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Eternal Sacred King
Chapter 33 - The Powerful Repression
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Chapter 33: The Powerful Repression

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Just as Su Zimo beheaded the King of Yan, the hundreds of civil and military officials in the main hall panicked and were at a loss over what to do. Some fainted on the spot with their eyes rolled back, while some fled outside without even turning back.

Among the crowd who fled, there was an excited gleam in the eyes of one of the martial officials despite his terrified expression.

When this person ran to a corner outside the palace, an ordinary-looking soldier nearby immediately joined him. The person said in a low voice, “Quickly leave the palace and send a pigeon post to City Lord Luo. Tell him that the King of Yan is already dead and the important event can be realized!”

“Order received!”

That soldier quickened his steps and left the palace. In the blink of an eye, he had disappeared into the crowd.

In the main hall, Su Zimo held the long saber with his right hand. With the King of Yan’s head hung on his waist, he wanted to dash outside but he suddenly heard someone hollering behind him, “Who are you? How dare you come to the palace and behave so atrociously!”

Su Zimo looked back.

Both Su Zimo and that person who spoke were frozen for a moment.

The person who spoke had a gaunt and thin face and he wore a wide and long robe. His left sleeves looked empty. He was a one-armed man.

This person was none other than the Level 8 Qi Refinement Warrior from Joyful Clan who escaped a narrow death when Su Zimo paralyzed one of his arms in Cang Lang Mountain Range!

“It’s you?”

The one-armed Qi Refinement Warrior recognized Su Zimo at one glance. The fearsomeness in his eyes instantly turned into fear and panic.

Although the condition of his wounds had already stabilized, he was often awakened by nightmares in recent nights. That wild man in Cang Lang Mountain Range was even more terrifying and savage than spirit beasts. He was like a recurring nightmare that would not go away.

Su Zimo laughed. With a sinister stare, he said in a spooky manner, “So, you are the one!”

“All of you… stop him. I’m going to send a message to the clan!”

The one-armed Qi Refinement Warrior could sense Su Zimo’s murderous intent. He did not think of resisting at all. After shouting, he actually escaped to the direction where he came from atop his flying sword.

The one-armed Qi Refinement Warrior was very clear of Su Zimo’s weakness.

If he wanted to escape from Su Zimo’s clutches, he would have to use Sword Kinesis Flight. The ceiling in the palace had a certain height and he was worried that he would not be able to leave Su Zimo’s range of attack.

As long as he escaped to the outside to the boundless sky and sea, he could then survive.

Su Zimo slid his soles and dashed forward. In the blink of an eye, he appeared in front of one of the Qi Refinement Warriors. He supinated his hands and gave a punch.


Just as this man drew out his spirit weapon, his head exploded on the impact of Su Zimo’s punch and he died on the spot!

After he was enlightened about Divine Steed Fleeting, Su Zimo’s speed increased further and he could close in with even more ease.

Once Su Zimo closed in on the Qi Refinement Warrior, it meant that the latter’s death was imminent.


The only Level 8 Qi Refinement Warrior in the main hall directed the inferior-grade spirit weapon towards Su Zimo. There was a flash of radiance on the roulette spirit weapon.

The spirit pattern shone; the power and speed of the spirit weapon increased greatly!

Without even looking at it, Su Zimo supinated his hands and slashed with his long saber.


The long saber broke and the roulette’s speed reduced greatly upon the huge and astonishing impact. Su Zimo stretched out his palm and placed it on the roulette gently. Wrap and vibrate. The roulette had already fallen into his hands.

Right from the beginning, Su Zimo had never paused. He bumped into the arms of another Qi Refinement Warrior, exerted all his strength and leaned towards him!


This man was flung off instantly. In mid air, his body suddenly exploded and disintegrated. Broken arms and legs were flying around and blood and flesh splattered all over.

In a few moments, Su Zimo had broken away from the encirclement of the few Qi Refinement Warrior and dashed towards the one-armed Qi Refinement Warrior.

The one-armed Qi Refinement Warrior was escaping very quickly. While he was flying on the sword, he was furiously penning down something. It was uncertain what he was writing.

The moment the one-armed Qi Refinement Warrior escaped out of the palace, he threw the thing in his hands towards the sky.

Su Zimo watched carefully. There was a life-like, white paper crane the size of a palm in mid air. It was shining with spirit light. After fluttering its wings a few times, it flew towards a distance and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Su Zimo vaguely guessed that this white paper crane was a talisman of the cultivation world. It was a means of communication.

Although he was aware of this, Su Zimo could not stop it.

The Sword Kinesis Flight speed of the one-armed Qi Refinement Warrior was not as quick as Su Zimo. With the delay, Su Zimo almost caught with him!

This man was terrified. He rampantly circulated spirit qi into his flying sword. The flying sword rose and dashed higher up in the sky.

“You were lucky to have escaped the last time. Today, you will stay here!”

At the sight of the Qi Refinement Warrior about to dash into the sky, Su Zimo hollered and threw up the roulette that he had picked up in passing!

Oo! Oo!

The roulette transformed into a flash of light, broke through the empty sky, giving out intense and terrifying sounds as the winds roared.

Although one was in the sky and the other on the ground, they were not too far from each other.

The one-armed Qi Refinement Warrior wanted to avoid it but was too late.

