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Eternal Sacred King
Chapter 31 - At Close Combat, A Man Could Be Even More Powerful Than The Combined Strength of an Entire Country
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Chapter 31: At Close Combat, A Man Could Be Even More Powerful Than The Combined Strength of an Entire Country

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Su Zimo headed north from Ping Yang Town, crossing Cang Lang Mountain Range and entered the territory of the Country of Yan.

Su Zimo did not ride a horse along the way.

Given his full speed right now, no horse was powerful enough to be able to catch up to him.

The weather had turned cold, and early winter had arrived. But Su Zimo was burning hot, white clouds of vapor rising from the top of his head.

While Su Zimo hurried along the way, he was applying the Bones Strengthening sutra. His legs alternated in an amazing speed. Not even a shadow of his could be seen.

Divine Steed Fleeting!

This style in the Bones Strengthening section was known for its speed.

Plow Heaven Stride was used to train the strength in the legs and every stride came with tremendous force. On the other hand, Divine Steed Fleeting was all about speed. Through mastering the foundation of Body Tempering section and Tendons Transformation section, and by working one’s muscles and shaking one’s tendons, the bones were strengthened through constant beating and hitting.

If one achieved initial success in the Bones Strengthening section, once the person exerted strength, there would be cracking crisp sounds of the bones. When the person achieved phenomenal success, all the tendons and bones would give out loud sounds.

After cultivating the Bones Strengthening section, one’s physical strength would be significantly increased. By using the Divine Steed style, one could travel 500 kilometers a day, and 400 kilometers a night. No other demon could match up to this kind of superb stamina.

To travel from Ping Yang Town to the Country of Yan, a Level 10 Perfected Qi Refinement Warrior would need about ten days while travelling day and night without rest.

After mastering Divine Steed Fleeting, Su Zimo was able to reach the Country of Yan on the eighth day.

Along the way, Su Zimo walked at full speed, as swift as the wind, constantly using the breathing and expiration method of Bones Strengthening section, never stopping for one second.

This was all thanks to the Scarlet Flame Fruit that sealed the huge source of essence in his body. This was why Su Zimo was able to keep cultivating.

Su Zimo carried the Sanguine Crystal Bow on his back and the Cold Moon Saber around his waist, and was travel-worn when he arrived at the capital city of the Country of Yan.

He had yet to enter the city but he could tell that the city was tightly guarded. There were dozens of armored guards standing on the two sides of the city gate, checking the pedestrians one by one.

Su Zimo carried a casual expression and walked up to the city gate.

One of the guards stopped Su Zimo, sizing him up. There was mockery in his eyes, as he smiled softly, “You are just a poor scholar, why did you carry a bow and saber with you? Bluffing people?”

Su Zimo was clad in his usual green robe. He had a fair complexion and delicate features. He did not seem like someone who practiced martial arts. That was why the guards found it odd that a scholar carried a bow and saber with him.

Su Zimo remained composed, carrying a smile, not making any comments.

“Hey, that poor guy, take the saber at your waist and let me take a look. Has it been edged? Haha!” Another city guard who was further away joined in the fun as well.

There was a change in Su Zimo’s countenance as he slowly reached his hands toward Cold Moon Saber.

Su Zimo had no wish to start a fight at the city gate.

Once he started the killing spree here, all the city guards would come at him. Qi Refinement Warriors might even be here as well.

Even if Su Zimo managed to survive and go all the way to the palace, the King of Yan would have gone into hiding.

Just when Su Zimo’s hand rested on the hilt of Cold Moon Saber, the commander of the guards who stood by the side saw the scene and laughed while he lamented his troops. “Damn, you guys only know how to bully a scholar. Hey, scholar, you can ignore them and enter the city.”

Su Zimo relaxed slightly and nodded toward the man, before he entered the city.

Su Zimo located Sky Treasure Pavilion and went to the second level. He intended to deposit Sanguine Crystal Bow and Cold Moon Saber at this place for the time being.

These two weapons were too eye-catching. It was impossible for him to bring them into the palace.

With the Sky Treasure Badge, Su Zimo was able to deposit items for free. The manager of the Sky Treasure Pavilion at the Country of Yan gave a soft sigh when Su Zimo took out his Sky Treasure Badge. He smiled as he asked, “Young Master, can I take a look at your badge?”

Su Zimo handed his Sky Treasure Gold Badge over. There was an odd look on the manager’s face when he looked at the badge.

“Why, is anything wrong?” Su Zimo frowned.

The manager of Sky Treasure Pavilion immediately shook his head, smiling as brightly as before, handing the Sky Treasure Gold Badge back. “There’s no problem. When do you intend to retrieve the items?”

“If everything goes as planned, it will be tomorrow.”

With that, Su Zimo turned to leave Sky Treasure Pavilion.

After Su Zimo left, the smile on the manager of Sky Treasure Pavilion vanished and he looked grim.

“Manager, is the Sky Treasure Gold Badge fake? The person is no Qi Refinement Warrior, yet he has a Sky Treasure Gold Badge. He is indeed suspicious,” One of the workers at Sky Treasure Pavilion asked.

