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Eternal Sacred King
Chapter 2124 - 2124 Annihilation
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2124 Annihilation

“Form up with groups of three, back to back!”

In the chaos, an Execution Guard shouted.

The remaining nine Execution Guards moved and formed three formations instantly. That way, they could ensure that every single Execution Guard had their backs facing each other with their blades facing outwards!

Those who could become Earth Execution Guards were all top Earth Immortal experts.

After the unified training of the Great Jin Immortal Kingdom, they were in charge of punishment and killing and had chemistry with one another. Before long, they regained their composure and formed formations.

Although the formation was simple, it was extremely effective.

No matter which direction Su Zimo appeared from, someone would be facing him!

Indeed, when Su Zimo appeared once more, he was right in front of an Execution Guard and was extremely close!


The Execution Guard roared and his blood qi burst forth with the sound of a tsunami. It surged as he raised the Execution Saber, slashing down at Su Zimo!

Tsunami Blood!

The cultivators watching were shocked.

A Grade 9 Earth Immortal channeled his blood qi that was like a tsunami and released a terrifying power that a Grade 6 Earth Immortal would definitely not be able to take head-on!

Furthermore, the Execution Guard did not hold back at all and revealed an extremely brilliant saber technique.

Instantly, dozens of sharp saber shadows appeared in midair as the saber qi swept towards Su Zimo!

The slash counterattack was way too stunning.

Not only did it release a terrifying killing power, it even sealed Su Zimo’s escape path!

The crowd exclaimed.

Even the four Heaven Immortals nodded to themselves.

Given the capabilities of this Execution Guard, he would definitely stand out as well if he participated in the Immortal Sect Selection.

As the four of them had expected, Su Zimo was able to catch the Execution Guards off guard by relying on his disguise and taking the initiative to attack.

However, as long as the remaining Execution Guards reacted, they would counterattack violently.

At that time, Su Zimo would be in danger.

Even if Su Zimo had any trump cards that could defend against that slash, as long as they exchanged blows and there was a slight delay, the remaining eight Execution Guards would seize the opportunity to swarm forward.

How was Su Zimo going to defend?

“What a pity,”

Heaven Abyss shook his head gently and said softly.

Although it was commendable for him to take the initiative to attack the Execution Guard, this lad’s actions were way too risky and reckless. It was truly unwise for him to fall into a dead end because of his fervor.

Right then, in the valley, Su Zimo turned a blind eye to the dozens of saber shadows that were slashing at him. He did not dodge or avoid and suddenly opened his mouth.


A deafening roar burst forth from the depths of Su Zimo’s throat!

The roar resembled a dragon’s roar and a phoenix’s cry as it reverberated through the valley. It possessed a supreme will and seemed to be above all living beings, looking down on the world!

Dragon Roar secret skill!

The cultivators in the vicinity of the valley were caught off guard and shuddered when they heard that roar.

The nine Execution Guards in the center of the battlefield suffered an even greater impact!

The Grade 9 Earth Immortal that attacked shuddered. His blood qi that was initially surging dissipated in a chaotic manner because of the roar!

The dozens of saber shadows in midair dissipated instantly as well.

The Grade 9 Earth Immortal had a pained expression and felt extremely terrible.

His blood qi flowed in reverse and his entire body seemed like it was about to explode!

Even his mind was buzzing and blank, let alone attacking Su Zimo.

If that was the case for a Grade 9 Earth Immortal who had cultivated to Tsunami Blood, it was even worse for the other two who had formed a three-man formation with him.

The body of one of the Grade 8 Earth Immortals was shattered on the spot and a blood mist spread!

Although the other was a Grade 9 Earth Immortal, he did not manage to survive either. Blood oozed from all seven orifices and he had a dull gaze—his Essence Spirit was already shattered!

The person’s exposed skin was filled with blood scars in a shocking manner.

Although the remaining two formations were slightly further away, the Grade 8 Earth Immortals were also killed on the spot by Su Zimo’s Dragon Roar secret skill!

With a roar, five of the remaining nine Execution Guards died in the blink of an eye!

Although the remaining four people were all Grade 9 Earth Immortals, they were injured as well and were in a daze, unable to react for a moment.

A single roar shattered the Execution Guard group!

The roar in the valley was isolated by the water barrier and could not be heard from outside.

However, at that moment, the entire Coiling Dragon Mountain Range was silent. It was as though everyone’s throats were squeezed as they looked at the scene in the valley in shock.

“What… just happened?”

“I’m not sure. Su Zimo seemed to have opened his mouth and those people seemed to be rooted to the spot. Immediately after, someone’s body exploded.”

“What’s that? A sound domain secret skill?”

“Have you seen a sound domain secret skill that can roar a Grade 9 Earth Immortal to death?”

Even the cultivators watching outside the valley were dumbfounded.

In midair, the four Heaven Immortals were dumbfounded as well.


Heaven Immortal White Sea had a hesitant expression. Even he was unsure and probed, “This is a sound domain secret skill?”


Yang Ruoxu nodded and hesitated.

That was because even he had never seen such a terrifying sound domain power!

In the valley, after Su Zimo released the Dragon Roar secret skill, he lunged forward and snatched the Execution Saber in front of him, slashing in reverse!


This Grade 9 Earth Immortal who had cultivated Tsunami Blood was cleaved into two by Su Zimo and his Essence Spirit was dead!

There were three left!

Wielding the Execution Saber, Su Zimo strode forward and raised his saber. Descending from the skies, he enveloped the remaining three Execution Guards!


It was as though a blood rain had descended from the skies.

The three Execution Guards were surrounded by an endless Blood Sea. In the middle of the sea stood a mountain filled with corpses!

Everywhere the blade passed, it let out a buzzing sound, as though malevolent ghosts were crying and evil wolves were howling.

A mountain of corpses with a sea of blood, shrouded by the wails of ghosts and the howls of wolves!

The Blood Sea surged and created raging tides that devoured the three Execution Guards.

Su Zimo’s slash was fused with the Asura Saber and Sea Calming Manual. He created many intents with a single slash and stacked them continuously.

It was even more terrifying and stunning than the slash of the Execution Guard earlier on!

Relying on the Green Lotus True Body, Su Zimo had abandoned his saber for many years. However, his saber technique was still terrifying!

The remaining three Execution Guards finally snapped out of their stupor and waved their Execution Sabers, condensing divine powers to defend.

However, Su Zimo’s saber intent was formed.

Coupled with the fact that the three Execution Guards were stunned by the Dragon Roar secret skill, be it their bodies or Essence Spirits, they were shaken violently and could not unleash even half of their usual combat strength—they could not defend against Su Zimo’s saber intent at all.

In just a few breaths, the three Execution Guards could not hold on any longer.

A vicious glint flashed through the eyes of one of them as he channeled a secret skill and burned his Essence Spirit and lifespan. A terrifying potential burst forth from his body as he broke free from the Blood Sea.

When he left the Blood Sea, he did not attack Su Zimo. Instead, he tore the messenger talisman apart right away!

A red light surged into the skies and exploded rapidly!

After doing that, the Execution Guard could not hold on any longer and died before Su Zimo could attack.

The remaining two Execution Guards were devoured by the Blood Sea as well, turning into corpses at the foot of the mountain.

11 Execution Guards were completely annihilated!

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