bald-headed Qi Refinement Warrior instinctively stretched out his hands towards the cloth bag on his waist. He calmed down slightly only when a flying sword landed in his hands.

However, before the Qi Refinement Warrior could draw out his flying sword, the intruder’s palm had already landed on him.


The skull of the bald-headed Qi Refinement Warrior was smashed in just one hit. His brains split and he died on the spot!

In actual fact, when the spirit monkey tried to bite the Qi Refinement Warrior holding the rod, Su Zimo had already began taking action.

However, as both parties were about ten feet away from each other, Su Zimo dared not increase his speed, for fear of being discovered.

When Su Zimo reached these two Qi Refinement Warriors’s sides, they were destined to meet with a fatal calamity.

The entire process seemed very slow upon narration but in fact, it occurred in the split of a moment.

To top-notch martial experts, this moment was especially crucial!

“Ow! Ow!”

The spirit monkey recognized Su Zimo. His eyes lit up and he was overjoyed. He shouted loudly to express the excitement in his heart.

Su Zimo ignored the spirit monkey. Without a word and carrying a calm demeanor, he had slayed the bald-headed Qi Refinement Warrior. Twisting and moving, he charged straight to the other battlefield.

Long before he attacked, Su Zimo had already made the preparations.

Once he attacked, he had to give it his best shot and crumble the other party in lighting speed.

Putting aside the obvious point that these seven Qi Refinement Warriors were ill-intentioned, the painful torture that they administered to the spirit monkey alone had already provoked Su Zimo’s murderous instinct.

Most importantly, if he were to let off any one of them, they would become a source of endless trouble!

Su Zimo heard very clearly that these seven individuals were from the Joyful Clan. Who knew what strong and powerful cultivators were in this clan? Would they hunt him down?

On the other battlefield, five Qi Refinement Warriors from the Joyful Clan jumped in shock at the sudden change in circumstances.

Who would have thought that two of their clan mates would die grievously in a matter of moments?

The most perplexing thing was that the intruder was clad in skins of beast and full of black stubble on his face. He looked like an uncivilized, primitive wild man. They also could not sense any flow of spirit qi from his body.

He was not a cultivator?

Such a barbarian could actually kill two Level 6 Qi Refinement Warriors in the blink of an eye?

The five of them already did not have the time to think, because this barbarian had already dashed to them with a pervasive murderous intent and monstrous aura!

There was a flash of cruelty in the eyes of the fat-faced Qi Refinement Warrior who was facing Su Zimo. He smiled grimly, “Where did this barbarian come from? You have no sense of danger!”


This fellow snarled and directed his flying sword to the oncoming Su Zimo.

A beam of light shone from the flying sword. The sword’s aura intensified. It was so extraordinary.

Su Zimo closed his eyes briefly. Facing this flying sword, he had initially planned to use the Bovine-tongued Saber to shatter or hurl away the sword.

However, Su Zimo’s acute spirit perception told him that this sword was very powerful and might possibly injure him.

Su Zimo charged forward in lighting speed. However, the flying sword was lunging at him at an even faster speed.

If it was one year ago, Su Zimo would not be able to react in time, let alone dodge this flying sword.

However, today, Su Zimo suddenly lowered his body. All of his four limbs exerted strength as he twisted his body, staying close to the ground. Agile and swift, he had a close shave with the flying sword. In a matter of moments, he appeared in front of the fat-faced Qi Refinement Warrior.

The Qi Refinement Warrior was stunned; the colors on his face drained.

Su Zimo suddenly got up. His body and four limbs became as soft and flexible as an anaconda. It coiled onto the plump body of this man. Large tendons pulsated, flesh and blood expanded and the entire body exploded with energy!

After Anaconda Swath, he executed another killing move of Tendons Transformation – Anaconda Strangle!

All the spirit beasts in the Cang Lang Mountain Range were aware. After being bitten by the anaconda, one might still escape. However, if one’s body were to be coiled by the anaconda, they would die for sure!

Even if one’s body was strong enough to wrestle with the anaconda, he would eventually die of suffocation.

In the past six months, although the spirit monkey often sparred with Su Zimo, it had never dared to allow Su Zimo to close up on and coil it.

This Qi Refinement Warrior did not have a body that was as strong and resilient as the spirit monkey. After Su Zimo wrapped and strangled it, all the bones in his body were crushed. Deafening sounds of ‘Pa! Pa!” could be heard. It was horrible and gruesome.


Bloody fog filled the air. Under the watchful eyes of everyone, a burly figure burst open on the spot and turned into a puddle of fleshy mud.

This was the true powers of The Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness!

After killing this man, Su Zimo did not stop. He used Plow Heaven Stride and headed towards another Qi Refinement Warrior with a gaunt and frail face.

Although Su Zimo was unaware of the cultivation realm of the five Qi Refinement Warriors present, using his spirit perception, he could vaguely sense that the fat-faced Qi Refinement Warrior who died earlier and the one before him right now were the greatest threats to him.

He could reduce the chances of an accident to the lowest if he could kill the two of them first.

At the sight of Su Zimo killing three people, the skinny Qi Refinement Warrior wore a grave expression. He instantly became cautious. A ray of light burst out from his fingertip and entered the flying sword. The flying sword flickered and shone brightly.


This flying sword dashed towards Su Zimo, it’s movements as swift as thunder and as fast as lighting.

One of the three Qi Refinement Warriors who were attacking the yellow-robed lady also came forward and directed his flying sword to pierce the middle of Su Zimo’s back.

The two Qi Refinement Warriors concentrated on rounding up and attacking Su Zimo!

Su Zimo seemed to have eyes grown on his back. Without even turning back, as he was charging forward, he dodged and got away from the flying sword piercing towards his back.

Simultaneously, Su Zimo used his backhand to grip the Thunderbolt Saber on his back, spread his arms and slashed towards the flying sword coming towards him.


Ear-piercing sounds of weapons clashing could be heard. The Thunderbolt Saber chipped off after colliding with the flying sword. Cracks appeared around the chip. Obviously, the saber was ruined and could no longer be used.

Su Zimo was stunned.

Since he got hold of the Thunderbolt Saber, it had always been of use to him. It could even slash the skin, hair, flesh and blood of spirit beasts. Unexpectedly, it almost shattered into pieces after colliding with the agile, long and slim flying sword of the cultivator!

Su Zimo’s expression did not change. He was not bothered.

This was because he had already achieved his objective. The Thunderbolt Saber had hit the flying sword, Riding on the shocking energy that exploded from his body, it had already sent the flying sword on a deviated route that was some distance away.

The flying sword that should initially pierce into Su Zimo’s skull only passed through the passage beside his cheek.

Right from the beginning, Su Zimo had never paused his attacks for a single moment. His speed only increased!

He was closing in!

Su Zimo used the Thunderbolt Saber to block the flying sword so that he could shorten the distance between he and the thin and frail Qi Refinement Warrior.

Su Zimo remembered Die Yue’s words by heart. Most of the cultivators’ bodies are relatively weak. As long as you can avert their first wave of attack and take the chance to shorten the distance between both of you, you will be able to make use of the strong and powerful close combat ability of the demon clan to slay them!

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