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Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation
Chapter 62 - Only a Fool Would Fight Head-on!
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Chapter 62: Only a Fool Would Fight Head-on!

Now, all Bi Xu could do was thoroughly investigate everyone in the Qinghe County office before the county office was penetrated into a sieve!

His orders began to be issued, even though he was only a Guest Minister of the Qinghe County office.

However, due to his status as an Immortal cultivator in the Imperial Court, his authority in Qinghe County was very high.

Not many people dared to disobey his orders.

A group of bailiffs on night duty ran out to call for people, calling all the people in the county office who had returned home to rest.

Time passed…

It was midnight!


County magistrate.


Even some County Lords with high official positions were called over by Bi Xu’s men.

The entire county office suddenly became crowded. The number of people was so large that it was quite shocking.

The number of officials in the entire county was not small.

In a relatively prosperous county like Qinghe County, the number of people in the county office was over a thousand!

However, Bi Xu still called all of these people over. It was enough to show his prestige.

The county magistrate of Qinghe County tried hard to suppress his sleepiness. He was already only 60 years old. In addition, he was not a martial artist, nor was he an Immortal cultivator. He was just an ordinary person.

He called him out in the middle of the night and told him to hurry back to the county office.

It really made him drowsy and yawned. He was extremely confused. He was quite resentful.

“Guest Minister Bi, what do you mean by this? Calling so many people from Qinghe County to the county office in the middle of the night, could it be that something happened?” the county magistrate could not help but ask.

Bi Xu was very energetic. For an Immortal cultivator like him, sleep did not have much meaning.

He answered with a serious tone, “Magistrate, you should have heard about the case of the daytime medicine shop from Constable He, right?”

The magistrate was stunned and nodded. “Constable He said that there is a very high possibility that it has something to do with the demon cultivators.”

“Huh?” Those who could become the Magistrate were not fools after all. He immediately reacted.

The sleepiness immediately dissipated. His eyes widened.

“Devil cultivators?”

Under the extreme shock, even his voice was raised. “Qinghe County really has demon cultivators from the Sacred Heart Palace? Has Guest Minister Bi found their tracks?”

These words… They were like a huge rock smashing into a deep pool, causing thousands of ripples in the county office.

Everyone started talking. They were discussing animatedly.

“Qinghe County has demon cultivators from Sacred Heart Palace? Hiss! If that’s the case, aren’t we staying together with the demon cultivators? If these demon cultivators cause trouble, we will definitely be the first to suffer, right?”

“Hiss! With just our Qinghe County office, how can we possibly defeat the demon cultivators? They are all Immortal cultivators!”

“That’s right! In our county office, other than Guest Minister Bi, Constable He, Registrar Lin, and the others, the others are all ordinary people!”

“Why don’t we let the provincial government handle this matter?”

“That’s right…”


“Silence!” Bi Xu shouted softly like spring thunder, shaking the roof until even a little bit of rubble fell down.

He swept his gaze over everyone and said in a deep voice, “With a great enemy in front of us, how can you cower so much? If the demon cultivators cause trouble, how can any of you escape? Only when everyone is united and united can we deal with this crisis!”

“I called you all here tonight because there are already demon cultivators from Sacred Heart Palace who have infiltrated the county office! Many of you know the coroner in the county office, right?”

“He is already dead! He was killed by the demon cultivators! The demon cultivators pretended to be him and wandered around the county office wantonly.”

“If one demon cultivator infiltrated the county office, there will definitely be a second one!”

Bi Xu’s words were shocking, and his words stunned everyone.

The demon cultivator had already sneaked into the county office? Did theyeven pretend to be someone from the county office?

Did that mean that… everyone present had walked through the gates of hell?

They had unknowingly worked with a demon cultivator who killed without batting an eye for several days.

Or even longer!

The county magistrate of Qinghe County was also in disbelief. “Guest Minister Bi, what you said…”

Bi Xu said in a deep voice, “Naturally, there’s evidence, that’s why I said that!”


The county magistrate swallowed his saliva and felt a chill run down his spine. He felt that he could not even protect his own head!

As the county head, he definitely had to bear the responsibility for letting a demon cultivator come knocking on his door.

“Guest Minister Bi! You… you have to help me!!”

The magistrate hurriedly lowered his voice. His voice was slightly trembling, and his tone was slightly imploring.

Bi Xu nodded slightly.

Then, he looked at Bai Yi.

Facing the county magistrate of Qinghe County who was neither servile nor overbearing, he looked at Bai Yi with respect.

“Cultivator Bai, did you find anything?”

At this time, Bai Yi had already used his spiritual sense to sense the thousands of people crowded in the county office several times. He had already obtained certain information in his heart, so he did not say it out loud in public. Instead, he used his spiritual power to transmit his voice, “The one standing behind the tree on the left, the one standing about seven steps in front of you, and the county magistrate next to you.”

As soon as Bai Yi’s voice transmission fell, Bi Xu’s hair immediately stood on end, and a cold sweat broke out!

Three people!

Including that coroner, in just a few days, four demon cultivators had infiltrated the county office!


One of them was actually the county magistrate of Qinghe County!

He was equivalent to the second-in-command of Qinghe County!


Bi Xu did not doubt Bai Yi’s words in the slightest. What shocked him the most was that the demon cultivator was standing right beside him, and he actually did not notice it.

It was still Cultivator Bai who reminded him!

Bi Xu instantly summoned a long sword from his storage bag. The long sword looked extraordinary, but it was still a distance away from a Spirit Weapon. If it was placed in the world of martial arts, it could be considered a godly weapon in the martial arts world.

He did not say a word!

The sword attacked the county magistrate next to him, and the spiritual energy in his body poured out. Wherever the sword passed, it was as if he saw a ferocious dragon python!

The county magistrate did not panic at all. He reached out his hand and easily grabbed the sword!

He even ignored Bi Xu and looked at Bai Yi with a cold and gloomy gaze.

“How did you find out?” His voice was gloomy.

Bai Yi said calmly, “The aura on your body is even stingier than a dung pit. How could I not find you?”

After he finished his sentence, Bai Yi summoned the Baiping Sword, which disappeared in an instant. Everyone present only felt a cold and gloomy aura coming at them, and then… The Baiping Sword appeared again.

Plop —

The two ‘bailiffs’ of the county office fell silently. They were the people Bai Yi had called out.

Before they knew that they had been exposed and were ready to kill.

Bai Yi finished them off.

He was so fast that it was shocking!

The county deputy of Qinghe County had an unsightly and vigilant expression. He realized that he could not see through Bai Yi’s cultivation. How could Qinghe County have such an expert?

If it was just the Immortal cultivators in the county office, he could deal with them alone.

However, with the addition of Bai Yi, he did not have any confidence.

Thoughts quickly flashed through his mind.

The county deputy flicked the tip of his finger that held the sword. The terrifying strength caused Bi Xu’s expression to change drastically, and he almost flew backward.

The county deputy did not care about Bi Xu. With a wave of his hand, black fog filled the sky.

In the blink of an eye, it enveloped the entire county office!

It was as if everyone had fallen into darkness.

It caused chaos!

Then, he ran away!

Only a fool would choose to face an Immortal cultivator whose cultivation could not be seen through head-on! If the demon cultivators of Sacred Heart Palace were so brave, they would not have ran away from the encirclement of the Imperial Court.

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