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Eternal Sacred King
Chapter 22 - Yao Xue
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Chapter 22: Yao Xue

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Just as Su Zimo was deep in thought, the yellow-robed lady gradually approached him and said softly, “I’m Yao Xue from Azure Frost Sect. Thank you for saving me and fighting for justice, comrade.”

Su Zimo’s thoughts were focused on how to remove the hoops from the spirit monkey’s forelimbs. He only glanced at Yao Xue but did not reply.

Yao Xue pondered shortly before saying, “Comrade, you wish to remove this Beast Trapping Hoop, right? Why don’t I give it a try?”

Su Zimo took a hesitant glance at Yao Xue before nodding.

Yao Xue tapped the flying sword in her hands gently. Two flashes of light appeared and a layer of frost covered the blade of the sword instantly. The aura of the sword was appalling!

Su Zimo looked on conscientiously.

Earlier on, only one flash of light appeared on the flying swords of the two Qi Refinement Warriors from Joyful Clan. However, there were two flashes of light on the flying sword in Yao Xue’s hands now.

Obviously, the sword in this lady’s hands was of a better quality. The blade was also sharper!

Su Zimo quietly memorized this and paid careful attention to Yao Xue’s every move.

He saw Yao Xue controlling the flying sword’s movement from a distance. When her slim and fair finger pointed forward a little, the flying sword drew an arc in mid-air and slashed the Beast Trapping Hoop hard.

Pa! Pa!

Coinciding with the noise, the Beast Trapping Hoop broke.

Having felt aggrieved for some time, the spirit monkey was thrilled after breaking free from the restraint. Oblivious to it’s bleeding wounds, it chattered ‘Ow, Ow!’ continuously.

“Thank you.”

Su Zimo nodded to Yao Xue.

“It’s not a big deal.” Yao Xue smiled. Suddenly, a doubt arose in her heart and she could not help asking, “Is this a spirit beast that you reared and nurtured?”

Yao Xue could tell that this wild man who was clad in hide knew the spirit monkey. Most likely, he intervened in this matter because he wanted to save the spirit monkey and then saved her in the passing.

In the cultivation world, many cultivators would rear and groom spirit beasts to improve their combat ability. Once the spirit beast had pledge a blood oath, they would not betray the cultivator. Otherwise, they would be punished by heaven and die from a reflux of their own blood flow.

Upon hearing this question, Su Zimo frowned, shook his head and said, “He is my friend.”


Yao Xue blinked her eyes. She was very puzzled. It was really hard for her to imagine how a human could become friends with a spirit beast.

Since ancient times, human and demon were of different paths and in constant fights with each other. Their relationship was getting from bad to worse. There was only one possibility of interaction – a master and slave relationship whereby one party had taken a blood oath.

The term ‘friend’ truly seemed a little unique when it came to the two different clans. After all, there was an ancient saying that those of different clans would not be of the same heart and mind.

Su Zimo ignored Yao Xue. He approached the few corpses and picked up the five flying swords.

Looking at the broken Thunderbolt Saber, Su Zimo felt a little hesitant. In the end, he still picked it up and tied it behind him.


Su Zimo sensed great danger and turned behind.

In the deep parts of the forest behind him, two dots of dimmed lights appeared in the darkness. The aura was terrifying. They were exuding a chilling murderous intent!


Su Zimo exhaled a breath of cold air in shock. He said in a low voice, “It’s a spirit demon. Quickly leave!”

Before Su Zimo spoke, the spirit monkey had already ran off. Although it was injured and limping, it could still move swiftly and agilely in the forest.

Yao Xue was obviously a little panicky and at a loss of what to do.

Su Zimo did not plan to bother about her initially. However, this lady had helped to chop the Beast Trapping Hoop earlier. If he were to leave her behind, she would most probably die here given her current state.

Su Zimo took a glance at her and said in a low voice, “Follow me!”

Just as he spoke, Su Zimo had already begun to move forward. Yao Xue’s cheeks blushed faintly. She gritted her teeth and quickly followed him.

Yao Xue had been poisoned with the Pisces Aqua Powder. She would not be impacted much if she could force out the poison and nurse her injuries.

However, she had just been engaged in a fierce battle with the Joyful Seven earlier and almost exhausted all her spiritual powers. She could not even fly by standing on her flying sword. As such, she gradually could not endure the effects of the Pisces Aqua Powder; she felt her entire body heating up and limbs numb.

Yao Xue was very clear of the effects of the Pisces Aqua Powder. No matter how strong-willed one was, one would not be able to endure the power of this drug.

