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Eternal Sacred King
Chapter 2121 - 2121 Decisive to Kill!
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2121 Decisive to Kill!

In the valley.

Su Zimo was searching for a target in the vicinity when two people suddenly appeared in his line of sight. They wore Black Gold Feather Armors and had sabers hanging on their waists.


Su Zimo paused in his tracks and narrowed his eyes.

Execution Guards!

Any Earth Immortal could take part in the Immortal Sect Selection—the Execution Guards were naturally in that category as well.

However, when the two Execution Guards saw him, they stopped in their tracks as well. Their expressions were strange and their eyes lit up—it was clear that they had discovered something!

That reaction was very different from the reaction of others when they saw a Grade 6 Earth Immortal.

In fact, the two Execution Guards did not even release their spirit consciousnesses to check his cultivation before they stopped in their tracks and locked onto him eagerly!

“They know me!”

Based on the reactions of the two Execution Guards, Su Zimo made a judgment instantly and a thought flashed through his mind. “My identity has been exposed!”

That speculation was way too terrifying and shocking!

However, at that moment, Su Zimo no longer had time to think.

The Execution Guard on the left slapped his storage bag and took out a messenger talisman!

At that moment, it was already too late to activate his movement technique to get close given the distance between them.

In a flash, Su Zimo vanished from the spot!

True Dragon Nine Flashes!


Zheng Mao stared at Su Zimo fixedly. He had just taken out his messenger talisman when he froze for a moment.

Where was the other party?

Su Zimo had suddenly vanished from his line of sight!

Just as Zheng Mao was in a daze, Su Zimo reappeared with a cold expression. He was less than a hundred feet away from the two of them!


Su Zimo vanished once more!

He was gone again?

What was that?


Zheng Mao’s eyes widened and his pupils constricted.

On the other side, Li Xuan could not react either.

Right then, Li Xuan seemed to have sensed something and suddenly turned around. He looked behind Zheng Mao and his expression changed, as though he had seen the most terrifying thing in the world.

At the same time, Zheng Mao felt a chill run down his spine and his scalp prickled!

An unprecedented aura of death enveloped down!


A fair palm slapped the top of his head.

The tremendous power penetrated his skull and shattered his Essence Spirit!

Zheng Mao’s eyes dimmed. Before he could tear the messenger talisman in his hands, his body went limp and he fell to the ground.

Su Zimo released the True Dragon Nine Flashes consecutively. While Zheng Mao was in a daze, Su Zimo killed him with a single palm strike without giving him any chance to react!


Suppressing the shock in his heart, Li Xuan was enraged and withdrew his Execution Saber with a clang. His blood qi surged as he hollered.

Initially, he wanted to say, “How dare you.”

However, he merely said a single word when he saw Su Zimo turn around and lunge towards him without stopping after killing Zheng Mao!

“Die as well!”

Exhaling, Su Zimo extended his palm and conjured the Great Chaos Essence Palm, suppressing Li Xuan’s face fiercely!

The aura released by the Great Chaos Essence Palm was extremely tragic. The power of distortion and suppression caused the surrounding air to explode in a shuddering manner.

Before Li Xuan could finish his sentence, he was blocked by that tragic aura.

Li Xuan was alarmed and circulated his blood qi to its limits. He raised the Execution Saber with both hands and slashed towards Su Zimo’s Great Chaos Essence Palm.

Su Zimo had no intention of stopping.

“You must have a death wish!”

Li Xuan sneered internally.

The Execution Saber in his hands was unusually sharp and was a perfect-grade Earth Immortal Dharmic treasure—it was not something that a body of flesh and blood could defend against!

As an Execution Guard of the Great Jin Immortal Kingdom, his weapon was naturally not bad.


The sound of metal clashing echoed when the Execution Saber struck the Great Chaos Essence Palm—it was extremely ear-piercing!


Li Xuan was shocked.

Before he could react, he felt a mighty and violent power of distortion explode instantly.

His hands could not hold on to the Execution Saber at all and it flew out of his hands!

Given the current strength of the Green Lotus True Body, he could even take on a Connate earth-grade Dharmic treasure head-on.

The Execution Saber could not injure him at all!

Su Zimo snatched the Execution Saber and threw it in reverse.


The saber pierced through the Black Gold Feather Armor and Li Xuan. His heart exploded and his blood qi deteriorated instantly!

In the hands of different people, the lethality of the same Execution Saber was worlds apart.

Su Zimo’s slash not only pierced Li Xuan’s chest, but also shattered the Black Gold Feather Armor on his body.

The violent saber qi even sliced Li Xuan’s organs into pieces.

His body was completely crippled!

At that moment of life and death, Li Xuan’s reaction was extremely fast and he was prepared to escape with his Essence Spirit.

However, Su Zimo’s reaction was even faster. As the saber pierced Li Xuan’s chest, his palm descended, grabbing Li Xuan’s face. Essence Qi surged and instantly formed a prison.

Li Xuan’s Essence Spirit could not escape at all and could only stay in his consciousness obediently!

Su Zimo’s expression was cold and his gaze was sinister as he glared at Li Xuan in front of him. As long as he exerted strength in his palm, he could kill the latter!


Knowing that he would not be able to escape death, Li Xuan looked at Su Zimo in front of him and laughed while coughing blood. “Su Zimo, even if you kill me, you won’t be able to escape! His Highness has already brought people over. Just wait for death!”


At that point, Su Zimo no longer had any doubts. Exerting strength in his palm, he crushed Li Xuan’s head and destroyed his Essence Spirit!

Su Zimo’s expression was dark.

As he had expected, his identity had been exposed.

The worse situation was that Prince Yuan Zuo had brought people over!

The only person who knew where he went was Astral Rain, the Sect Master of Astral Sect.

His first reaction was that Astral Rain had snitched.

However, Su Zimo quickly denied that speculation.

If Astral Rain wanted to deal with him, there was no need for him to do anything unnecessary. He could have suppressed Su Zimo back then and handed him over to Prince Yuan Zuo.

Furthermore, although Astral Rain knew that he was here for the Immortal Sect Selection, he did not know that Su Zimo had transformed into his current state.

However, the two Execution Guards could clearly recognize him!

How could this be?

Just as Su Zimo was frowning in deep thought, Coiling Dragon Mountain Range fell into a strange tranquility.

Everyone’s eyes widened in shock as they looked at the figure in the valley in disbelief.

Even Heaven Abyss, Yang Ruoxu and the other two were shocked.

Su Zimo’s reaction had exceeded everyone’s expectations.

He did not escape nor was he embroiled in a bitter battle with the two Execution Guards.

In just two or three rounds, two Level 8 Earth Essence realm Execution Guards were killed by Su Zimo on the spot without any chance to resist!

His movement technique of flashing twice in succession was impressive.

However, what was even more shocking was Su Zimo’s calmness and instantaneous judgment.

Su Zimo was in the valley and did not know what was happening outside.

However, the moment he saw the two Execution Guards, he realized that something was amiss and attacked directly with a decisive killing intent. Even Heaven Abyss, Yang Ruoxu and the other two Heaven Immortals were shocked!

Prior to this, Heaven Abyss had even commented that this lad was a little soft-hearted.

This exchange of blows allowed everyone to witness how terrifying this person in the valley was!

However, no one realized that the terror they saw was merely the tip of the iceberg for Su Zimo.

Su Zimo’s true fangs and claws had yet to be revealed!

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