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Eternal Sacred King
Chapter 32 - Slay the King
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Chapter 32: Slay the King

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“Not good!”

The Qi Refinement Warriors sitting by both sides of the King of Yan stood up suddenly. Their countenances changed greatly.

It was extremely dangerous!

Suddenly, this seemingly weak and frail scholar had changed into a different person. The aura that he emanated made the four Qi Refinement Warriors terror-stricken.

Such was already the case for the Qi Refinement Warriors, much less the rest of the people in the main hall. Some of the civil officials were so frightened that they dropped to the ground, paralyzed and numb.


Both Su Zimo’s feet landed on the floor and gave out a deafening thud. The floor laid with gold bricks split on impact, causing a long and huge crack to appear on it. Below the cracks was like a dark and spooky hell that emitted a cold and sinister aura.

The entire palace was shaking violently. Dust fell. The sky and ground were seemingly on the brink of collapse and the atmosphere was absolutely terrifying!

If one did not see it with his own eyes, no one dared to believe that the scene before them was caused by one individual.

Su Zimo had already disappeared from the earlier spot. His figure dashed ahead like a divine and savage steed. In the blink of an eye, he appeared in front of the King of Yan.

Fast. It was too fast!

The earlier spot that Su Zimo stood was at least ten feet away from the King of Yan. However, everyone only felt their eyes blur for a moment before Su Zimo appeared just one elbow away from the King of Yan.

At this moment, the four Qi Refinement Warriors beside the King of Yan had just searched out their spirit weapons from their storage bags.

The reaction time of the two sides were on completely different levels!

It was not until this moment that everyone in the main hall finally understood Su Zimo’s earlier words.

Although he was ten feet away from the King of Yan. To Su Zimo, that was only considered an elbow’s length.

At such a close range, one would not be able to beat an ordinary man even when he had the aid of the entire country!

“Y-you…. what are you doing?!”

The King of Yan was so frightened that his liver and gall were almost splitting. Scared out of his wits, his eyes were filled with horror and he backed off instinctively.

Su Zimo’s expression was chilling and cold. He conveniently hurled off the crown on the King of Yan’s head. The latter’s hair fell all over his face, making him look unkempt and embarrassed.

Su Zimo stepped forward, reached out his palm, grabbed the King of Yan’s hair and lifted him up!


The King of Yan screamed when he felt the severe pain coming from his scalp. Beads of sweat could be seen on his forehead and his limbs turned cold.

“Mortal, how dare you!”

“Release the King of Yan quickly. Otherwise, you will face death for sure!”

Two of the four Qi Refinement Warriors were controlling flying swords. Another one was directing a long saber. The remaining one was controlling a roulette with sharp edges.

Out of the four spirit weapons, only the roulette had a spirit pattern and was an inferior-grade spirit weapon. The other three weapons suspended in the air were pseudo spirit weapons. They were aimed at the vital points on Su Zimo’s body and were waiting for an opportune time to strike.

Su Zimo did not seemed bothered. He dragged the King of Yan’s hair and took a few steps back. He used his backhand grip to pick up the long saber that was placed horizontally on the rack behind him.


Sounds of sharp blades unsheathing resonated across the main hall. The lingering sounds were so creepy that it sent chills up one’s spine.

Su Zimo placed the long saber on the King of Yan’s neck horizontally.

The King of Yan could feel the coldness from the sharp blade. Shortly after, he was having goosebumps all over.

“My name is Su Zimo. Remember me.” Su Zimo’s voice rang in his ears. There was not the slightest change in Su Zimo’s emotions. Yet, the King of Yan felt very nervous.

“Su Zimo, do you know that The Imperial Army and Royal Guards total over 150,000 people? Coupled with the immortal cultivation clan behind me, you won’t be able to escape even if you can fly!”

The King of Yan was the ruler of a country after all. When his life was at stake, he tried his best to regain his composure, forcefully suppressed his fears and said while gritting his teeth, “Why don’t I make a deal with you… ”


Su Zimo laughed.

