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Eternal Sacred King
Chapter 2123 - 2123 Striking Once Again
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2123 Striking Once Again

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In midair.

When Heaven Immortal White Sea saw that, he suddenly said, “That’s not a bad idea. There’s a chance he can break out of this situation.”

Heaven Abyss and the others nodded slightly.

Now that Su Zimo had changed his appearance once more, the Execution Guards in the valley might not be able to recognize him.

Heaven Immortal Green Peak said, “However, that lad’s cultivation realm is still at the Level 6 Earth Essence realm. That’s a flaw.”

Yang Ruoxu said, “As long as he’s careful and tries his best to avoid close contact with the Execution Guards, they shouldn’t release their spirit consciousnesses to scan him intentionally.”

Just as everyone was discussing, someone suddenly said, “Look, Su Zimo is about to encounter a group of Execution Guards!”

Everyone was invigorated and looked over hurriedly.

In the valley, Su Zimo, who had transformed into a middle-aged burly man, was far from the group of Execution Guards.

The 11 Execution Guards saw Su Zimo from afar. When they saw that it was a middle-aged burly man, they averted their gazes and did not pay much attention to him.

Heaven Abyss and the others heaved a sigh of relief.

As long as Su Zimo left silently, he would not be discovered.

However, right then, Su Zimo in the valley walked towards the Execution Guards after seeing them!


What was he trying to do?

The four Heaven Immortals frowned at the same time as a question flashed through their minds.

Did he want to test the other party?

However, this method of testing was way too risky and unnecessary.


The four Heaven Immortals thought of a possibility but felt that it was unrealistic unless Su Zimo was crazy.

“Princess, look! Su Zimo took the initiative to walk towards the Execution Guards!”

Within the carriage, the girl asked in surprise with widened eyes, “What’s he doing? Does he have a death wish?”

“He’s going to kill,”

The plain-robed woman’s beautiful eyes were deep as she murmured softly, as though she could read Su Zimo’s intentions.

In the valley.

After killing the two Execution Guards, Su Zimo thought about many things.

He did not know who leaked the secret.

He could not figure out right away how the Execution Guards could recognize him either.

However, he was certain of a few things.

First, the two Execution Guards were definitely not the only ones in this valley!

Since Prince Yuan Zuo came personally, he must have brought enough manpower to suppress him.

Second, the stance of the four immortal sects was unclear. However, at the very least, they were not on the side of Prince Yuan Zuo.

Otherwise, given Prince Yuan Zuo’s status, the four immortal sects could have handed Su Zimo over without any trouble instead of having to send Execution Guards into the valley.

Furthermore, the Execution Guards did not have Coiling Dragon Badges with them.

Third, if he wanted to break free from the threat of Prince Yuan Zuo or the Great Jin Immortal Kingdom, the only way was to join the four immortal sects and seek protection.

If it was in the past, all he had to do was reveal some of his methods and obtain enough Coiling Dragon Badges.

But now that Prince Yuan Zuo had brought people over personally, he could no longer hide his strength.

He had to reveal his powerful talent, terrifying combat strength and unlimited potential to attract the attention of the four immortal sects!

Of course, the secret of the Green Lotus True Body could not be exposed.

Otherwise, he would be killed no matter which sect he joined.

Therefore, the moment Su Zimo left earlier on, he was already prepared to start a massacre in the valley!

Him and Prince Yuan Zuo were like fire and water.

Since Prince Yuan Zuo had chased to Coiling Dragon Mountain Range with the Execution Guards and wanted to leave him with no way out, he would not be merciful either!

Initially, Su Zimo wanted to transform into the appearance of the dead Execution Guards.

However, he did not understand the two Execution Guards at all. Even if he transformed into the exact same appearance as them, in terms of voice, habits and actions, he would still easily reveal flaws.

There was a flaw in the Trinity Auspicious Jade’s transformation to begin with.

That was his cultivation realm.

Su Zimo did not intend to hide it from everyone. However, as long as he got close to the other party, he could get rid of them as quickly as possible!

There were seven Grade 9 and four Grade 8 Earth Immortals.

Su Zimo walked over and swept his spirit consciousness, quickly checking the cultivation realms of the 11 Execution Guards.


Initially, the Execution Guards did not pay much attention to Su Zimo. However, they could not help but frown when they saw the middle-aged burly man walking over.

“Fellow Daoists, you’re looking for a skinny cultivator with a withered face, right?”

Before the Execution Guards could ask, Su Zimo spoke first and asked loudly.

“You saw him?”

An Execution Guard’s eyes lit up as he asked hurriedly.

“Over there,”

Su Zimo pointed to the side but did not stop walking. He got closer and closer to the Execution Guards and said, “There are two more Execution Guards over there fighting against that cultivator.”

At that point, the many Execution Guards no longer had any doubts.


One of them said coldly, “Li Xuan and Zheng Mao must be trying to fight for credit. They didn’t even release a messenger talisman!”

In that short period of time, Su Zimo had already arrived less than a hundred feet away from the many Execution Guards.

The Execution Guard commander of the group frowned and did not say anything.

For some reason, he felt his heart skip a beat, as though a calamity was about to descend upon him!

His gaze landed on the middle-aged burly man and he swept his spirit consciousness across.

Level 6 Earth Essence realm.

That cultivation realm was a little too low to take part in the Immortal Sect Selection.

However, this person was rather capable to be able to last till now.

“Something’s not right!”

Suddenly, as though he recalled something, the Execution Guard commander raised his head and pointed in the direction of the middle-aged burly man. “You are…”

Before he could finish, Su Zimo’s figure suddenly appeared before him.

The distance between the two of them was extremely close!


Su Zimo extended his finger and tapped the glabella of the Execution Guard commander gently.

A single finger penetrated that person’s consciousness!

No matter how high his cultivation realm was, he would die on the spot if his Essence Spirit was pierced!

An uproar broke out outside the valley!

It was not only the remaining ten Execution Guards; even the millions of cultivators watching were shocked.

Prior to this, no one expected that this Grade 6 Earth Immortal named Su Zimo would choose to attack instead of dodging the pursuit of the Execution Guards!

What was he trying to do?

Was he trying to challenge 11 Execution Guards as a Grade 6 Earth Immortal?!

On the battlefield.

The moment Su Zimo attacked, it was like thunder!

With the help of the True Dragon Nine Flashes, he closed in rapidly and killed the Execution Guard commander of the group with a single finger.

Thereafter, his figure flashed once more.

At that moment, the other ten Execution Guards had just reacted and withdrew their Execution Sabers one after another. They wanted to attack but realized that Su Zimo had vanished!


Behind another Grade 9 Earth Immortal, Su Zimo’s figure appeared and pierced his skull with a finger again, shattering his Essence Spirit!

Another person was killed by the True Dragon Nine Flashes!

Fast. It was too fast!

With the sudden change, the few Execution Guards were flustered and their gazes could not keep up with Su Zimo’s movement technique!

In the blink of an eye, two Grade 9 Earth Immortals died!


The Execution Guards on both sides of the dead men were shocked. However, they reacted extremely quickly and slashed in reverse towards Su Zimo.

In a flash, Su Zimo vanished once more!

At the Level 6 Earth Essence realm, his Essence Spirit was at Level 8 and he could already flash five times in succession.

Including the two times he killed Li Xuan and Zheng Mao previously, this was already the fifth time.

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