“It’s not fake. It is one hundred percent real.”

The manager shook his head, frowning, deep in his thoughts.

The morning of the next day, the ministers gathered outside the palace, ready to go to the royal court to see the King of Yan.

Su Zimo was among one of them.

After achieving initial success at Tendons Transformation, Su Zimo was able to shrink and move the muscles on his face, making changes to his facial appearance. But he was unable to change his body shape.

If he reached phenomenal success at Tendons Transformation, he would be able to have a complete transformation, changing his body shape.

If he could achieve phenomenal success at Bones Strengthening, he would even be able to shrink and expand his bones, changing his height to become a totally different person!

Last night, Su Zimo knocked a civil official named Shangguan Yue unconscious, and took his place to attend the morning session today.

“Brother Shangguan, I have not seen you for a few days and you seemed to have grown taller.” One man next to him came over to chat with him.

Su Zimo remained silent, not reacting to his words.

One was bound to have a slip of the tongue if he talked too much. Moreover, Su Zimo might have changed his facial appearance, but he was unable to have the same voice as Shangguan Yue.

Seeing that Su Zimo did not reply to him, the person turned around in embarrassment after inviting a snub. He no longer chatted with Su Zimo.

“Clang!” “Clang!” “Clang!”

The bell tower rang. All the civil and martial officials tidied their appearance and walked in two rows toward the palace.

An old man in his fifties to sixties, with a crown on his head and in a dragon robe sat in the center of the palace, perched high up. His gaze was fiery, looking majestic and awe-inspiring from sitting on the throne for many years.

This was the King of Yan!

There were four Qi Refinement Warriors in Taoist robes on the two sides of the King of Yan. They looked relaxed, as if they were taking a short rest.

The civil and martial officials entered the palace, kneeled before the king and shouted in a loud voice, “All hail the king!”

This sound echoed in the palace, it was loud and forceful.

“Hehe, Zhao Qian.”

While the officials were greeting the king, someone sneered among the crowd. It was particularly jarring!

Zhao Qian was the name of the King of Yan!

Who dared to call the king by their name in front of the king himself?

All the officials were alarmed, looking toward the sound.

A man was seen walking out from the crowd. He took off his official’s robe, revealing a green robe inside.

“Shangguan Yue, you must be crazy. How dare you offend the king!”

One of the martial officials snarled, but he noticed that the facial appearance of the green-robed man was undergoing odd changes. He turned into another person in the blink of an eye!


All the officials thought that they were seeing things. They rubbed their eyes and widened their eyes to take a closer look.

He was not Shangguan Yue!

The four Qi Refinement Warriors who sat next to the King of Yan frowned, sweeping their gaze over Su Zimo. They sneered when they discovered that the man had no spirit qi.

To them, changing facial appearances was merely a small trick.

The King of Yan remained composed all along. His gaze was swift and fierce. He stared at Su Zimo, speaking in a cold voice. “Who are you?”

“Don’t you recognize me?”

Su Zimo smiled and asked, “Do you still remember Su Mu?”


There was a commotion within the officials!

This name was a taboo in the Country of Yan. No one dared to speak of it in front of the King of Yan.


The King of Yan squinted his eyes and took a closer look at Su Zimo.

The King of Yan raised his head and laughed after a long while. “Hahahaha, are you his son?”


Su Zimo smiled and nodded. “Su Hong is my older brother.”


The King of Yan raised his eyebrows and ridiculed him, “What is your intention by coming to my palace?”

Su Zimo said softly, “I am here to kill you.”



All the officials broke out into laughter.

To them, Su Zimo, the frail scholar was like an idiot who spoke conceited nonsense.


The King of Yan could not help but laugh as he nodded, “This is interesting, very interesting.”

Su Zimo once told Uncle Zheng that he never thought of assassinating the King of Yan. He was telling the truth.

Regardless of whether it was covert killing or assassination, to Su Zimo, it was not enough to appease his rage and the injustice done to his family. That would be letting the King of Yan off too easily.

Su Zimo had to kill the King of Yan and he would do it openly, in front of all the officials!

Su Zimo wanted the King of Yan and the entire world to know that it was Su Mu’s descendants who killed the King of Yan!

It was only through this way could he feel the slightest pleasure and appease his anger and hatred!

The King of Yan shook his head, feeling slightly emotional. “I didn’t expect that the two sons of Su Mu would be vastly different, Su Hong endured it for 16 years and planned the assassination for years. He only dared to lay an ambush and to assassinate me. How dare you have the impudence to come to my palace and threaten to kill me? How dare you and on what basis!?”

The King of Yan sneered. “To me, Su Hong is considered as somewhat capable. And you? Hehe, you are merely an ignorant man who is brave, but lacks wisdom and tact!”

“Ignorant man?”

Su Zimo smiled, raising his head as he asked, “Zhao Qian, have you heard of this saying?”

“Once the ignorant man was enraged, he would cause bloodshed within five steps. At close combat, a man could be even more powerful than the combined strength of an entire country!”

With that, there was a bright glitter in Su Zimo’s eyes. He exuded a piercing cold and murderous aura. The temperature of the main hall seemed to drop suddenly!

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