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Eternal Sacred King
Chapter 21 - Calamity
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Chapter 21: Calamity

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Su Zimo widened his strides and walked to the front of the skinny Qi Refinement Warrior. As soon as he flipped his hand, the Ground-rupturing Palm was violently executed towards the face of the other party!

The skinny Qi Refinement Warrior was very alert and quick to react. At the sight of Su Zimo dodging the Flying sword, he had searched out a face mirror from the cloth bag on his waist and chanted something.

The mirror enlarged instantly, glistening and crystal clear.

Su Zimo had long noticed the small cloth bag hanging on the waist of the cultivators. It seemed to be a Cosmic Bag. Whenever they touched it, they could retrieve something.

However, Su Zimo did not find it unusual. Compared to the methods that Die Yue used to open up a big and spacious cultivation field, these small cloth bags were obviously much weaker.

In a hurry, the skinny Qi Refinement Warrior lifted the mirror in his hands to shield his head.


Crack! Crack! Crack!

Su Zimo’s hands landed on the mirror of the skinny Qi Refinement Warrior. First, there was a deafening sound of an explosion. Immediately after, lines of cracks appeared on the mirror surface.


The skinny Qi Refinement Warrior gave out a miserable cry. His arms had been instantly crushed by the powers reflected by the surface of the mirror. His veins and bones shattered and his body was flung off!

This time, Su Zimo dared to hit with his bare fists.

On the one hand, it was because he sensed that the mirror did not have any attack properties. On the other hand, the surface of the mirror did not shine when the other party took it out.

As expected, this mirror had been destroyed in one hit by Su Zimo. The skinny Qi Refinement Warrior almost died on the spot!

He fell to the ground, looking as white as a sheet and shrieking, “Who are you? How dare you intervene in the matters of my Joy Clan!”

“I’ll kill your people!”

Su Zimo sneered. He moved forward with large strides, wanting to end the life of this skinny Qi Refinement Warrior.

At this very moment, Su Zimo sighted a flash of strange looks beneath the eyes of the skinny Qi Refinement Warrior.

“Mmm? Not good!”

Su Zimo was stunned. He quickly moved backwards.

This was the first time that Su Zimo was involved in a fight with a cultivator. He had to be extremely cautious, for fear that the other party might catch him off guard with some methods that he was unaware of.


The skinny Qi Refinement Warrior suddenly raised his hand and dispersed a powder that emitted a faint fragrance.

Nevertheless, Su Zimo was a step quicker in moving backwards and did not come into contact with this mist of powder.

“Comrade, this is the Joyful Reunion Powder. You must not breathe this in!” The sound of the yellow-robed lady could be heard. It was gentle and beautiful, carrying a tinge of anxiety.

Su Zimo frowned and looked at the skinny Qi Refinement Warrior who was hiding in the mist of powder. He paused for a moment.

If he were to wait for a while, these powder would naturally disperse and not pose a threat. However, Su Zimo could not waste time because there were three more cultivators nearby.

Su Zimo decisively turned and gave up on that fellow temporarily. He then charged towards the person behind him.

At the sight of the skinny Qi Refinement Warrior being reduced to a handicapped by one hit of the palm, the man behind Su Zimo had long turned pale with fright. He quickly controlled the flying sword to charge at Su Zimo’s glabella with all his might!

There was no flicker or shine of light in this flying sword.

Su Zimo closed his eyes and did not intend to dodge it. Maintaining the posture of downward thrust, he stuck out his right hand and gently lay it on the oncoming flying sword.

Wrap, hit, pull!


Although this flying sword did not break, it had been thrown aside by Su Zimo. It landed in the mud, slanted.

This Qi Refinement Warrior was stunned.

Although he was only controlling a low-end Item Spirit, he had never seen anyone receiving a spirit weapon with bare hands and not suffering any injury.

What kind of monster was this?

After a moment of dawdle, Su Zimo appeared by the side of this man. His body curled, one knee seemingly kneeling, his palms put together and lifted up!

Sanguine Ape Fruit Offering!


This lift up happened to support the chin of this Qi Refinement Warrior.

Sounds of breaking could be heard coming from the neck bones and chin of this man. His head fell backwards and hung on his back. His eyes were wide open, filled with horror. He was already dead.

