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Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation
Chapter 61 - Bi Xu’s Request
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Chapter 61: Bi Xu’s Request

“Cultivator Bai, can you briefly describe the beginning, the process, and the end of the incident?”

He knew that Bai Yi’s strength was not simple, and he was also hostile to Sacred Heart Palace.

Bi Xu, the Immortal cultivator of the Imperial Court, was exceptionally polite.

After listening, Bai Yi did not hide anything. He told them everything that happened.

Everyone in the county office was shocked.

The elaborate ambush of six demon cultivators from Sacred Heart Palace was easily neutralized by Bai Yi. Furthermore, he effortlessly captured all the demon cultivators.

This, this, this…

What cultivation stage was this Cultivator Bai in?

Tenth level of the Qi Refinement stage?


Foundation Establishment?

Bi Xu, the Guest Minister of Qinghe County office, thought that he was one of the few experts in Qinghe County.

If he were to encounter the attacks of six demon cultivators, even these six people would not be as strong as him.

However, could he be like Bai Yi and finish off the other party without getting injured?

Bi Xu pondered for a few seconds.

He quickly got the answer.

— No!

The demon cultivator was hiding in the dark while he was in the open. The other party had suddenly launched an attack in the dark, and it was the strongest attack. It did not give him much time to think.

In a hurry, he would definitely be injured. It was very likely that he would be severely injured in an instant!

Perhaps… All he could do was to try his best to avoid fatal injuries.

If he was ambushed and heavily injured by a demonic cultivator…

Would he still be able to deal with the other party?


Thinking of this, Bi Xu took a breath. The way he looked at Bai Yi could be said to have changed again and again.

From the beginning, there was only enthusiasm, but now, there was actually a little respect.

This was the world of Immortal cultivators. Others might look younger than you, but their strength was much stronger than yours.

You had to address them as —


Even if he did not say it out loud because he was older, in the bottom of his heart, he would lower his status.

He would raise the other party’s status.

“If the situation is as what Cultivator Bai said, then Qinghe County is indeed in danger!” Bi Xu swept away the distracting thoughts in his mind, his tone was solemn as he said, “There are definitely many demon cultivators hidden in Qinghe County. The other party’s strength might be even stronger than these six people.”

“No matter what the purpose of these demon cultivators, as long as they stay in Qinghe County for one day, the people of Qinghe County will be in danger.”

“When ordinary people encounter demon cultivators, they simply have no ability to resist.”

BI xu said cautiously, “And some weak itinerant cultivators, as well as some disciples of sects with low cultivation, will also die if they encounter these demon cultivators.”

He immediately felt that it was extremely troublesome!

Qinghe County was just a county after all, and no matter how prosperous it was, it could not raise its administrative status.

With just a county office in Qinghe County…

How could they deal with these demon cultivators?

At this time…

Constable He, who was beside Bi Xu, furrowed his brows and pondered, “Lord Bi, cultivator Bai said that none of us are demon cultivators in disguise. However, this doesn’t mean that those who are still in the county office aren’t demon cultivators in disguise.”

“Furthermore, this humble servant feels that the reason why the Li Clan suffered that calamity a few days ago, causing the core of the Li Clan to be almost wiped out, was the work of the demon cultivators of Sacred Heart Palace.”

“At present, we don’t know what their motives are. Perhaps they don’t have any motives at all.”

“They are killing people just because they want to kill people.”

After hearing Constable He’s words, Bi Xu took a deep breath. He also thought of the previous matter.

Of course, he could not be bothered to care about the Li Clan after that. What did the destruction of that kind of clan have to do with him?

However, if in the county office, other than that coroner, there were still people who were disguised as demon cultivators…

It would be troublesome!

“Men!” Bi Xu made a prompt decision. “Immediately move all the corpses back to the county office, and all of you return to the county office. Also, gather all the officials outside. Whoever doesn’t come back will be the biggest suspect!”

At the same time, he cupped his hands toward Bai Yi. “Cultivator Bai, I implore you to help Qinghe County tide over this crisis!”

Bi Xu’s stature was very low. He had to have a begging attitude when he asked for help.

For this reason, he also promised, “Cultivator Bai only needs to help the county office for three days. I will send a message to the provincial government. The Immortal cultivators of the Imperial Court of the provincial government should arrive at Qinghe County within three days.”

“After this matter is over, I will write Cultivator Bai’s achievements into the county history of Qinghe County.”

“At the same time, I will also report this matter to the Imperial Court.”

Bi Xu paused for a moment before continuing, “The Imperial Court will definitely give cultivator bai a large amount of rewards!”

Truth be told, Bai Yi actually did not really want to get involved in this kind of matter, but the problem was that he himself had already been targeted by Sacred Heart Palace. If he did not get involved, he would be forced to.

Even if he rejected Bi Xu and chose to stay at home and do nothing…

The demon cultivators of Sacred Heart Palace would not stop.

Especially now thathe killed six demon cultivators!

If these demon cultivators were to show a little bit of kinship, then Bai Yi would not be able to live in peace for the next few days.

Unless he caught all the demon cultivators of Qinghe County.

He would catch them all in one fell swoop! He would get rid of any future troubles!

“Okay.” Bai Yi nodded and did not refuse. Because with just him alone, in the vast Qinghe County, finding a group of demon cultivators who were hiding was no different from finding a needle in a haystack.

If he was a Golden Core stage Immortal cultivator, it would still be fine. But once he spread out his spiritual sense, it would cover the entire Qinghe County, making it impossible for some small rats in the gutter to hide.

As for the Foundation Establishment third level cultivation, it was a bit difficult. His spiritual sense could only spread out for a few hundred meters.

But with the help of the county office and Imperial Court, everything would be much simpler.

After all, everyone now had a common enemy.

“Thank you for your righteous help, Cultivator Bai!” Bi Xu took out a bottle of medicinal pills from his storage bag, he said, “I don’t have many good things on me. This is a bottle of Decontamination Pills. I hope you can accept it, Cultivator Bai.”

Bi Xu was used to staying in the government office, so he asked someone to give him a gift first out of habit.

Bai Yi accepted it.

Everyone moved the corpses of the six demon cultivators from the Sacred Heart Palace away and walked towards the county office.

Soon, they arrived.

The county office of Qinghe County was built in a rather grand manner. Under the cover of the night, there was not a single trace of coldness. Instead, it gave people a warm feeling when they approached it. This was not a psychological feeling, but it really made people feel a little warm.

It made people feel that as long as they were close to the county office, they would be able to make most of the ghosts and monsters disperse.

In fact, it was the same.

The county office was, after all, an official government appointed by the Imperial Court. It had a trace of the fate of the country.

To ordinary ghosts and monsters, this trace of fate was extremely fatal!

However, if one was slightly stronger, they would not be afraid.

The demon cultivator who pretended to be a coroner was a good example.

“Lord Bi!”

“Constable He!”

The bailiffs on night duty in the county office hurriedly greeted respectfully when they saw their approach.

Bi Xu swept a glance at these bailiffs, his heart filled with vigilance. Then, he used a questioning gaze to look at Bai Yi beside him.

Bai Yi shook his head.

Bi Xu could not help but heave a sigh of relief in his heart. He was really afraid that the bailiffs on night duty were also demon cultivators.

If that was the case…

The entire county office of Qinghe County would probably become a sieve!

If the provincial government or even the Imperial Court were to find out, who knew how many people would be unlucky!

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