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Eternal Sacred King
Chapter 34 - The Intense Battle in the Capital
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Chapter 34: The Intense Battle in the Capital

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The Imperial Army suffered a major setback. Su Zimo had not even made any moves to attack. He only dashed around madly in the swarm of soldiers with Plow Heaven Stride. In ten minutes, he had already forced his way out.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The areas that Su Zimo had passed through were in great chaos. There were hundreds of thousands of the Imperial Army trying to hold him back. Yet, he was seemingly in a no man’s territory and no one could halt his steps.

Su Zimo circulated Body Petrification. The muscles in his entire body tightened until they were as hard as rocks and his defensive ability increased greatly.

When the Imperial Army pierced Su Zimo with the golden spears in their hands, the spears would either slip off or break on the spot. They could not hurt Su Zimo at all!

Not long after, Su Zimo had already dashed out of the palace.

At this moment, Su Zimo sensed great danger in his heart. When he was running, he suddenly made dodging moves and lowered his body like an anaconda slithering close to the ground.


A cold beam of sword light streaked across the top of Su Zimo’s head.

It was a Qi Refinement Warrior!

Su Zimo rose. He dashed diagonally towards the direction where the sword came from like a wild bull, hurling off many of the Imperial Army by the side.

The Qi Refinement Warrior who was hiding in the crowd saw his flying sword come to nothing. Just as he tried to redirect the flying sword, before he could even recover his senses, he discovered that all of the Imperial Army in front blocking him from view had already fallen to the ground.

The blood-drenched Su Zimo had already closed in on him. It was too late for this person to dodge.


Su Zimo casually punched him and the latter was flung away.

The eyes of this Qi Refinement Warrior had lost focus. His chest collapsed; his bones shattered and pierced into his lungs. Before his body touched the ground, he had already stopped breathing.

With the power erupted from Su Zimo’s body, even if he did not make any moves, the Qi Refinement Warrior would not be able to withstand any one casual punch or kick from him as well.

At this moment, the capital was in great chaos.

More and more Qi Refinement Warriors gathered as they rushed over from various places across the city. During this time, there were already about ten of them who had taken hostile action against Su Zimo.

Initially, these Qi Refinement Warriors hid among the Imperial Army and guards while directing the flying sword to attack Su Zimo.

However, after Su Zimo killed a few of them, the remaining Qi Refinement Warriors were feeling scared. They realized that Su Zimo could find them even if they hid in the crowd.

The Imperial Army and city guards could not stop Su Zimo at all!

One after another, many Qi Refinement Warriors rose into the air, surrounding and attacking Su Zimo.

Although this would deplete their spirit qi faster, Su Zimo could not pose a threat to them then.

The worst situation had occurred!

In such a circumstance whereby dozens of Qi Refinement Warriors constantly attacked him, Su Zimo could still circulate Body Petrification to endure the attacks from the lower-level Qi Refinement Warriors.

However, Su Zimo had to dodge the attacks from the Level 9 and Perfected Qi Refinement Warriors when they unsheathed their inferior-grade spirit weapons.

The hardest part was that Su Zimo had no way to retaliate.

In addition, Su Zimo’s speed would definitely decrease if he were to rely solely on his spirit perception to dodge the attacks of the Qi Refinement Warrior. Coupled with the constant harassment by the Imperial Army and guards surrounding him, Su Zimo could very possibly lose his life in the capital!

“Everyone, there is no need to panic. This lad can’t leave the place. As long as we unanimously join forces and detain him in the capital, the Foundation Establishment Cultivators from my Joyful Clan will arrive very soon!”

In mid air, a Perfected Qi Refinement Warrior said loudly.

At this very moment, Su Zimo suddenly turned back and smiled at that person. He had a strange look in his eyes.

This person’s heart froze. He flew on the flying sword and quickly retreated so that he could distance himself from Su Zimo.

Barely anyone had noticed that Su Zimo came all the way to the palace from an inconspicuous corner and not the main gate of the capital.

That was where the Sky Treasure Pavilion was located.

Su Zimo rushed out of the Imperial Army’s entrapment and headed towards a wall ahead of him.


