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Eternal Sacred King
Chapter 2122 - 2122 Declaration of War
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2122 Declaration of War

Yang Ruoxu, Heavenly Abyss and the other two exchanged glances without saying anything.

There were many things that everyone had a tacit understanding.

Given Su Zimo’s methods earlier on, it was clear that this lad was deliberately hiding his strength.

Prior to this, the four Heaven Immortals were tempted to recruit Su Zimo into the sect.

The stronger Su Zimo was, the more resolute the four of them were.

Initially, some of the four of them were hesitant when Prince Yuan Zuo arrived menacingly.

But now, the four Heaven Immortals wanted to recruit Su Zimo even more!

Notwithstanding his methods, his temperament, calmness and decisiveness to kill were enough to tell that this lad’s future accomplishments were limitless!

The four immortal sects were not afraid of the Great Jin Immortal Kingdom.

Heaven Abyss, Yang Ruoxu and the other two Heaven Immortals were naturally not wary of Prince Yuan Zuo’s status.

On the other side, Prince Yuan Zuo’s expression was dark as he looked at the figure in the water barrier. Gritting his teeth, he cursed hatefully, “Two useless trash!”

The four Heaven Immortals glanced sideways at Prince Yuan Zuo.

Prince Yuan Zuo was filled with confidence and boasted arrogantly in front of everyone, only to be on the receiving end of a setback.

One could imagine the frustration in his heart.

Sensing the gazes of the four Heaven Immortals, Prince Yuan Zuo realized that he had lost his composure and hurriedly took a deep breath to steady himself.

“That’s nothing much,”

Prince Yuan Zuo pretended to be calm and said, “It’s just two Grade 8 Earth Immortals. It’s fine if they die. There are still 110 Execution Guards in the valley. Let’s see how much longer he can last!”

The four Heaven Immortals did not reply.

However, the four of them knew that Su Zimo was still in a dangerous situation!

The reason why he could kill two Execution Guards in the blink of an eye was mainly because he made use of a movement technique similar to teleportation to kill them by surprise.

As for the remaining 110 Execution Guards, they were divided into ten teams and each team had 11 Execution Guards.

Furthermore, there were at least seven Grade 9 Earth Immortals in each group!

This meant that no matter which group Su Zimo encountered, he would have to face 11 Execution Guards, most of them Grade 9 Earth Immortals!

The difference in strength between both parties was so great that Su Zimo would have no chance of winning once a battle broke out.

Even back when the four Heaven Immortals were at the Level 6 Earth Essence realm, if they were put in Su Zimo’s current predicament, they would have no way of breaking out of the situation as well.

Furthermore, once he fought against one of the groups, the other nine groups would definitely rush over the moment they saw the messenger talismans and form a trap.

At that time, Su Zimo would not be able to escape even if he had wings!

Although the four Heaven Immortals wanted Su Zimo to join their sects, there was a prerequisite.

At the very least, he had to survive till the end of the Immortal Sect Selection!

Outside Coiling Dragon Mountain Range, a plain and low-key carriage rode through the clouds and entered the crowd stealthily.

Such a carriage was extremely common in the cultivation world.

Some paragons and monster incarnates would usually travel in flood dragon carriages or birds, ancient chariots, auspicious clouds and phenomenons. Naturally, carriages as such would not attract much attention.

Two women sat in the carriage—it was the plain-robed woman from the Zi Xuan Immortal Kingdom and her maidservant.

Furthermore, all the cultivators in Coiling Dragon Mountain Range were focused on Su Zimo in the valley.

After a period of silence in Coiling Dragon Mountain Range, many cultivators snapped out of their stupor and exclaimed as well. The clamor was like a marketplace.

“Su Zimo is way too ruthless!”

“Indeed, that Grade 8 Earth Immortal took out his messenger talisman but did not even have time to tear it apart.”

“Fufu, in my opinion, Su Zimo is courting death! This way, there’s even less of a chance that Prince Yuan Zuo will let him off!”

Within the carriage.

After listening for a while, the plain-robed woman understood what happened.

“Princess, you’ve studied a lot and know everything. Earlier on, they were discussing Su Zimo’s movement technique that is similar to teleportation. What is that?”

The girl asked curiously.

The plain-robed woman pondered for a moment. “I’ve never heard of such a cultivation technique in the cultivation Dharmic formulations of the human race. However, the Dragon race has a secret skill that is not imparted to outsiders. When cultivated to its limits, one can flash nine times in succession.”

“That’s amazing!”

The girl exclaimed with widened eyes.

Thereafter, she turned her head slightly and asked in confusion, “But how does this person know the secret skill of the Dragon race?”

The plain-robed woman’s expression changed, as though she recalled something but did not explain.

She reached out with her slender hand and lifted the curtain of the window slightly, looking into the valley.

In the valley, the skinny young man with a withered yellow face stood beside the corpses of two Execution Guards. His head was slightly lowered and he was motionless, deep in thought.


The young man raised his head.

Right in front of everyone, the young man’s figure and face changed rapidly. In the blink of an eye, he turned into a tall and handsome scholar.

“Is that his original appearance?”

The girl blinked. “He does look much more pleasing to the eye now.”

In midair, Prince Yuan Zuo clenched his fists tightly and was filled with killing intent when he saw the face that he hated to the core.

Right then, the scholar in the valley did something that shocked everyone!

The scholar looked at the skies and raised his palm slowly, placing it beneath his neck in a beheading gesture!


“What’s he doing? Is that a provocation?!”

“This person is truly audacious. He clearly knows that Prince Yuan Zuo is already here but he still dares to provoke him like this! Is he worried that death won’t come soon enough for him?!”

The discussions in the crowd grew louder.

Prince Yuan Zuo was so angry that he laughed instead and nodded repeatedly. “Good, good, good! How dare you provoke me! Once I capture you alive, I’ll use all means to torture you!”

“Su Zimo, you might not have realized it yet, but 110 Earth Execution Guards are waiting for you in the valley!”

The four Heaven Immortals had different expressions.

Initially, their impression of Su Zimo was that he was an extremely low-key, cautious and even somewhat soft-hearted person.

But now, this person had become extremely sharp!

“Princess, this person is way too arrogant,”

In the carriage, the girl pouted. “He hasn’t realized the danger he’s about to face and is still in the mood to provoke Prince Yuan Zuo.”


The plain-robed woman shook her head gently. “I think that his action is more like a declaration of war!”

“Declaration of war?”

The girl was surprised and asked, “Who is he declaring war on? What exactly is he trying to do?”

The plain-robed woman did not reply and merely looked at the figure in the valley.

In the valley.

Su Zimo put away the storage bags of the two Execution Guards. Thereafter, in front of everyone, he changed his appearance once more and became a tall and burly man.

Su Zimo looked at the skies. Although there was a water barrier and he could not see what was going on outside…

However, he knew that Prince Yuan Zuo was definitely watching him from outside!

Su Zimo grinned at the skies and ran not far away.

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