In that split second, the one-armed Qi Refinement Warrior gritted his teeth. Disregarding whether he would fall off, he controlled the flying sword on his feet, wanting to block the roulette that was shooting over.


Sparks flew everywhere as the sword and roulette clashed into each other!

The one-armed Qi Refinement Warrior’s expression suddenly changed. The spirit qi on his flying sword actually dissipated instantly!

The flying sword lost control upon the impact of the collision and reversed towards him at an even faster speed!


The entire flying sword pierced into the belly of the one-armed Qi Refinement Warrior. That was a Qi Refinement Warrior’s lifeline and Sea of Qi.

The broken Sea of Qi meant that over ten years of his cultivation from painstaking efforts had gone to waste.

The one-armed Qi refinement Warrior fell from the sky and landed heavily on the floor. Dust flew all over and successive sounds of bones breaking could be heard coming from inside his body.

Looking ghastly pale and blood foaming from the mouth, the one-armed Qi Refinement Warrior saw Su Zimo striding towards him. Endless malice and resentment flashed across his eyes. With a ferocious expression, he laughed crazily and said, “You are finished! I have just notified the clan. Not long after, Foundation Establishment Cultivators will rush over to slay you! You will come down to keep me company very soon. Hahahaha!”


Su Zimo raised his brows and said, “So there aren’t any Foundation Establishment Cultivators in the capital then?”

The one-armed Qi Refinement Officer was stunned.

“Thanks for the information. It looks like I, Su Zimo, am not destined to die yet. Even the capital city of the Country of Yan cannot stop me!”

Su Zimo’s expression was cold and aloof. He stepped forward and trampled on the skull of the one-armed Qi Refinement Warrior, crushing it. He took this man’s storage bag and put it away in his arms before dashing outside.

If there were Foundation Establishment Cultivators in the capital, coupled with other Qi Refinement Officers, city guards and The Imperial Army, it would be very difficult for Su Zimo to leave the capital.

This was because there was a huge gap of one realm between the Foundation Establishment Cultivator and Qi Refinement Warrior. This was a great leap in quality, and the strong powers erupted by Foundation Establishment Cultivators was enough to kill Su Zimo.

On the other hand, without the Foundation Establishment Cultivators, even Level 10 Perfected Qi Refinement Warriors would be of little threat to Su Zimo.

“I have to make my way out as soon as possible!”

Su Zimo told himself quietly

If he were to dawdle too long in the capital, he would eventually land himself in a hard battle when the Foundation Establishment Cultivators from Joyful Clan arrived. It would be hard for him to escape death then.

The Imperial Army of the King of Yan formed a massive array, holding spears as they dashed forward fearlessly. At one glance, they were impenetrable.

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

Hundreds and thousands of the Imperial Army hollered angrily together. The sound was deafening. A massive and powerful aura engulfed the entire place, slamming towards Su Zimo as if wanting to drown him.

The Imperial Army was absolutely loyal to the King of Yan. They were resolute and determined. Although Su Zimo was so powerful that he could kill Qi Refinement Warriors, The Imperial Army was fearless and did not back off.

Every member of the Imperial Army had a gaze that was as sharp as a sword. Carrying a chilling expression, they had strong murderous intent.

The congregation of hundreds and thousands of the Imperial Army erupted a powerful and unwavered determination that astonished the minds and hearts!

This was the power of a country!

Enshrouded by this massive aura and the frightening will power, even Qi Refinement Warriors who came would have long been scared out of their wits and turned cowardly prior to fighting.

However, Su Zimo’s expression remained unchanged. Instead, the brilliance in his eyes intensified!

Su Zimo took a long and deep breath and circulated the Anaconda Eclipse heart sutra. His chest bulged and lifted, seemingly wanting to devour the sun and moon. Pausing for a moment, he suddenly opened his mouth.


Su Zimo gave a long yell.

A humongous flow of energy surged out of Su Zimo’s mouth. His voice was booming and high-pitch, penetrating gold and cracking stones, and shrouding the shouts of the hundred thousands of the Imperial Army instantly.

Many members of the Imperial Army revealed a pained expression. The weapons in their hands dropped and they covered their ears with both hands.

In Cang Lang Mountain Range, Su Zimo had personally witnessed a spirit demon roaring loudly and shattering the body of small and weak spirit beasts with that force.

Although his yell was not that lethal, it was still astonishing and powerful. How could ordinary people withstand that?


Su Zimo took a step out, causing the ground to tremble, black bricks split open and sandstones flew all over.

“The King of Yan is already dead. Who dares to stop me!”

At this moment, it was as if Su Zimo had been possessed by a powerful ancient demon. The murderous aura was stifling, seemingly wanting to destroy the entire world. It subdued the aura of the hundreds and thousands of the Imperial Army troops almost instantly.

Many of the soldiers in the Imperial Army turned ghastly pale with dazed expressions. They actually fell to the ground with wobbly legs. The Imperial Army was in chaos. The strong and powerful aura gathered earlier was swept away immediately, revealing faint signs of defeat.

At this juncture, Su Zimo laughed loudly. He was looking disdainfully at everyone out of the corner of his eyes. The aura was towering!

The ordinary man in the eyes of the King of Yan was repressing the power of a country!

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