At the sound of this laughter, the King of Yan’s heart gradually sank to the bottom of the valley.

He could sense that Su Zimo was hell bent on killing him!


At this very moment, the King of Yan could hear the sounds of weapons moving in the air at lightning speed.

“The Qi Refinement Warrior is taking action!” The King of Yan rejoiced in his heart.

As long as the Qi Refinement Warrior could kill Su Zimo with one slash of the sword, he would still have a chance to live.

The Qi Refinement Warrior who made the move was standing behind Su Zimo. The distance between the two was too close. He was less than ten feet away.

The flying sword stabbed towards the blind spot of Su Zimo’s sight. It approached the back of Su Zimo’s brains like a flash of light at that instant.

The eyes of the other three Qi Refinement Warriors lit up.

It looked like the flying sword was going to stab the back of Su Zimo’s brains. As if eyes were grown on his back and without turning his head, Su Zimo suddenly swung his arms behind his head and wrapped that flying sword gently, seemingly not using much strength.


The expression of the attacking Qi Refinement Warrior changed. He discovered that he had actually lost control of the flying sword.

The Qi Refinement Warrior had wound his own spirit qi around the flying sword to control the weapon. He could direct the sword with his hands for the purpose of attacking or defending.

However, how powerful was the Bovine-tongued Saber?

Under the wrapping, the spirit qi of the flying sword dissipated instantly.

Su Zimo flipped his hand and threw the sword away!


The flying sword pierced through the chest of the Qi Refinement Warrior and drew out a streak of blood. Unhindered, it pierced into the wall of the main hall ruthlessly, the blade trembling nonstop.

The entire process seemed slow when narrated but it occurred very quickly.

From the moment that the Qi Refinement Warrior took action to the point where the sword pierced through his body, it took less than the moment of a breath!

This man’s expression was dazed, his eyes filled with disbelief and losing focus as he landed on the floor with a loud thud.


The remaining three Qi Refinement Warriors gasped and took a few steps back instinctively. They were trying to distance themselves from Su Zimo.

If the earlier sword from Su Zimo was thrown towards any of them, none of them could have dodged it.

The speed of that sword was completely beyond their response time.

“Hurry. Go and notify Senior Brother Liu for reinforcements!”

One of the three Qi Refinement Warriors looked terrified. He dashed towards the back of the main hall and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

To the King of Yan, these few moments of breath seemed a hundred years long.

They had failed!

Even the Qi Refinement Warriors failed when they took actions.

All this while, the long saber on the neck of the King of Yan had never left him by an inch.

Su Zimo lowered his head slightly and whispered into the ears of King of Yan, “Zhao Qian, do you know that… the moment that I stepped into the palace, you were already a dead man. If I say that I will kill you, no one can save you even when you search high and low for a savior.”

There was pin-drop silence in the wide and spacious main hall!

Seemingly, everyone had been stunned by an individual’s aura and kept mum out of fear.

Su Zimo’s voice was not loud. It was light and calm, as if he was chatting with the King of Yan. However, behind this voice, everyone could feel the murderous intent that made one’s heart shudder!

The King of Yan was shivering with fear all over. His teeth clattered loudly nonstop.

“Zhao Qian, you don’t need to be afraid. It is just one slash. There won’t be any pain.”

Su Zimo’s gaze was icy cold. He said word by word, “I will send you on the road to apologize to my parents!”


The large head of the King of Yan had been cut off by Su Zimo in one slash. He was holding it in his hands.

Even upon his death, the King of Yan’s eyes were popped out wide and filled with horror. In fact, before the slash, the King of Yan had already died of fear.

He had been frightened till death when he was alive!

Ta! Ta! Ta!

Successive footsteps could be heard coming from outside the palace. The Imperial Army of the Kingdom of Yan had already rushed here.

Su Zimo tied the King of Yan’s head on his waist and surveyed the surroundings. Shaking the long saber in his hands and exuding a murderous aura, he said coldly, “The King of Yan is already dead. Anyone who stops me shall not be spared!”

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