There were two more Qi Refinement Warriors attacking the yellow-robed lady. At the sight of this, they were instantly scared out of their wits.

Su Zimo spread his body and charged towards one of them. Left hand guarding his chest, right hand clenched into a fist, large tendons pulsating, blood and flesh expanding, his fists turned into seal and landed from the sky with a deafening thud.

A large shadow engulfed, covering the sky and the sun!

This Qi Refinement Warrior was stunned so badly by Su Zimo’s aura that both his lungs and guts were splitting. How would he dare to try to attack or defend? He hurriedly turn and tried to flee.

Believing that he was going to escape from the scope of the large seal above him, he was elated.

At this very moment, he could hear the sounds of bow strings vibrating. It was petrifying.

Pang! Pang! Pang!

Su Zimo’s large tendons stretched and his arms swelled and enlarged. The gigantic seal came crashing down, caught up with that Qi Refinement Warrior who was fleeing in panic and landed on the top of his head.


After his skull exploded, there was still some left over energy in the gigantic seal. It immediately crushed and shattered this man’s body.

At the sight of five of his clan mates dying and one being severely injured, the remaining Qi Refinement Warrior lost his cool. While he was distracted, the yellow-robed lady controlled the flying sword and circled his neck once.

A large head was hurled off and fresh blood splattered. The headless corpse fell to the ground and twitched from time to time without any consciousness.

The yellow-robed lady was covered in delicate beads of sweat. After killing this man, her chest was heaving and she was panting slightly, seemingly to have reached the limit of her physique.

Su Zimo turned and looked at the skinny Qi Refinement Warrior who lost his arm.

However, he discovered that the other party had seized the opportunity to escape to a distance. His right hand was pressing onto his wound. With a flying sword under his feet, he traveled through the sky and disappeared into the forest immediately.

Su Zimo frowned.

At this moment, it was too late for him to chase him. Or rather, even if he could catch up with him, Su Zimo could not do anything to him as he was high in the air.

Suddenly, Su Zimo discovered that he had a fatal weakness.

He could not fly in the sky.

If the Qi Refinement Warrior were to execute the Sword Kinesis Flight immediately before fighting him, he could only be attacked and could not strike back.

After this round of killings, night had gradually fallen. One could vaguely hear the roaring sounds of the spirit beasts shaking the heavens and earth.

Looking at the back view of the skinny Qi Refinement Warrior in the darkness, there was a flash of worry in Su Zimo’s eyes.

This man’s escape was ultimately a calamity.

No one knew when this calamity would begin to erupt.

However, another thought flashed across Su Zimo’s mind. Night had fallen and it was the time where spirit beasts and spirit demons come out preying. This man’s broken arm would emit a strong stench of blood. He might not leave the Cang Lang Mountain Range alive.

“Ow! Ow!”

The spirit monkey’s shouts interrupted Su Zimo’s deep thoughts.

The spirit monkey was tied up. He leaped about on the ground that he was standing at, shouting at Su Zimo. It wanted him to help it remove the iron hoops around it’s limbs quickly.

“Stay there obediently first. Who told you to run around?”

It was a rare sight for the spirit monkey to be defeated. Su Zimo deliberately cast him aside and went to the corpses of the few cultivators. He removed the six small cloth bags from their bodies and tucked them into his arms without even looking.

Although he did not know what they were, Su Zimo could sense that these small cloth bags were quite famous and seemed to be Cosmic Bags. It definitely contained many treasures.

Su Zimo turned and picked up a flying sword that had fallen to the ground.

The shape of this flying sword was a little unique. It did not have a handle but only a blade that was extremely sharp.

Typical people would have problems holding it.

However, this was not much of an issue for Su Zimo.

Su Zimo held onto the sharp blade with his bare hands and walked to the spirit monkey. He aimed at the iron hoops that bound the spirit monkey’s limbs and slashed hard!


Sparks were flying everywhere.

A white streak appeared on the iron hoop but it did not break.

Su Zimo furrowed his brows slightly.

This flying sword could even shatter the Thunderbolt Saber. Yet, it could not break the iron hoops on the spirit monkey’s limbs.

This was a little troublesome.

Su Zimo could faintly sense that it was not because the flying sword was not sharp enough, but because he did not use it correctly.

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