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Eternal Sacred King
Chapter 2120 - 2120 Encounter
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2120 Encounter

Zi Xuan Immortal Kingdom, capital, library.

A woman in plain clothes and light makeup was holding an ancient book. She stopped in front of a row of tall bookshelves and read intently, flipping a page gently from time to time.

Sunlight shone through the window and spilled onto the woman’s fair neck, shimmering.

She had a flawless side profile and a slender figure. Dressed in a light green dress, she exuded a hint of mystery and elegance in her calmness. Just by standing there, she was stirringly beautiful.

Right then, soft footsteps sounded from the side, breaking the peace.

Before long, a young girl appeared, panting. She looked at the woman in plain clothes in front of the bookshelves and hesitated, as though she was afraid of disturbing her.

“What is it?”

The plain-robed woman asked indifferently without shifting her gaze away from the book in her hands.

The girl said, “Princess, Su Zimo has appeared!”


When the plain-robed woman heard that name, her expression changed as she glanced sideways and asked, “Where is he?”

The girl said, “All these years, you’ve asked us to pay attention to news of Su Zimo. I just received a message that Su Zimo has appeared in Coiling Dragon Mountain Range and is taking part in the Immortal Sect Selection.”

“The Immortal Sect Selection? This person is smart to choose the four immortal sects as his backing,”

The plain-robed woman murmured and smiled, asking, “What’s his cultivation realm now?”

“I heard that he’s a Grade 6 Earth Immortal. Furthermore, he entered the valley more than ten days ago when the selection was about to end,” The girl replied.

“Grade 6 Earth Immortal. He sure cultivates fast,”

The plain-robed woman was slightly surprised.

“Fast? He’s still far inferior to our young prince!”

The girl pouted her lips in disdain. “I heard that the young prince even views this person as an opponent. In my opinion, he’s not even worthy of being a servant for the young prince.”

The plain-robed woman shook her head with a smile and did not refute. She merely said to herself, “Grade 6 Earth Immortal. Given his capabilities, it shouldn’t be difficult for him to join the four immortal sects.”

“That’s not for sure,”

The girl gloated. “Su Zimo might not even be able to leave Coiling Dragon Valley alive, let alone join the four immortal sects.”


The plain-robed woman could tell that the girl was implying something. Her beautiful eyes shifted as she looked at the girl inquiringly.

The girl said, “I just received news that Su Zimo used a method similar to Myriad Transformations to disguise himself and hid from the entire world to enter the valley to take part in the selection. No one recognized him at all.”

“However, for some reason, more than ten days later, Prince Yuan Zuo of the Great Jin Immortal Kingdom suddenly appeared and exposed his identity, asking the four immortal sects for him.”

When she heard that, the plain-robed woman frowned slightly in deep thought.

The girl did not notice the change in the plain-robed woman’s expression and continued, “Because the Immortal Sect Selection is in progress, the four immortal sects did not give him over.”

“Prince Yuan Zuo then had the 112 Earth Execution Guards he brought with him sent into the valley so that they could hunt down Su Zimo!”

At that point, the girl giggled. “Princess, tell me, how is Su Zimo going to survive?”

The plain-robed woman frowned and asked, “The four immortal sects allowed more than a hundred Execution Guards to enter the valley to kill?”

“They had no way of refusing. These people entered under the guise of taking part in the Immortal Sect Selection. Since Su Zimo could take part in it, these Execution Guards naturally could as well.”

The girl said, “Furthermore, the Immortal Sect Selection has no life and death restrictions to begin with and cultivators are allowed to fight to the death.”

“Where’s Yun Ting?”

Suddenly, the plain-robed woman asked.

“The young prince is still in seclusion,” The girl said.

The plain-robed woman placed the book in her hands back on the bookshelf and walked out. “There’s no need to call him. Prepare yourself and follow me to Coiling Dragon Mountain Range.”


The girl was stunned for a moment and asked in disbelief, “Princess, you haven’t left the library for many years. Are you going to go out today because of a Grade 6 Earth Immortal?”

“This Grade 6 Earth Immortal is unusual,”

The plain-robed woman said.

The girl frowned and said hesitantly, “B-But even if we rush over as soon as possible, it’ll take close to ten days. At that time, Su Zimo will probably be killed by the Execution Guards.”

“Kill him?”

The plain-robed woman shook her head gently. “That person won’t die so easily. I have a feeling that something else might happen during this Immortal Sect Selection.”

As she said that, the plain-robed woman had already left the library.

The girl followed closely behind.

Coiling Dragon Mountain Range.

It had already been ten days since the Execution Guards entered the valley and there were only five days left until the end of the Immortal Sect Selection.

During this period of time, the Execution Guards had not encountered Su Zimo head-on.

Of course, it was because of Yang Ruoxu’s arrangement to place the Execution Guards furthest away from Su Zimo.

However, everyone knew that as time passed, an inevitable collision would happen!

Prince Yuan Zuo was in no hurry. Everything was under his control.

The hundred-odd Execution Guards formed ten teams and advanced to search bit by bit. They did not miss any corners and would even gather information from the other cultivators in the valley.

When the cultivators in the valley saw the groups of ten Execution Guards, they naturally did not dare to challenge casually and would tell the truth about Su Zimo.

“Why are there suddenly so many Execution Guards?”

“I saw it too. Those people even asked around for the location of a person—the young man who escaped extremely quickly and looked like he had yet to recover from a serious illness.”

“Let’s go. Since there’s no hope of entering the top hundred, let’s follow and take a look!”

Many cultivators were curious when they saw that the Execution Guards were not hostile towards them and followed behind, wanting to watch the show.

Through the water barrier, millions of cultivators watching could clearly see that the hundred-odd Execution Guards were advancing and getting closer to Su Zimo.

The locations of two Execution Guards were almost identical to Su Zimo and they would meet soon!

These two Execution Guards were the two outliers, Li Xuan and Zheng Mao.

The two of them were not weak and were both Grade 8 Earth Immortals.

“Su Zimo is truly stupid. He even came to take part in the Immortal Sect Selection. He practically dug his own grave,”

In the valley, Li Xuan chuckled. “Right now, he’s trapped in all directions in this valley. There’s nowhere for him to escape.”

“That’s right, whoever among us meets Su Zimo will be the lucky one. This will be a great merit,” Zheng Mao said.

Li Xuan pouted. “In my opinion, it’s unnecessary to send any messenger order. Anyone who sees this person can just suppress him directly. What can a Grade 6 Earth Immortal do?”

Zheng Mao shook his head. “Let’s follow His Highness’s instructions. Don’t make decisions on your own.”

As the two of them conversed, a figure sped over from afar. He was skinny and his face was withered, looking extremely weak—it was the appearance that Su Zimo had conjured!

Zheng Mao and Li Xuan’s gazes intensified!

Heaven Abyss, Yang Ruoxu and the others frowned slightly and their hearts skipped a beat.

To the four of them, this was a huge test for Su Zimo!

That was because all the Execution Guards knew their motive.

However, Su Zimo who was in the valley was still kept in the dark.

If Su Zimo were to turn and flee, he might be able to buy some time.

If he were to fight the two Execution Guards and fall into a bitter battle, he would definitely die!

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