“If I can’t endure it, I will rather be devoured by this spirit demon than to be humiliated by others.” Yao Xue bit her cherry-red lips and quietly decided.

The spirit monkey had long disappeared after running off. That wild man in front of her appeared faintly from time to time. Yao Xue tried her best to chase up to him.

The unknown spirit demon behind followed her closely. It’s chilling gaze was like a thorn on her back, never disappearing for a moment.

After running for a while, Yao Xue’s legs were wobbly. She almost tripped and fell onto the ground.

Although she was already prepared to be buried in the beast’s mouth, she was terrified at the thought that she would be torn apart and devoured by the spirit demon.

Sounds of the spirit demon treading on the grass behind her were getting closer and closer. The murderous intent was pervasive and cold. Yao Xue could even smell the fishy breath of spirit demon’s mouth.

However, at this very moment, Yao Xue did not have the energy to run anymore.

“Forget it… To think that I, Yao Xue, would die at this place. If father knows about this… sigh.”

Yao Xue was totally exhausted. She stood still, panting. She felt aggrieved and sorrowful. Closing her eyes, two streaks of tears flowed down quietly.

At this moment, Yao Xue suddenly felt a strong and sturdy arm on her waist. Thereafter, her body felt light. Someone had taken her away from the place.

“Miss, pardon me. There is a need to adapt to the change in circumstances.” The man’s voice rang beside her ears.

Yao Xue opened her eyes wide and saw the side view of Su Zimo’s face.

“So he didn’t leave me behind.”

At this moment, Yao Xue had indescribable joy in her heart. She seemed to have found a place to vent all her grievances and sufferings now. Tears streamed down her face.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Winds howled and shadows of trees retreated.

The man held six flying swords with his left hand and one person with his right hand. Yet, this did not slow him down. Instead, he moved even faster!

It was only until now did Yao Xue realize that this man did not use all of his strength during the earlier stretch of journey. Otherwise, she would not have been able to catch up with him.

“This person is not bad.”

Yao Xue was drained of energy. Leaning closer to the man who carried her, the Pisces Aqua Powder was continuously taking effect, causing her thoughts to run wild.

Yao Xue was stunned. She quickly bit the tip of her tongue and tried hard to maintain soberness.

Dashing left and limping right from time to time, the man seemed to be very familiar with the Cang Lang Mountain Range. Although Yao Xue could hear the spirit beast roaring, they did not encounter any attack.

After an unknown period of time, Yao Xue felt dizzy and could no longer control her body.

Yao Xue was gradually losing her consciousness.

At this moment, the man’s voice rang again, “Miss, wake up!”

“Oo. Oo.”

Yao Xue’s body was feverish and she was sleep-talking.


Sounds of water could be heard.

Ubiquitous feelings of coldness surrounded Yao Xue’s burning body. Shivering, Yao Xue sobered up; her pair of eyes gradually regaining sight.

“T- this.. Where is this?”

Shivering, Yao Xue asked and looked at the surroundings.

This was a small and narrow mountain cave. She was in the middle of a cold lake, and there was nothing around it.

Although the effect of the Pisces Aqua Powder was still present, the bone-chilling coldness from the lake waters constantly stimulated Yao Xue’s nerves and allowed her to maintain sober.

“You are a Foundation Establishment Cultivator. Coupled with the aid of this cold lake, you will most likely be able to defuse the effects of the Pisces Aqua Powder.”

After saying these words, the man turned and left.

Before leaving, that man found a few pieces of wolf skins and covered the entrance of this small and narrow cave.

Sounds of the man’s steps gradually faded away.

Noticing all these, feelings of strangeness rose in Yao Xue’s heart.

After falling into the lake, her clothes were already drenched. Nevertheless, the man did not peep at her at all. He was also very meticulous. He covered the cave’s entrance as he was afraid that she would feel awkward.

Although the effect of Pisces Aqua Powder was strong, it did not constitute as a threat to Foundation Establishment Cultivators.

Yao Xue was feeling miserable that she did not have a chance to force the effect of the Pisces Aqua Powder out. Now that she was sober again, she quickly searched out an elixir from her storage bag and put it into her mouth. She then began to circulate the spirit heart sutra.

At this very moment, she could hear the man’s voice mingled with the spirit monkey’s chatters outside. A man and a monkey seemed to be communicating.

The man’s voice was neither loud nor soft. The volume was just audible to Yao Xue.

Yao Xue felt her heart warmed.

That man used such a method to tell her that he would always stay outside the cave. He was neither too far from nor too close to her. Hence, she could heal her injuries without any worries.

“This man… is really interesting.” Yao Xue smiled gently. She looked so beautiful and flawless.

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