The moment that Su Zimo hit the wall, the wall suddenly transformed into a glistening water curtain and Su Zimo’s figure disappeared from sight.

Many members of the Imperial Army were stunned on the spot.

Some people did not believe it. They slammed their skulls on it but ended up falling to the ground with broken and bleeding heads.


The Qi Refinement Warrior in the mid air furrowed his brows tightly. Of course, they were aware that the place was the Sky Treasure Pavilion.

However, what shocked them was that Su Zimo could enter and leave the Sky Treasure Pavilion as he wished, although he was not a Qi Refinement Warrior. This proved that he had the Sky Treasure Badge!

“Senior Brother Li, what should we do?” One of the Qi Refinement Warriors asked in a low voice.

The Sky Treasure Pavilion was the largest trading house in the Great Zhou Dynasty and had a superior status. Killing and fighting was banned in the premise. There was once a situation where Foundation Establishment Cultivators stirred up trouble in the Sky Treasure Pavilion and ended up being killed on the spot.

There had been rumors in the Great Zhou Dynasty that the Sky Treasure Pavilion’s backing was the monarch of the Great Zhou Dynasty!

No matter how gutsy these Qi Refinement Warriors were, they dared not enter the place to catch people.

“No need to worry. This person cannot always hide inside. He will have to come out sooner or later. When the clan elders rush here and communicate with Sky Treasure Pavilion, I don’t believe that Sky Treasure Pavilion will jeopardize their relationship with Joyful Clan for the sake of one mortal.”

On the second floor of the Sky Treasure Pavilion.

The manager of the Sky Treasure Pavilion had been startled awake. Blinking his sleepy eyes, he asked the waiting staff beside him, “What happened outside? Why is it so chaotic?”

“I heard that the King of Yan has been killed and the murderer is on the run.”

“He’s not caught yet?”

“No. Listening to what the people outside said, he did not seem to be a Qi Refinement Warrior. However, he knows corporal mortification martial arts. He is invulnerable and has very strong close combat ability. Many Qi Refinement Warriors have already died in his hands.”

“Could it be him?” The manager of Sky Treasure Pavilion muttered and frowned as a figure flashed across his mind.

At this very moment, he could hear footsteps coming from the main hall. The speed of the visitor was extremely fast. In the blink of an eye, the footsteps had already ascended to the second floor.

The manager of Sky Treasure Pavilion focused his sight.

He only saw a young man drenched in blood heading over directly with a bloody head hanging on his waist. That face on the bloody head no doubt belonged to the King of Yan!

“I came to collect the Cold Moon Saber and Sanguine Crystal Bow.” The visitor said in a deep voice.

The manager of Sky Treasure Pavilion trembled all over and sobered up instantly. Swallowing his saliva, he nodded and said, “Okay, I will get them.”

After a few moments, the manager of Sky Treasure Pavilion brought the Cold Moon Saber and Sky Treasure Pavilion to Su Zimo.

These two pseudo spirit weapons were too heavy. The manager of Sky Treasure Pavilion had to use spirit qi to control them and could barely bring them over.

“Thank you so much.”

The visitor hung the Cold Moon Saber on his waist. Fastening the quiver on his back and holding the Sanguine Crystal Bow with his hands, he turned and left.

It was only until the visitor disappeared did the waiting staff at the side heave a long sigh of relief and gradually calmed down.

“This man is very scary. I even have feelings of fear and trepidation when I stand before him.” The waiting staff said. After pausing shortly, he then had a moment of realization before exclaiming in shock, “Don’t tell me that he is the one who killed the King of Yan? Who is he? Why did he kill the King of Yan?”

The manager of Sky Treasure Pavilion had a grave expression. After considering for a long time, he searched out a white paper crane from a storage bag. Releasing some spirit qi from his fingertip, he wrote a line of words ‘The King of Yan is already dead. The group is now leaderless and the capital is in chaos. The murderer is not a Qi Refinement Warrior and he has the third princess’s Sky Treasure Gold Badge. His identity is suspicious… ”

After writing out the message, the manager of Sky Treasure Pavilion walked to the window and sent off the paper crane in his hands gently.

The paper crane fluttered its wings and soared into the sky, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

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